Sunday, April 30, 2006

The REALLY Stupid Things Dubya Says.

The snooty elite liberals like to bash Dubya for his Norm Crosby-esque malapropisms, like mispronouncing "nuclear" as "nuke-you-ler" - nevermind that former President/current anti-American pole smoker Jimmy Carter says it the same way; rules don't apply to the Left - or that whole "you're doing a heck of a job, Brownie" pooch screw.

What they NEVER mention, because they don't deal in anything but insults instead of reality are the absolutely retarded things Dubya says that he SHOULD get his teeth knocked out for. Here's a trio of losers from the Loser-in-Chief:

* "Religion of peace" - Keep this one in mind the next time someone is beheaded or a bunch of civilians are blown up by a suicide bomber.

* "Jobs Americans won't do" - His excuse for acting as if he wants to abolish our borders and turn us into Mexico North.

* "Addicted to oil" - Someone told him that this would make him sound more "green". It must've been George Tenet because it only sounds dumb.

More as he says them. (And he surely will say more dumb things.)

The beginning of state-sanctioned dhimmitude in Europe?

Dhimmitude is what the Islamofscists have planned for the non-Muslim world. It means that non-Muslims will exist as second-class subjects, cowering before the swords wielded in Allah's name. The suicidal ideology that is liberalism will gladly bow before the sword rather than fight for its own survival.

Unfortunately for us, the Left, broadcasting their poisonous message of surrender via the Treason Media, has managed to inculcate their death wish into the collective American mind that to speak out against this tyranny is racist - just as defending the nation from invasion is also deemed bad - and since no one wants to be called a racist, they shut up, and evil wins.

Europe is always touted as the socialist Utopia we should emulate for they are soooooooooo enlightened compared to us caveman Americans. Well, according to this item from Hot Air, Somali-born Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been evicted after complaints from the neighbors about the security needed to protect her from the death sentence issued by the Religion of Peace.

Hirsi Ali hasn’t broken any laws; she has criticized the lack of women’s rights under Islam, which under Dutch law she is supposedly free to do. The threats against her for speaking out are for real: Her friend and co-producer on the film Submission, Theo Van Gogh, was brutally murdered by an Islamist on the streets of Amsterdam. But the law that isn’t doing anything about the Islamists issuing fatwas and threatening death evicts Hirsi Ali from her own home because her security problems are too much to bear for her neighbors, citing an abstract violation of private life. It would seem to me that if there’s a violation of one’s private life going on here, it’s being done by the Islamists who are stalking Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Wherever she ends up, they will continue to stalk her. If her new neighbors sue, she will be evicted again.

Where can she possibly live where her neighbors won’t be similarly inconvenienced by the fatwa against her? I doubt the Dutch court realizes what it has wrought here. Her eviction, supposing it stands up all the way through the Dutch supreme court, is empowering to the Islamists, who can now hound the outspoken via word, action and now by proxy through the Dutch courts and the squeamishness of the average Dutch citizen. This is the beginning of state-sanctioned dhimmitude in Europe.
When Midnight Oil sang "It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees", the liberal listener had no idea what they were on about. As Europe is overrun by the Islamofascists, who will outbreed and outkill the residents of the former Crusader nations (as Islamists call them), will we watch from across the pond and take steps to protect ourselves or will fear of opprobrium by the fascist Left keeps too many silent until we're forced to live on our kness before the sword of the Religion of Peace?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

What The Hell Are They Feeding Kids These Days?!?

Today's Freep has a story about a 12-year-old girl who bowled a perfect game, setting a national record. Her picture, a head shot, was on the front page, but on the jump page I was greeted with this:

Nevermind the babyfat chub - what the heck is up with her breasts?!? She looks bigger than a stripper AFTER get hooter augmentation!! She's probably going to need a reduction before she's out of high school so she doesn't have terminal back pain.

Evolution alone can't explain why girls are looking like the "after" picture in plastic surgery ads at what used to be pre-pubescent ages. Something's up with the food supply and I'm surprised that there isn't as much concern about this as there is about ManBearPig, if you follow my meaning.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Liberal Hackers Attack! (UPDATE - It's Jihadist Hackers!)

I was wondering why I couldn't reach the Power Line and Hugh Hewitt sites yet today and this e-mail appears to explain it:

Has anyone else noticed that the whole rightwing blogosphere seems to be down just now? I've tried Instapundit, Tim Blair, James Lileks, Hugh Hewitt, Bill Whittle, Michael Totten, and several others and can't access any of the sites. By contrast, Kos, Matthew Yglesias, and Marc Cooper seem fine. Perhaps some kind of DOS action is in progress?
Once again, the fascist Left - who always shriek that they are the only ones who support free speech while demanding silence from all who disagree with them - show that instead of trying to win hearts and minds with a more persuasive argument, they attack and destroy and silence they're ideological foes.

"Diversity" is just another lie of the Left. Rather, it means that they have black, white, yellow, red and purple polka-dotted fascists in their ranks; not that they allow non-fascist thoughts to be uttered. They're no different from the Taliban. Don't forget it. Remember when the Dem activists slashed the tires of Stupid Party voter vans? Probably not because the Treason Media was busy repeating the Big Lie of voter supression in Ohio and wouldn't tell of REAL voter turnout supression by Democrats. Well, they got jail time this week.
Four Democratic presidential campaign workers were sentenced to jail time ranging from four months to six months Wednesday for puncturing the tires of Republican vehicles on Election Day 2004.

The men had pleaded no contest in January to misdemeanor property damage. A fifth worker was found not guilty.

Those who pleaded no contest were Sowande A. Omokunde, the son of Democratic U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee; Michael Pratt, the son of former acting Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt; and Lewis Caldwell and Lavelle Mohammad, both from Milwaukee.

