Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"The Cut-and-Run Caucus"

Good piece from the OpinionJournal wondering why so many Democrats are Hell-bent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

A persistent chorus, however, continues to sing the praises of retreat. A year ago, as U.S. troops were preparing to clean out Fallujah, and even up to the January elections, this was at least somewhat understandable. After all, war is a tough business. There will always be some voices in a free society to argue that victory isn't worth the sacrifice.

The interesting question is where this is all heading for Democrats. There's no election this year, so not much to lose in the short term by opposing the war and plenty of money to be raised by appealing to the Angry Left. But this isn't a cost-free political strategy. One thing that the diminished coverage of the Iraq War indicates is that the U.S. is now making headway and is on the path to winning. Maybe the voters will forget who stood where once the war is won--much the way they did in electing Bill Clinton in 1992, after the Cold War. But that's not a sure bet, nor is it even likely.

One trap Ms. Waters, Mr. Kerry and quite a few Democrats fell into was the idea that the war in Iraq was somehow separate from the war on terror.

Once the battle is won in Iraq, the voters are likely to remember who supported the course to victory there because it will be immediately relevant in deciding who might lead us to other victories on other fronts. The only hope Democrats have of winning support for their antiwar activities is if a large-scale attack--on par with the Tet Offensive in Vietnam--convinces Americans this isn't a winnable war. But with the home front under attack and the history of Tet now well understood as a colossal defeat for the communists, it's not a good bet that the American electorate would turn against the war even then.

That last graph may be wishful thinking for it presumes that the Left has some shred of decency left.

They don't.

The Left is anti-American to the core and they NEED a Viet Nam repeat because if we actually make the world a better place through the knocking off of their fellow fascist tyrants, how will they ever be able to hand our sovereignty over to the corrupt thugs at the UN?

Keep this in mind whenever you hear them lying about "supporting the troops." The only good soldier to them is a dead soldier.

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