Friday, August 05, 2005

Vote Fraud Myths Trip Over Reality

While driving in today and listening to whoever was sitting if for Jerry Springer on his Air ScameriKKKa show, a caller was regurgitating the shibboleth about how GOPers steal elections and Diebold and blah-blah-woof-woof. Old news, still untrue, but it helps the fascist Left sleep at night and solicit funds from the like-minded unhinged moonbats.

When Randi Rhodes was spinning the defeat in the Ohio House race - see "DemOrwellian Speech Lesson" for background - she was trying to say that because the results swung toward the Evil Repubilican at the end, that PROVED that the race was stolen, because no one votes for anyone but Dems in the BSE-rotted minds of the fascist liberals.

But here's something I heard/saw last night (can't remember) that didn't click immediately or I would've posted it: The reason the vote tally was delayed was because humidity prevented machine-counting of the ballots and so they had to be COUNTED BY HAND!!!!

So much for the computer hacking/Diebold lies. Better luck next time, chumps!!!

Side note: I am in agreeance with the moonbats on one thing - there ABSOLUTELY MUST BE some form of hard-copy backup of the votes to allow for human verification and challenge of the computer counts. Common sense and the ability to trust the election results demand that we not reduce the results to an article of faith.

It'll also be nice to throw the stack of papers in the face of the Dems when they lose and say, "Which part of 'you came in second' is too hard for you to understand?!?" Of course, they'll just make up some new lie to excuse their inability to win elections. That's just their way, but at least we'll have something tangible to back up the fact that they're insane.

I'm suspicious of the GOP's blow-off of concerns. If the tables were turned, they'd be screaming too, though they'd have a better case because as the last Election showed, the Dems WILL cheat and steal elections when they've got the chance, as they did in Washington.

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