Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why John Bolton was the right man for the US at the UN.

The Los Angeles Times fills their diaper in an editorial called "Bolton's mischief", complaining that he's screwing up the One World Sellout scheme that I posted about the other day. Good! When fascist organs like the Times (both of them) are unhappy, it's because American interests are being looked after. Can't have that, can we? Dig this:

His most odious change was to delete all references to the Millennium Development Goals, which commit industrialized nations to cutting world poverty in half by 2015. Part of the deal was that rich countries would eventually contribute 0.7% of their gross national product to foreign aid. The goals were a world-changing burst of optimism from international leaders in 2000, a recognition that all people have the right to be free from misery, starvation and preventable disease and that those able to pay have some responsibility to alleviate needless suffering.

Most of Europe is moving closer to the 0.7% goal, but the United States has long lagged; last year it contributed 0.16% of national income to foreign aid. Bolton's amendments make it clear that the Bush administration would like to pretend the millennium agreement never happened. This is a slap in the face for the aid organizations and international donors that have been working for years toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals. But it's far worse than that for the Third World, where their abandonment would be a death sentence for millions.

There is no helping the Third World by simply throwing our money at the problem. As demonstrated forever and a day, the money will just end up in Swiss bank accounts and the people will remain poor and suffering, waiting for Angelina Jolie to adopt their orphans.

Why should we beggar ourselves to fund thugs and tyrants? We shouldn't! Keep it up John, but make sure to explain it to the media - whoever will actually tell the Truth, that is - what's up because the fascists in control of the MSM will make damn sure this gets portrayed as Evil Mean Rich People starving the world.

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