They originally were charged with felony property damage but accepted plea deals on the lesser charge.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Michael Brennan rejected prosecutors' recommendation of probation and no jail time.

"This case had to be a public example of what can happen when you interfere with voters' rights," Brennan said.

The men faced a maximum nine-month jail term and fines of $10,000.
Where do you think the children of those Dem pols learned how to use vandalism to prevent opposition? Not many more steps needed to morph into a Fourth Reich of fascist totalitarism and anyone without an Air AmeriKKKa bar code tattooed on their neck rounded into camps for extermination, is it?


**** UPDATE!!! ****

Michelle Malkin reports that the problem is that Hosting Matters, the server company for these sites is being DDoSed from Saudi Arabia. Gee, our pals attacking us? What's that all about, Dubya? When are you going to wake up and smell the jihad and start protecting your people from the enemies without AND within?!? Al Queda and the DNC are all part of the same fascist network. Either fight or raise the white flag, you dope!!!

Why I Stopped Going To Church.

Other than I like to sleep in until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, the American Catholic Church has adopted a Marxist philosophy that ignores the inherent atheism of Marxism. I guess they believe the socialist propaganda about caring for the poor and didn't notice the 100 million people killed in the last century by Communism!!!

Pope John Paul II smacked down the "liberation theologists" who snuggled with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the Eighties, but as he got ill, he wasn't able to law down the law on the punks in America and now, according to this item at The Corner, they're cuddling up with the neo-Communist Democrats to gain amnesty for the invaders within our borders.

Would someone please send these clerics a copy of the Ten Commandments with the one about not stealing circled? Thank you.

Friday Morning Coffee

Ooof...I'm not enjoying something I ate, probably this stolen (German coffee cake) I got. I doubt the coffee is gonna make me feel any better, but I soldier on.

* ORWELL MARCHES ON: Following on with the last item, the news this morning was talking about all the businesses with largely illegal workforces closing down or giving their slave labor the day off to participate in the May Day - note the choice of day for this Commie group-promulgated uprising - reconquistador event. Liberalism has viciously attacked real patriotism as being racism and drummed the message that their fascists are the new patriots into the public consciousness, resulting in a public that won't stand up and say "STOP BREAKING THE LAW!" to these invaders for fear of being smeared as intolerant or worse. Sheep.

* NEIL YOUNG'S "IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT": The lyrics alone are abysmal (do your own Google); I can't even fathom how terrible it will sound with music. Fortunately for him, Dubya-bashing songs are judged by their shrillness of hyperbole and not their merit as actual songs. No one cares about these songs now - other than the unhinged fever-swamp-dwelling moonbats - and no one will listen to them again after Dubya passes from the scene. However, have you ever noticed that many Viet Nam-era songs still play on classic rock radio? Why them? Could it be that the were sound songs as well as statements? (Duh.)

Anyhoo, those who think Young is so cool should explain how he gets to outsource jobs to China and get a pass from the usual anti-capitalists. Oh, wait, I've already answered my question here - he's getting the same pass that George "currency-manipulating billionaire" Soros gets: You can be as rich and/or evil as you want to be as long as you parrot the fascist talking points. (My bad.)

* "UNITED 93" MOONBAT KNEEJERKING: I suspected that this movie would flush out the people who believe that this is all a fairy tale concocted to cover up that the plane was shot down and judging from one forum that is 99.44% ultra-hard-left-fascist in its membership, I was right. (But, of course.)

In a series of PMs, I axed one conspiracy theorist (albeit, one who voted for Dubya in 2004, something I didn't do) to explain how it was that with a coordinated CIA-Treason Media jihad underway against Team Dubya that has blown every secret we have, in order to destroy Dubya, hasn't put this out because it'd be a damn sight more effective than trying to whip up dissent over the lack of consideration of the privacy needs of Al Queda agent's phone calls.

I'm still waiting for a reply.

* DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: I'm supposed to shoot her show tonight, but even if I wasn't, I'd probably be seeing Bif Naked. She's a real Canadian pop-punk-rocker chick - not like Avril TheVigne - and not only is she a good singer, she kinda looks like Angelina Jolie's little sister (with more tattoos.)


1. What's missing from your life?

Large amounts of money and lots of cute Asian girls in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms with thigh-high stockings and....and.....uh....

I'll be in my bunk.

2. Do you like to get drunk?

Occasionally. I'm good for a decent buzz a few times a year. Generally, I don't drink much.

3. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

Isn't everyone initially a stranger? Metaphysics aside, of course I have, I'm DIRK™ and the ladies love me!

4. Do you smoke?

No. Used to have an occasional fine stogie when it was all the rage, but I just don't have many opportunities to puff one, so like most of my mild vices, I dropped it.

5. What makes you happy?

Not much.

California Commits State Suicide. Will America Follow?

Another example of the suicidal ideology called liberalism:

California's state senators on Thursday endorsed Monday's boycott of schools, jobs and stores by illegal immigrants and their allies as supporters equated the protest with great social movements in American history.

By a 24-13 vote that split along party lines, the California Senate approved a resolution that calls the one-day protest the Great American Boycott 2006 and describes it as an attempt to educate Americans "about the tremendous contribution immigrants make on a daily basis to our society and economy."
Note that the word "illegal" gets left out of the blather about how we need to appreciate these people who spit on the laws of this nation they're invading by virtue of their trespassing on our soil.

They that as California goes, so goes the nation, but a nation that is incapable of requiring that immigrants arrive and settle and ASSIMILATE into the culture via established legal channels isn't long for this world.

Tomorrow, Hermione and I may be putting a bid in on a house. We're going to have our realtor contact the owners with an offer and if they accept, we'll get a mortgage and pay it off (hopefully). If we were to do it the way these moochers do, we'd break into the house and when the cops showed up to toss us out, rally a herd of liberal sheep to demand that the authorities respect our contributions to society.

