Monday, August 08, 2005

When Grief Turns Into Stupidity.

I saw this woman on the news over the weekend and caught the last seconds of her being lavishily praised for spreading the lies against Dubya over the war on Hate Speech Radio's "Nancy Skinner Show" and was going to blog it when I see that Michelle Malkin already beat me to it with "THE FRIENDS OF CINDY SHEEHAN". (Curses having a day job!)

The Bush-bashing mother of a soldier who died in Iraq last year has garnered quite a bit of buzz from the MSM for her anti-war vigil outside of Crawford, Texas. Drudge highlights her rather drastic change of heart:

[snip - basically she praise Dubya last year for his sympathy, but now she's been turned]

The woman is clearly anguished about her son's death, as any parent would be. But in her grief, she has lost sight of the fact that her 24-year-old son, Casey, proudly and willingly served. Sheehan's father told the press in April 2004 that his son had re-enlisted the previous August, planned to make a career in the military, and "loved the Army because it gave him a chance to serve his country." I can't imagine Army Spc. Casey Sheehan would stand for his mother's crazy accusations that he was murdered by his commander-in-chief, rather than the Iraqi terrorists who ambushed who his convoy. I can't imagine Army Spc. Casey Sheehan would stand for a bunch of strangers glomming onto his mother's crusade and using him to undermine the war effort as they shouted "W killed her son" in front of countless TV cameras.

Cindy Sheehan has surrounded herself with a group of anti-American, anti-military, terrorist-sympathizing agitators, including Code Pink, the Crawford Peace House, and the crackpot crowd.

It's a sad spectacle. President Bush should continue to treat Mrs. Sheehan with the same compassion and sympathy he showed her when they first met--before her heart and mind were poisoned by the professional grievance-mongers who claim to be her friends.

She's too kind. This woman is an insane idiot. When the story rolled past on the news, my not-particularly-prone-to-outbursts girlfriend exclaimed, "Lady, he JOINED the Army, he wasn't DRAFTED!"

That's what grinds me about these defeatist pansies - their inane surprise that joining the military may result in DEATH DURING WARTIME!!! Sure, the Armed Forces are advertised as a college tuition program in camoflage, but how f*cking naive are these people who weep and wail on cue for partisan and UNPATRIOTIC purposes?!?!? That's right!!! UN-PAY-TREE-OT-ICK!!!

We have a VOLUNTEER military these days and all the fascist Left's teeth-gnashing, as if these unfortunate soldiers were merely swept off the streets and sent to die for Halliburton, is just so much fertilizer. That our soldiers are dying precisely because the Can'tMoveOn.Argh! people have egged the Islamofascists on in their quest to destroy Dubya goes conveniently unmentioned.

Casey Sheehan was a big boy who made his decisions. His mother is a bitter fool who would allow other mother's sons to be killed in her thirst for revenge. F*ck her!!!!

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