Friday, August 05, 2005

Are We Setting Iraq Up As A Sharia State?

That's what Nina Shea ponders in "Rule of law, rule of Islam", in which she warns that we may be facilitating the creation of "Iran West".

Negotiations over Iraq's permanent constitution are heading toward founding a state governed by sharia, Islamic law – and perhaps by an extreme version of that law. If extreme sharia rule is adopted, it will set back America's long-term strategy of strengthening moderate Muslim voices and signal a devastating defeat for President Bush's goals of fostering freedom and democracy in the Muslim world.

In just over one week, Iraq's constitution will be finalized, and in less than three months it will be put to a referendum. The document's language continues to stipulate that "sharia is the main source of law" and includes a "repugnancy clause" that states no law can contradict Islam. Fundamental rights to free expression, religion and association are limited with the undefined phrase "in accordance with the law," which can be interpreted as sharia, while women's equality is explicitly tied to a proviso that it not violate "Islamic sharia."

Women will be among those most affected by sharia law. Explicitly subjecting a woman's right to equality to "Islam," the draft jeopardizes her ability to defend herself in court, since extreme sharia states give less weight to women's testimony. Furthermore, the repugnancy clause could mean her rights regarding marriage, inheritance, child custody and other "personal status" matters will be governed by sectarian law whether or not this is spelled out. Without an individual right to religious freedom, Iraqi women have no right to opt out of religious control.

Because of a false multiculturalism, unfamiliarity with sharia law and a misguided "respect for the democratic process" that could result in the negation of democracy itself, U.S. advisers for Iraq's constitution have generally avoided the topic of sharia. But at this fateful juncture in Iraq's political history, it should be an American as well as Iraqi priority that this debate takes place.

With Iraq's political future at stake, American and Iraqi democrats need to find their voice. No American blood should be spilt for the creation of a sharia rule state.

Go read it all and keep in mind that the fascist Left hasn't said boo about this stuff going on while they try to foment panic here at home regarding Christians and that judge is a Catholic!

Could it be that it's because the fascist American Left finds common cause with the racist, sexist, fascist Islamic methods and its shared goal of destroying Western culture?


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