The fact I have to explain this blows my mind. The fact that even with an explaination, people still don't get it, makes me sad beyond reason.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Treason Media's Self-Annointed Justifications For Their Treasons.

Hot on the heels of the prior post cataloging the Treason Media's partisan jihad comes this self-righteous WaPo editorial which basically wraps their treason in the flag of new-meaning patriotism. (i.e. The Left considers anti-American traitors to be "patriots" and what sane people call patriots, "jingoistic neocons". Orwell sure had their number, didn't he?) See if you can get through this corn-laced snippet without throwing up in your mouth a little:

We don't question the need for intelligence agencies to gather or keep secrets, or to penalize employees who fail to do so. Leaks that compromise national security, such as the deliberate delivery of information to foreign governments, must be aggressively prosecuted. But the history of the past several decades shows that leaks of classified information to the U.S. media have generally benefited the country -- whether it was the disclosure of the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam era or the more recent revelations of secret prisons and domestic spying during the war on terrorism. Those who leak to the press often do so for patriotic reasons, not because they wish to damage national security. The press itself has a record of protecting information that would endanger lives or ongoing operations; The Post, for example, withheld the locations of the CIA prisons from Ms. Priest's story.
Got that? Traitorous leakers should be prosecuted for giving up info, but our leakers are patriots, not traitors, so they should be left alone. Gee, they didn't give the addresses for the secret prisons, so that makes revealing their existance OK?

This Treason Media would've blown the whistle on the Manhattan Project and Operation Overlord and deemed themselves "patriots". Sane people know what they really are: TRAITORS!!! Shame on Team Dubya for not upholding the law and rounding up these enemies and executing them and shutting down their treasonous papers!

Our Rotten IntelligenCIA

I didn't get a chance to post this excellent WSJ OpinionJournal column yesterday, but it's still relevant for putting the treasonous media into context with their domestic insurgent allies in the government more intent on destroying Dubya than fighting Islamofacists. A snip:

We're as curious as anyone to see how Ms. McCarthy's case unfolds. But this would appear to be only the latest example of the unseemly symbiosis between elements of the press corps and a cabal of partisan bureaucrats at the CIA and elsewhere in the "intelligence community" who have been trying to undermine the Bush Presidency.

Leaving partisanship aside, this ought to be deeply troubling to anyone who cares about democratic government. The CIA leakers are arrogating to themselves the right to subvert the policy of a twice-elected Administration. Paul Pillar, another former CIA analyst well known for opposing Mr. Bush while he was at Langley, appears to think this is as it should be. He recently wrote in Foreign Affairs that the intelligence community should be treated like the Federal Reserve and have independent political status. In other words, the intelligence community should be a sort of clerisy accountable to no one.

CIA Director Porter Goss is now facing press criticism for trying to impose some discipline on his agency. But he not only has every right to try to root out insubordination, he has a duty to do so because it undermines the agency's ability to focus on the real enemy. The serious and disturbing question is whether the rot is so deep that it is unfixable, and we ought to start all over and create a new intelligence agency.

The press is also inventing a preposterous double standard that is supposed to help us all distinguish between bad leaks (the Plame name) and virtuous leaks (whatever Ms. McCarthy might have done). Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie has put himself on record as saying Ms. McCarthy should not "come to harm" for helping citizens hold their government accountable. Of the Plame affair, by contrast, the Post's editorial page said her exposure may have been an "egregious abuse of the public trust."
By all means, go read it all.

Thursday Morning Coffee

Coffee? Check. Headache? 10-4. Ability to bring the noise? We'll see...

* MANBEARPIG!!!: Well, last night's "South Park" took care of Al Gore's political future. Heh.

* SINGLE WHITE FEMALE: This was on cable last night and I ended up watching more that I expected to, mostly because Hermione (the g/f, for new readers) said she'd seen it a dozen times and we were giving it the MST3K treatment. What I want to know though is when they show the parade of roommate applicants, there is this one smoking-hot, olive-skinned babe that had me screaming, "Pick her! Pick her! If you don't, you'll end up with a dead boyfriend and a creepy doppleganger running around with your hairstyle!", and she didn't choose her. WHY NOT?!?!?

* BRING YOUR BRATS TO WORK DAY is today and one co-worker has his 13-year-old son and another has her 9-year-old daughter. The mid-20s daughters of yet another co-worker are not here and I couldn't be less satisfied about this situation. There better be some growth hormone-affected teen babes in the building or I'll be crabbier than usual.

* DUANE HOPWOOD: There's a reason why you've never heard of this and the horrible title is just the start of its problems. Just because a movie is indie doesn't mean it's good. 3/10.

* DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: Since she's was the one I dozed off with, let's give some love to Bridget Fonda:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hump Day Lunch

Just had a ham sandwich (that that you Islamists!), leftover Thai Pad Curry, coffee and Vanilla Diet Pepsi and frankly, I don't advise it as a wise lunch menu. (Urp.) On with the show!

* IT'S A SNOW DAY: Tony Snow, from whom I ganked the term "Stupid Party" to label the GOP, was announced as the new White House mouthpiece and promptly smeared by the Left. Thing is, I'm betting he can punch back, so welcome to the jungle, Tony.

* CHINESE WOMEN NEED BIGGER BRAS: From what this says, not that I've been doing any field research. (Dammit!)

* AIR AMERIKKKA IS STILL FAILING and no one is buying liberal lies books. This begs the question: If no one is buying or listening to the Left, why do we get the sense that it's Doomsday in November for the Stupid Party? Who's going to replace them? Could it be that the media is lying? Who are we to believe - the ratings or the liberal spin?

