Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Speak Truth to Islamofascist Power and DIE!!!

Driving in this morning, NPR was reporting on the death of freelance reporter Steven Vincent who was abducted and assassinated yesterday by the local members of the Religion of Peace. (I wonder if Eason Jordan still thinks the U.S. military is the ones targeting the press? Duh.)

Over on Hate Speech Radio, Nancy Skinner was working herself into an incoherent frenzy while she engaged in some double-think live on the air. She was trying to say that she didn't understand how anyone could not believe in a God while spewing her anti-Christian liberal dogmas about how Team Dubya are trying to turn America into a Christian theocratic state in which other faiths wouldn't be allowed.

This is the madness that consumes the Left these days. They're so enraged over being out of power to that....that.....CHIMP!!!! they can't be rational and maintain some perspective over how not allowing God to be chased out of the public square isn't the same as being the Taliban or whatever flavor of intolerant hate the RoP takes the form of.

Check out these bits from Vincent's last op-ed piece which ran in the NYTimes. Switched Off in Basra probably signed his death warrant.

As has been widely reported of late, Basran politics (and everyday life) is increasingly coming under the control of Shiite religious groups, from the relatively mainstream Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq to the bellicose followers of the rebel cleric Moktada al-Sadr. Recruited from the same population of undereducated, underemployed men who swell these organizations' ranks, many of Basra's rank-and-file police officers maintain dual loyalties to mosque and state.

In May, the city's police chief told a British newspaper that half of his 7,000-man force was affiliated with religious parties. This may have been an optimistic estimate: one young Iraqi officer told me that "75 percent of the policemen I know are with Moktada al-Sadr - he is a great man." And unfortunately, the British seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

The fact that the British are in effect strengthening the hand of Shiite organizations is not lost on Basra's residents.

"No one trusts the police," one Iraqi journalist told me. "If our new ayatollahs snap their fingers, thousands of police will jump." Mufeed al-Mushashaee, the leader of a liberal political organization called the Shabanea Rebellion, told me that he felt that "the entire force should be dissolved and replaced with people educated in human rights and democracy."

Unfortunately, this is precisely what the British aren't doing. Fearing to appear like colonial occupiers, they avoid any hint of ideological indoctrination: in my time with them, not once did I see an instructor explain such basics of democracy as the politically neutral role of the police in a civil society. Nor did I see anyone question the alarming number of religious posters on the walls of Basran police stations. When I asked British troops if the security sector reform strategy included measures to encourage cadets to identify with the national government rather than their neighborhood mosque, I received polite shrugs: not our job, mate.

The results are apparent. At the city's university, for example, self-appointed monitors patrol the campuses, ensuring that women's attire and makeup are properly Islamic. "I'd like to throw them off the grounds, but who will do it?" a university administrator asked me. "Most of our police belong to the same religious parties as the monitors."

Similarly, the director of Basra's maternity hospital, Mohammad Nasir, told me that he frequently catches staff members pilfering equipment to sell to private hospitals, but hesitates to call the police: "How do I know what religious party they are affiliated with, and what their political connection is to the thieves?"

It is particularly troubling that sectarian tensions are increasing in Basra, which has long been held up as the brightest spot of the liberated Iraq. "Are the police being used for political purposes?" asked Jamal Khazal Makki, the head of the Basra branch of the Sunni-dominated Islamic Party. "They arrest people and hold them in custody, even though the courts order them released. Meanwhile, the police rarely detain anyone who belongs to a Shiite religious party."

An Iraqi police lieutenant, who for obvious reasons asked to remain anonymous, confirmed to me the widespread rumors that a few police officers are perpetrating many of the hundreds of assassinations - mostly of former Baath Party members - that take place in Basra each month. He told me that there is even a sort of "death car": a white Toyota Mark II that glides through the city streets, carrying off-duty police officers in the pay of extremist religious groups to their next assignment.

Meanwhile, the British stand above the growing turmoil, refusing to challenge the Islamists' claim on the hearts and minds of police officers. This detachment angers many Basrans. "The British know what's happening but they are asleep, pretending they can simply establish security and leave behind democracy," said the police lieutenant who had told me of the assassinations. "Before such a government takes root here, we must experience a transformation of our minds."

In other words, real security reform requires psychological as well as physical training. Unless the British include in their security sector reform strategy some basic lessons in democratic principles, Basra risks falling further under the sway of Islamic extremists and their Western-trained police enforcers.

This article points up a lot of the cognitive dissonance going around these days:

1. Because of the demands of today's kinder, gentler, politically correct warfare, the bad guys who need sending to Allah are allowed to run amok, thus negating the whole point of the war.

B. The media is so busy trying to smear the U.S. forces for killing reporters, they don't seem to understand that it's their fascist ideological mates who are actually putting bullets into reporters' heads.

3. Anti-Christian bigotry is so deep amongst the American Left that they'll work themselves into a hysterical frenzy over the possibility that God may be mentioned anywhere, that John Roberts is a Catholic, etc., yet they remain silent over the rise of another Ayatollah-ruled state. Last time I looked, despite the shrill screams of the Left, Dubya hasn't dispatched a God Squad to rip birth control from women's medicine cabinets and check their hem lengths with a ruler, though to hear idiots like Randi Rhodes and Nancy Skinner tell it, the burquas are on order.

4. It was controversial when I said it before, but I've been unfortunately been proven correct: The modern world has no room for a violent, terror-based faith like Islam and unless steps are taken to eradicate its violent members from the face of the Earth, the fascists liberals hearts aren't the only things that will be bleeding. Yet they pretend to be "progressive" and driven by "truth, not faith." Yeah, right. As Winston Churchill said, "Appeasement is feeding the alligator in hopes that he eats you last."

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