Monday, August 01, 2005

Bring Back Gridlock!!!

The Dynamist Blog nails the non-conservative, free-spending Stupid Party when they say:

What has Congress accomplished? A pork-filled highway bill (Is there any other kind?) and an energy bill that's all subsidies plus Daylight Saving Time--everything for which there was an actual policy debate was removed as "controversial." Who, after all, can be against giving money to constituents?


Contrary to Lichtman, big-spending Republicanism isn't an alternative to social issues. It's a complement--and one that (I hope) may eventually backfire. By jetisoning any pretense to free-market principles, the GOP is defining itself entirely as the party of the religious right. The subsidies to friends are simply business as usual for whatever party is in power, a tool for fundraising but not for defining party identity.

That's about it - politics now comes in two flavors: Satan-worshiping fascist Democrat or phony Jesus-freak Republican. Both are gung-ho to restrict freedoms and pay off THEIR cronies - that's what all the yelling's about; the spoils - and we get to choose which pack of fakers mouthes the preferable platitudes.

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