* TOMB HO: LEGEND: Started playing it last night for a review and it's screamingly adequate. The graphics are a real mixed bag because if you activate the "next generation" content it kills the frame rate (even on my beast of a machine) and though the environments look great, Lara Croft looks terrible compared to her non-next gen appearance.

* DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: A new feature in the daily updates will be a photo of whoever's making my naughty bits tingly on a particular day. With all the evil stuff covered here, we need to remember what we're fighting for.

Kicking off is Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Meadow from "The Sopranos". I've always been kind of take-her-or-leave-her about her, but today I'm taking. You're welcome.

What Would Jesus Drive?

That's a bumper sticker you might see on some Commie hippie's VW Weedmobile or Volvo station wagon. It implies that the Son of God - gee, NOW theses atheists believe in God? - would drive some granola-powered hemp scooter, when if you think about it, He'd drive something like this:

Think about it: If He can change water to wine, why not whip up some gasoline, too? BAM!!! Son o' God on the road, y'all!

Speaking of Hummers, here's a site where some asstacklers have posted pictures of themselves - get this - flipping off Hummers. Wow. The hunt for Osama would be so better handled by these dopes. Part of their beefs:

The H2 is a death machine. You'd better hope that you don't collide with an H2 in your economy car. You can kiss your ass goodbye thanks to the H2's massive weight and raised bumpers. Too bad you couldn't afford an urban assault vehicle of your own. Or could you...?
Yeah, it's good to know that your defiant act of belligerent superiority could result in the Ted Nugent wannabe driving this monster to swerve into your Kia and harshing your mellow something fierce. BAM again!

Granted, the H2 says both that you have too much money and absolutely no taste, but as long as Commie hippies catch the vapors over them, they're fine by me. It's their money and if they want to piss it away on an ugly box, who gets to tell them no?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vent with Hottie Malkin

Conservatives are known for their commitment to family values and all that respectable honor stuff, but never has it seemed so damn inconvenient as when I just watched Michelle talk about "Leaks, the NYT and a Smart Fence" on this episode of "Vent".

As I posted in the comments: "Is it a violation of sound conservative principles to be totally hot for the married (with children) Mrs. Malkin? Curse our strong family values!!!"

If you need further confirmation that the Left is evil and mean, compare news troll Helen Thomas to Darth Sidious:


The CIA Traitor: A Primer

The new Hot Air blog collective has a good primer about Mary McCarthy which will help anyone who suspects that the MSM is hiding part of the story catch up on what they don't want you to know.

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time

RUTHLESS REVIEWS has the dirt on band photos such as:

Be sure to hit the follow-up list, which includes this winner:

See? It's not all CIA treason and liberal-bashing here at Dirkworld!

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Finished my coffee hours ago and it's almost lunchtime, but I've got work to do and little time to post today, but here's a little bon mot from Jonah Goldberg that echoes my thoughts nicely about the liberal hypocrisy on energy issues (and saves me the hassle of actually typing them):

We are horribly dependent on foreign oil. But we shouldn't develop domestic oil or boost our refining capacity. We need a gas tax to wean Americans from foreign oil, but high gas prices are an outrage. We need alternative forms of energy, but we shouldn't use nuclear power. We need renewable, sustainable energy, unless it spoils the view of rich liberal icons. [This refers to Ted Kennedy blocking a windmill farm offshore from his place in MA. - DB]
I was watching Bill Richardson, former Clinton Sec. of Energy, over the weekend and he was nattering on and on about all the energy alternatives we needed to persue but never mentioned, as they never do, drilling in ANWR to tap our domestic supplies.

Imagine having a garden full of vegetables in your backyard. Now imagine that due to various causes that your supermarket has had supply problems and as a result, the prices they charge for food has shot up drastically and it's hurting your budget. Are you going to whine and cry that the government needs to step in to control what the supermarket charges or are you going to go out back and harvest what you have on your property?

WTF is that so hard to understand and to put into play for our energy needs? We're far more dependant on foreign oil than we need to be only because we refuse to exploit our own available resources. Next time you hear RFK Jr. and Al Gore yapping about conservation, ask if they took a private jet to the gig?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Morning Coffee

It just occured to me that if I got more than 4 hours of sleep a night, I might not need all the caffeine in the morning. I'll have to look into this some more.

* CASANOVA: Watched this Heath Ledger movie last night and it was pretty vacant. Nice to look at, but poorly done as a farce. 5/10

* THE CIA TRAITOR: More to come on this latest example of the treasons of the media and a CIA more concerned with toppling Team Dubya than finding Osama bin Laden, but check out this short Power Line item which includes this punchline:

So we have a Democratic Party activist violating federal law by leaking classified information to an antiwar activist on the payroll of the Washington Post, which publishes the criminal leak and is awarded a prize by the left-wing Pulitzer committee.
Buckle up folks, it's going to be a bumpy life.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mark Levin on the CIA Traitor and the Media

Levin sums it up nicely

Well, as of this morning (Saturday) most of the big media don't care. They're fixated with the weather and gas prices — and anything else that will divert the public's attention from the stunning revelation that a Sandy Berger crony has apparently been leaking top-secret information from her high post at the CIA. The media will continue to downplay this story as they cover-up their own role in exposing our nation's secrets, including the supposed existence of CIA prisons in Europe. She'll be called a "whistleblower" and praised as some kind of patriot (a patriot, in the eyes of the media, is anybody who undermines this administration and the war effort by leaking national security secrets to them). They will downplay that McCarthy was a Clintonoid who somehow managed to land a top post at the CIA, ultimately winding up in the CIA's Inspector General's Office, from where she could monitor CIA internal investigations of, well, leaks, among other things.

I must say, however, that the media's sickening hypocrisy knows no bounds. They came to the defense of Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, who worked behind-the-scenes to get her husband that “fact-finding” trip to Niger. They demanded an investigation into who “leaked” Plame’s identity to Bob Novak — which ensnared their own reporters. They hoped they would critically wound the president, and they failed. Clearly Plame was not undercover and the revelation of her identity was not a crime. Lewis Libby now stands accused of lying about a crime that never occurred and the media think that’s a good thing.

