Monday, August 08, 2005

The NY Times Priorities

Michelle Malkin linked to this reader's post at the NYT's forum:

And yet, somehow, the NY Times remains silent. Arizona newspapers are running stories on this, but the NY Times looking into a NYC Department of Investigation investigation of a Bronx charity giving tax payer money to Air America?

The NY Times has no time for that sort of thing...why we have to go after Judge Roberts' kids and their adoption!

And Friday (8/6), NY Attorney General Spitzer starts an investigation.

And yet, somehow, the NY Times still refuses to report.

So let review, shall we?

# NYC* charity gives money to a

# NY* based liberal talk radio station, the

# NYC* Department of Investigation has been looking into it and

# NYS* AG Spitzer starts to look into it as well and the

# NY* Times refuses to run a story on it?

Tell me oh Public Editor dear, are the people of the City and State of New York not (part) of the "public" the *NY* Times reports on and circulates to?

You cannot or will not even report on Air America, but going after the defenseless Roberts kids? Why that's perfectly fine!

For extra fun, read the post right afterwards in which a moonbat barfs up SIX shibboleths of the Left without a shred of irony and then sneers about Fox News. Wacky!

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