Friday, August 05, 2005

Chris Matthews: Cheerleader For The Insurgents

I've always contended that the fascist Left wanted our soldiers to die in order to use their bodies as a soapbox to campaign against Dubya and reports:

One other thing in the discussion on Hardball that disturbed me, was the question asked by Matthews about whether if the 20 Ohio Marines had been killed a day earlier, if Hackett might have won. I know that is probably a fair question, but coming today, before they have even been buried, I found it incredibly callous. More than that, however, I think it just shows how so many of those in the media, in the way they present things, show practically no understanding whatsoever of what it takes to fight a war and they are determined to spread that ignorance to the viewing public. The media line regarding war casualties is that if anyone is killed during a war, that is proof that our strategy is flawed and that we are losing. Thank God that those who actually have to plan and fight wars know better.

We'd be speaking German and Japanese if today's media was around during WWII.

The MSM is doing the bidding of the Islamofascists in the same way they assisted the North Vietnamese in the Sixties to present a never-ending drumbeat of military failure in order to demoralize the American public and turn them against whatever the media has determined to be wrong. (Of course, "wrong" means "actually good for America".)

The NVA and Al Queda knew/know that they couldn't/can't beat us militarily, but with the assistance of the media, they can win the battle of convincing an underinformed American public that the military is a failure, all wars end in failure and the mere idea of America is evil and must be destroyed, to be replaced by a fascist government controlled by the UN.

And since more people are looking forward to the new Madden game coming out next week than care about geopolitics, they just may have a shot. Sleep tight, kids!

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