Now comes Mary McCarthy, who apparently leaked real classified national-security secrets and the media largely dismiss it or defend it. They have no curiosity about McCarthy, the extent of her leaks, to whom she leaked (beyond Priest, did she leak to other reporters, members of Congress, other governments?), how she secured top security posts, and her ties to the Clinton administration. Surely there is every reason the government should pursue this investigation at least as vigorously as the Plame matter has been pursued. Dana Priest, among others, should have her day before a grand jury.

And watch the congressional Democrats follow the media’s lead. Long ago they put party and power above victory in this war. McCarthy’s ties to Clinton threaten to take attention from their unrelenting attack on the Bush administration and their claims of incompetence in the management of the war, which they see as their ticket to majority status in 2006.

Putting that aside, the discovery of McCarthy does make you wonder how many more of her ilk have squirreled themselves into the bureaucracy, from where they seek to undermine the country.

C.I.A. Traitor Fired; Will Reporter Share Her Cell?

The source of the treasonous leaks about Eastern European prisons being used to interrogate Girl Scouts (as the media calls them; we call the terrorists) appear to have been Mary McCarthy, who worked in the CIA's inspector general's office and had worked for the National Security Council under the Clinton and and George W. Bush administrations.

* NBC News story

* NY Times story

* Press release announcing her appointment by none other than Clinton security adviser Sandy Berger, who was last seen receiving a slap on the wrist for smuggling classified documents, concerning the Clinton Regime's negligence and feckless misconduct in responding to Al Queda attacks on their watch, out of the National Archives in his socks and underwear and then destroying them. (Gee, if a

As you read thru the stories, note a few things and ponder some questions:

* Dana Priest just won a Pulitzer Prize for assisting in this treason. Shouldn't she at least give the prize back before she goes before a firing squad for her crimes?

* The CIA has been waging a war on Team Dubya that has hampered the War on Islamofacism and this is how they've waged it, by commiting treason with the assistance of their allies in the fascist media. A purge is in order, methinks.

* McCarthy - how ironic a name is that?!? - gave $2,000 to the faux-billionaire goldigger John Kerry's campaign. Hmmm...appointed by one criminal Democrat and a supporter of a self-proclaimed war criminal. Is there any surprise that these sore losers were out to destroy their enemies even if it means commiting treason in the process?

* The press is trying to spin this as Team Dubya being overly secret but in case they hadn't noticed, let me remind them that THERE'S A F*CKING WAR GOING ONE AND YOUR PETTY POLITICAL VENDETTAS ARE THREATENING THE COUNTRIES SECURITY!!! I just watched "All The President's Men" and the contrast between the crooked pols and reporters from then to now is stunning. More on that at a later date.

* Dana Priest may want to talk to Judith Miller about what life in the joint's like, though Miller wasn't on the Death Row that the Pulitzer-winning traitor Priest will while away her final days.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Does Low Birth Rates Equal National Suicide?

That's what this bleak Power Line post postulates:

Demography is destiny, as Mark Steyn has written. We know what the world's population of 20-year-olds will look like in 20 years, because that population has been born. There is no way to come up with more people in the meantime. To a shocking degree, today's birthrate statistics reflect a decision on the part of a number of nations, especially in Europe, effectively to commit suicide.

Today the Washington Times reports on a Russian Parliamentary hearing on "family policy," at which it was reported that nearly half of Russia's families have no children at all, and another 34% have only one. Russia's current birthrate is 1.34 per woman, far below the rate needed for population equilibrium. At the current rate, Russia's population will be cut in half by the year 2050.

This implies a rate of depopulation greater, on a percentage basis, than when the Black Death killed around one-third of Europe's residents. Villages, towns, and even cities will be deserted and cease to exist. Or else they will be occupied by someone other than the Russians.

When people leave one territory and more to another, they are said to be voting with their feet. When a society makes a collective decision not to reproduce itself, its people could be said to be voting with their--well, let's not go there.

It's often noted that when people lose confidence in the future, they tend to stop reproducing. I think that's true, but the issue goes deeper, and is ultimately, I think, philosophical. Whatever its causes, I doubt that changes in a government's "families policy" will have much impact on this particular voting pattern.
Liberalism has actively destroyed the family, made women feel like traitors for having children, promoted consequenceless hedonism and abortion as post-conceptual birth control, cast religion out of the public square in order to force fealty to Great God Government, and generally set the stage for the extinction of anything but darker-hued, non-Judeo-Christians by making the mere mention of this future a capital heresey.

Try and have a nice weekend now!

Kirk & Spock: The Early Years?

Slashdot is reporting that J.J. Abrams is to direct a new "Star Trek" film. Check out the comments downstream, like:

Bones! Tell ME about the NEW _Star_ _Trek__ movie!

Bones: The horse... Its DEAD Jim!

Spock: I concur with the doctor. There is a 97% probability that this movie will suck.

Scotty: If ah tol' ya one I tol' ya a shoushand times, I'm not a miracle worker. Jus' let 'er rest in peace!


The economy is strong, but Dubya and the Stupid Party are hated in polls. WTF?!?

While there is plenty of speculation in this Christian Science Monitor article, nowhere is the endless drumbeat of negative and libelous stories gushing from the media 24/7 as part of their jihad to destroy them by any means necessary. When's the last time you heard some GOOD news?

I'm not asking for Pollyanna; just some balance that shows that with the pain is coming some gain. Of course, the media would rather see a million dead Americans - soldiers or civilians, same diff to them - that they could use for propaganda purposes against D&tSP than have peace and security at the cost of giving them some praise, or at least turning down the bashing.

