Wednesday, August 03, 2005

DemOrwellian Speech Lesson!

That's right, kids. I just coined a new word to describe the Orwellian language routinely used by the Left to obfuscate the realities which are so corrosive to their agendas.

Tonight's Lesson: LOSING IS WINNING.

I heard it last night as Detroit's Thug Maya claimed that his second place finish was "exactly where we wanted to be".

Huh?!? I didn't hear the Pistons say after the last 12 minutes of their season that they were happpy to lose, but here's the Kwame who wants to be Kingpin foisting that jaw-dropper.

Also embarking in a trip thru the Looking Glass was the ever-useful nutcase Randi Rhodes as she voiced the fallback reason for any defeat her side suffers: "REPUBLCIANS CHEATED!!!! THEY STOLE THE ELECTION!!!!"

Yeesh...back when Clinton was winning via plurality, the Repubs never accused him of stealing anything. They couldn't believe that people would vote for him, but with such live wire opponents like Bush 41 and Bob Dole running against him and Ross "You see?" Perot acting as a spoiler - notice the Left didn't mind when he lost the race for Repubs, but filled a diaper over Nader? - the results were predictable.

Anyhoo, Randi was yelping that the Election was stolen last year and this was another theft and as her proof, she pointed to some ballot proposals that had been defeated before being passed while the Ohio House race was a 4 point squeaker in a really Red county. Since the people voted for spending then they HAD TO also support the Dem candidate. The tide was turning their way, but those Wascally Wepubwicans stole it!!!!


Anyone who's listened to Randi can answer this for me, but did she have an excuse for the anti-gay marriage ammendment passing in darkest-Blue Oregon which voted for Kerry 2-1 over Dubya?

I had an private message argument some time back with a seriously unwell guy who said he'd never accept that Dubya was elected. I asked if a 500 vote margin was too close and 6 million wasn't good enough either, what would be a sufficient margin to shut his noise hole.

He replied that NOTHING would convince him. He so hated Dubya that he said he'd vote for Mussolini over him! I told him I didn't expect him to be HAPPY that Dubya won, but couldn't he get enough of a grip to acknowledge that his side lost.

He wouldn't.

He simply refused to live in the real world with the rest of us. Last I saw, he was yelping the tired shibboleths of the insane Left with his like-minded fellow travellers and it's too bad, because other than politics, he was an OK bloke. Insanity is a terrible thing and the Left is totally enthralled to madness.

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