Friday, August 12, 2005

Able Danger Update

One of the reasons Michael Moore worked so hard to promulgate the lies contained in "Farginghype 7-11" was because the Left knows that 9/11 is the end result of the bumbling and (truly) treasonous Clinton Regime who responded to the decade-long war on America being waged by Al Queda with abject apathy and inaction.

With over 3000 souls bloodying their evil paws, the maintenance lapdogs for the Clinton legacy have worked overtime to try and shift blame onto Dubya and Moore's steaming pile of lies was a key piece. They also took over the 9/11 Commission by planting Dem Party hacks and the woman, Jaime Gorelick, responsible for the "wall" that allowed terrorists to have free reign without interference from law enforcement. Everything since has been about covering up how Clinton allowed terrorists to operate before 9/11.

TKS on National Review Online has an overview of what's known, unknown and speculative:

What is speculation, but is interesting speculation:

* The 9/11 Commission staffers who felt the information about Able Danger wasn’t worth mentioning to their bosses could, conceivably, be imbeciles. Perhaps, more plausible, is that they had a particular view they wished the report to express, and the Able Danger revelations contradicted that view. Another possibility: These staffers in question didn’t tell Kean, Hamilton, Roemer, or Lehman, but they did tell another member or other members of the Commission, who instructed them to leave it out of the briefings, summaries, and reports given to Kean, Hamilton, Roemer, Lehman, and/or other members. (COUGHgorelickCOUGH)

* No one has concretely tied this new information to the strange, felonious behavior of Sandy Berger, smuggling documents out of the National Archives. But boy, if the document in question related to Able Danger’s warning and the decision to not act upon it, his actions would make a lot more sense, wouldn’t they?

Sandy Burgler got a slap on the wrist for stealing documents that probably linked Clinton to doing nothing. What did the media do? Blame Karl Rove for everything!!!

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