Friday Morning Coffee

Well, another week draws to a close and despite feeling refreshed by the long Easter weekend, it's been straight to hell since Tuesday. I guess I need more sleep than I used to because I'm just dragging and miserable even without the knowledge that the fascists and jihadists are trying to kill us all. See? It just happened again!!! [Happy thoughts...happy thoughts...]


1. When is the last time you were broke?


2. What makes you lose focus?

Shiny objects, boobs.

3. How tall are you?

6'3" (actually a bit more, but I round down. The ladies are already impressed.)

4. Are you brave or cowardly?

You have to ask?

5. What's in your pocket?

Keys, wallet, hair bands (for a ponytail, not a music group like Poison or Trixter), guitar pick, your soul.

* DOA4 STILL KICKING MY ASS: Tried again as Ryu Hayabusa - the star of Ninja Gaiden as well - and barely beat that evil clone of Kasumi at the end. This game isthisclose to being no fun, which sucks because it was one of the few Xbox 360 titles I wanted. I also loaded up Halo 2 and played a bit of that. (You care, I'm sure.)

* DID BLOGS KILL BOHO COFFEE JOINTS? It just occured to me that before blogging, depressed vegans had to go to the poetry slam to read their journals. Now they can stream their consciousness online without having to worry about some racist lackey of the wicked capital establishment making a comment about needing to shave their legs or take a bath. Hmmm...

* PEOPLE PAWNING STUFF TO PAY FOR GAS? That's what CBS Radio News was reporting, with the unspoken inference that this is all Dubya's fault, blah-blah-woof-woof. What goes even less mentioned is that the reason prices are high is due to the environmental fascists preventing the building of refineries and drilling in the wasteland that is ANWR, an icy hellhole that they'll never visit, but they insist be preserved for no reason other than that's what fascists do: Control everything they can and pass the costs on to their subjects.

* ABOUT THAT CHINESE HECKLER AT THE WHITE HOUSE: While the Commie tyrants need to be shouted at, it should've been Dubya dressing Hu down, not someone who snuck into the event and created an outburst. While the message was valid, the method wasn't. It's wrong when anti-Semitic nutcases like Cindy Sheehan try to grab the spotlight and it's wrong here as well. Unfortunately, Dubya and the cuddlers of totalitarianism (if they think they can make a buck) aren't going to say what needs to be said. Freedom isn't free and I guess it's not for where it interferes with business. Shameful.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Congress Shall Make No Law...

Just to make clear that it's not only the fascist liberal Democrats who wish to stifle free speech for political gain, go read this short column at the Cato Institute's site about the Stupid Party's cynical campaign finance shenanagins. A taste:

Last week a staunch Republican friend came back from Capitol Hill with discouraging news. "I can't believe," he said, "how many things Republicans don't believe in that I thought they held as a matter of principle."

He might have been talking about limiting the federal government, controlling entitlement spending, federalism or a realistic foreign policy. In fact, he was talking about free speech. House Republicans have now voted to prohibit certain political organizations (called 527 groups).

Where did my friend get the idea that Republicans believed in free speech?

Out of Ivy

"Out of Ivy: How a Liberal Ivy Created a Committed Conservative" is the title of a book by Travis Rowley, a Brown graduate, who details the intolerance and violent anger seething on one of the most liberal college campuses. In an interview at FrontPage he says the key ingredients of leftist ideology are:

The immediate ones that come to mind are Hypocrisy, the belief that there are one set of rules for leftists, and another set for everyone else. And Elitism, a sense that they are not only smarter than everyone else, but are inherently more caring than the populace, and that they are the only ones who feel passionate about their beliefs. But I truly believe that the underlying driving force behind leftist philosophy is a disdain for America...This is the Far Left we're talking about. They are much more devious than the person who simply believes in taxing the wealthy a little more than we tax the poor...I eventually found the campus left to be operating off of the intellectual premise that American liberty, Christianity, capitalism, and the United States were the root causes of all world tragedies.

To prove this, the campus left made a tireless and incessant effort to undermine America by constantly reminding everyone of certain people's claim to victim-hood, oppression caused by the American system. Homosexuals were victims. Minorities were victims. Women were victims. Muslims were victims. Indians were victims. Anyone who dared to question this premise - that certain people were injured by America's past and present - was doomed for what liberals saw as the appropriate social consequences. Their problem was, that once they marked particular people as victims, they were forced to point out the perpetrators who had inflicted such harm. If you listened closely, you would hear them saying that it was straight, white, and patriotic Christians who were to blame - the American mainstream. 9/11 couldn't have more perfectly demonstrated the reason why liberals fought so hard to maintain an image of victim-hood for certain types of people.

They desired to create a natural impulse for everyone that would prompt them to blame their own country at any turn of tragedy. I was a senior when the World Trade Center was bombed, and no other event could have exposed leftist intentions better than an incident that prompted America to defend itself. Only a few days after the terrorist attacks Brown professors and students, fearing our military retaliation, began to assert our role in causing the attacks. They were unashamedly screaming that we deserved what happened to us, that America was also a terrorist state, and that America causes pain and suffering throughout the world.
It's a short interview, so read it all.

Are Dubya's Ratings Tied To Gas Prices?

This economist has made a chart which shows that as gas prices go up, Dubya's poll ratings go down and that it's fuel costs, not Iraq, that drives public opinion. Hmmm.

Thursday Morning Coffee

After yesterday's bleak string of posts, I'm probably going to go light on bumming myself (and everyone else) out today so I can catch up on other work. But since the annoyance never stops...

* PINK'S "I'M NOT DEAD": After the excellent, but criminally undersold, "Try This", and the brilliant "Stupid Girls" video, I was geeked for this album, but it's a so-so mish-mash of really good stuff with some rather mediocre and awfully precious tunes. Hits: "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)", "Stupid Girls". Misses: "Conversations With My 13-Year-Old Self", "Dear Mr. President" (yet another dreadful, illiterate Dubya-bashing song. Pffft.)

