Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wake up, Kwame, it's time to go!

Thug mayor and Kingpin-wannabe Kwame Kilpatrick was righteously bitchslapped in the Detroit mayoral primary tonight by at least a 12 point margin by the guy already planning on measuring for drapes tomorrow, Freman Hendrix.

Kilpatrick has been a local disgrace and made Detroit an even bigger national joke as he's forgotten Rule Numero Uno of being a corrupt, self-dealing, gangsta politician: People don't forgive when things are going badly.

Look at Chicago. Capone rules live on and the name of the game is Daley, BUT since things work, more-or-less, people will excuse the grift, graft and corruption. King Kwame should've watched "New Jack City" some more to see how Nino Brown handled things.

Look for a brutal, racist campaign to be run as the light-skinned Hendrix is slagged for not being "black enough" and race cards are dealt from the bottom of the deck. Fun times in Motown ahead, yes indeed.

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