Monday, August 01, 2005

It's Official!! Karl Rove Is Off The Hook!!! Why?

Because the bitter crone Randi Rhodes didn't mention TreasonGate ONCE in the first half-hour of her show I listened to on the commute home. Even afer a whole weekend in which Time magazine and Robert Novak revealed that the source of the leak was none other than Lyin' Joe Wilson, she didn't have the strength to try and push the Party line and croak "TREASON!" anymore.

So, what was so darn important that she changed tactics? Dubya's annual vacation in Crawford, TX. She was yammering about how there was a war on and blah-blah-woof-woof as if it made a difference. This is a lie that the Left, prodded by Michael Moore, keep shoveling: The President is on vacation. He isn't doing his job.

Um....right. to put this? Could it be that there's a difference between how the President, ANY President vacations and how peasants like us take time off from the grind. I dunno about you folks, but when I'm gone from the office, whatever happens AIN'T MY PROBLEM!!! Someone else will tend to it.

For ANY President, "vacation" means, "not in the White House when sh*t happens." Clinton had to order missile strikes on Iraq in 1998 to distract the media from his tubby mistress testifying about his crimes in office, so if another Muslim terrorist state needs a visit from G.I. Joe, I don't think it'll have to wait until September.

That Rhodes isn't even trying to push the Big Lie about Rove at the top of her show says volumes: It says that she'd rather sound like an idiot about something else.

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