* LAST NIGHT'S "SOUTH PARK": Taking a break from pissing off religions, Matt and Trey did a episode starring the dope-smoking Towelee that also made Oprah's minge into a talking Cockney thug. It was wrong on so many levels, but in a good way.

* GOD IS DOING BILLBOARDS AGAIN: There was a spate of austere billboards that were supposed to be from God. Along I-94 westbound, near I-75, there is a new one reading, "Are you lost? Use my book as your map. - God Not bad, but nothing compared to the signs Allah puts up commanding death to the infidels.

* MEXICO TO U.S.: "DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO": Dubya's good pal Vicente Fox has been leaning on Dub to allow free access to our country, resources, services and jobs - and Dub's going along, the loser - but it's curious that Mexico wants migrant rights in U.S., but is harsh to undocumented Central Americans.

While migrants in the United States have held tremendous demonstrations in recent weeks, the hundreds of thousands of undocumented Central American migrants in Mexico suffer mostly in silence.

Considered felons by the Mexican government, they fear detention, rape and robbery. Police and soldiers hunt them down at railroads, bus stations and fleabag hotels. Sometimes they are deported; more often officers simply take all their money.

While Mexico demands the humane treatment of its citizens who migrate to the U.S., it appears to be unable to guarantee similar rights for Central American migrants to this country.

The level of brutality Central American migrants face in Mexico was underscored on Monday, when police conducting a raid for undocumented migrants near a rail yard in central Mexico state shot to death a local man, apparently because his dark skin and work clothes made him look like a Central American.
Also read about how Mexico exploits their migrants and how few rights non-citizens have there. (Hint: Everything they're doing and demanding here is forbidden there.)

* AND NOW SOME GOOD NEWS: Fans of Kevin Smith movies are probably aware that Jason Mewes, who plays the drug-dealing Jay to Smith's Silent Bob, has had a long-running problem with hard drugs, but did you know that he's been clean for three years now? I didn't, but you can read about his trip to Drug Hell and back in a NINE-PART series that Smith has written which finally concluded so I could post the whole series in one swing. Start here and get ready to read for quite a while. Good stuff.

Have a good day, folks.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Anger Break!! Breathe In...Breathe Out...

For a day that started so cheerful, it certainly got nasty fast and long, didn't it. Them's the breaks when you care about the fascist tyranny that the Left is trying to bulldoze over us. While I've got some immigration hypocrisy stuff to post, I think it can keep for a day and instead let's take a moment to gaze upon the fineness of Scarlett Johanson:

You do realize that if the Left manages to destroy this country and cast us all into dhimmitude, that she'd be covered up by the Islamofascists, don't you? Is destroying Dubya so important to the moonbats that they're willing to sacrifice Scarlett, too? [shudder]

Who Decides What's A Secret?

If the New York Times is to be believed - a stretch, I know - it's unaccountable journalists, not an elected representative government, who should be in charge of exposing national secrets. The article is full of the usual fearmongering about Team Dubya's "secrecy", but this chunk really gets to the heart of the matter:

"It's my father's legacy," said Kevin N. Anderson, a Salt Lake City lawyer and one of the columnist's nine children. "The government has always and continues to this day to abuse the secrecy stamp. My father's view was that the public is the employer of these government employees and has the right to know what they're up to."

The F.B.I. says the dispute over the papers, which await cataloging at George Washington University here, is a simple matter of law.

"It's been determined that among the papers there are a number of classified U.S. government documents," said Bill Carter, an F.B.I. spokesman. "Under the law, no private person may possess classified documents that were illegally provided to them. These documents remain the property of the government."

The standoff, which appears to have begun with an F.B.I. effort to find evidence for the criminal case against two pro-Israel lobbyists, has quickly hardened into a new test of the Bush administration's protection of government secrets and journalists' ability to report on them.

Ya got that? The same media who scream about the invasion of privacy that tapping Al Queda agents phones is supposed to be (and blows the secret about) also demands that they get to have illegally disclosed documents that they can then use to subvert or national security!!!

Hey, if it's OK for Democrats to falsely obtain a black Republican candidate's credit report for poilitical purposes, what's a little treason if it means more power for the Left?

Remember this when you hear a liberal blathering about "privacy"; it's just another lie.

Will Someone Please Get Carl Bernstein a Paper Bag and Some Thorazine...

...because he's hyperventilating and fooking insane in this maniacal screed in Vanity Fair. If you want to know what the Left intends to destroy Dubya, the Stupid Party and America with, you'll want to skim through this cesspool of begged arguments and selective memories.

Bernstein was a nobody until he and Bob Woodward took down Nixon and shared joint custody of his mounted head. (This pass it back and forth to hang in their respective dens on a monthly basis.) "All The President's Men" is what motivates much of the media to fabricate fake documents and coordinate stories intended to destroy Republicans so that they too will become cultural icons, perhaps played in the movie by Brad Pitt or Susan Sarandon.

Bernstein lists the talking points of the insane, unhinged, moonbat Left as if they're indisputable facts - Dubya lied us into war; Dubya spies on Americans; Dubya made that guy reach in for the foul ball that ruined the Cubs chances for a World Series shot - and demands, neigh, DARES, the Republicans to sacrifice Dubya and the War on Islamofascism on the altar of their timid political careerism.

Throughout the piece, pay careful attention to how he accuses the Stupid Party as being in "lockstep" (gotta get that Nazi imagery in) and damning Team Dubya for claiming executive privilege when trying to prevent (futilely, it seems) national intelligence secrets from being splashed across the pages of the treasonous media. He apparently has forgotten the pep rally the Dems threw Clinton when he was impeached for his tawdry felonies - he never did face justice for his traitorous sales of weapons tech to China; better known as a horndog than the rat who allowed the Left Coast to be nuked for a few bucks, right? - and how he abused executive privilege. He also employs the persecuted media strawman to excuse the treasons of the press as illusions a criminal President has conjured up.

Hypocrisy is the coin of the liberal realm and Bernstein is thus a gazillionaire. Displaying the trademark liberal lack of curiosity about reality, lest facts interfere with the agenda - a charge the Left routinely projects upon Dubya - he starts with the idea that everything Dubya does is a lie and that only his impeachment or crippling censure will begin to settle the score. He offers up the foreign policy "cabal" smear which insists that it's wrong for a President, Vice President and the Secretarys of State and Defense to make the decisions about policy if the anti-American bureaucrats don't agree. And for good measure, he tosses Hurricane Katrina on the pile because we all know that the local - read: Democratic - mayor and governor must not be held accountable for their failures if the Whipping Boy Prez can get shellaced some more.

It's not until the 4th-from-last graf that Bernstein finally mentions something that is legitimately a serious knock on Dubya - he utter failure (along with the Stupid Party) to uphold any semblance of conservative fiscal policy - but even this is double-speak because a lifelong radical like Bernstein isn't concerned that Dubya isn't conservative enough, but that he realized that he needed to include something that conservative (or simply not insane) readers can't knock down as purely delusional.

So, grab a barf bag and go read this tract, not because it's laden with truth, but because these are the battle plans for the final assault on Dubya, the War and America and they will be reported as unchallengable Truth by every network and media outlet that doesn't have "FNC" as its initials. As the jihad continues, you'll be merely bored instead of surprised as they launch salvo after salvo of this garbage. Make no mistake, this isn't about holding Dubya accountable, it's about regaining power for the fascist Left - if you think there's no freedom now, wait until you get a load of the Stalinist-tested-and-approved iron-fisted rule the Left will impose - for the children, you know?

Here's a thought experiment: Imagine if Bernstein & Company get their impeachment of Dubya and seize control of the government as they consider their birthright - what then? What will they do with it? I mean other than cut and run from Iraq and all other fronts, raise taxes, socialize medicine, open the borders and grant full voting rights to illegal aliens in order to permanently allow the invaders the ability to vote away the wealth and rights of the citizens (or more accurately, SUBJECTS), blah-blah-woof-woof. What exactly is the upside of surrender? Dhimmitude?

Perhaps the most relevant sentence of the entire Bernstein piece is the one he didn't write, which states: Carl Bernstein is a Vanity Fair contributing editor. His biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton will be published by Knopf next year. Get the picture? I knew you would.

And We Thought That George Michael Only Smoked Pole

A few weeks ago, I witnessed the grim spectacle of Queen + Paul Rogers on PBS and rued that George Michael - so great at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert on "Somebpdy To Love" - wasn't filling Mercury's unitard. Well, it looks like George is more interested in toking a bowl than smoking a pole, or doing music.

Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

SNL Predicts the Future!

Ineffective White House Press Secretary and all-around press bitchboy Scott McClellan announced his resignation today, four days after SNL Lampooned the Press Corps, Especially Norah O’Donnell in a cold-opener sketch that had Lindsey Lohan playing McClellan's 16-year-old replacement. Watch the video, it's good stuff, and a bit surprising because it calls out the media for their unpopularity.

More on the Pulitzer Prizes for Treason

Andrew C. McCarthy is a former Federal prosecutor who handled the 1993 World Trade Center bombing case - you know, the one that Clinton didn't want to treat as a jihad strike because, well, because he was a negligent treasonous punk, but I digress - and he has a few thoughts about the Pulitzer Prize at National Review Online today:

The intention here is to focus narrowly on the ones awarded for what is called "Beat Reporting" and "National Reporting," but would be better understood as the Prizes for Excellence in the Compromising of National-Security Secrets.

These awards unmistakably announce that organized journalism, a.k.a. the mainstream media, is embarked on its own version of the al-Arian defense for Dana Priest, James Risen, and Eric Lichtblau. These are the reporters who, along with their powerful newspapers (respectively, the Washington Post and the New York Times), took it upon themselves to decide what national-security secrets were not important enough to keep confidential in wartime — notwithstanding that those secrets (viz., how our intelligence community houses high-level al Qaeda detainees and how it searches for potential terrorists operating within the U.S.) are designed to keep Americans from getting killed by the enemy.

With these Pulitzers, organized journalism is inoculating its operatives the same way: How can this reporting, which reveals national-defense secrets critical to wartime intelligence gathering, be deemed treasonous or otherwise against the public interest? After all, pillars of journalism like the elite writers, editors, and academics on the Pulitzer committee have recognized it with these coveted awards? This ups the ante to a degree commensurate with the prestige of the award.

As expertly explained in an important essay by Gabriel Schoenfeld in the March 2006 issue of Commentary, the publication of at least some of the stories the media have chosen to honor may be felony violations of the federal espionage act, which proscribes the revelation of certain national defense secrets, including signals intelligence (which is at the heart of the NSA-surveillance program disclosed by Risen and Lichtblau in December 2005). If you buy that we are at war (and 150,000 young Americans in harm's way would suggest to some that we are), if you buy that we are confronting an enemy hell-bent on murdering as many of us as possible (as nearly 3,000 dead in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the wreckage of Flight 93 would seem to attest), this kind of reporting is not praiseworthy; it is incomprehensible.
I've said it before and here it is again: The fact that Dubya hasn't had these traitors jailed and executed and these papers shut down not only disproves the liberal shibboleth of his being a fascist, but it combines with his open-borders negligence to seriously call into question his security bona fides.

There's a war on, Dubya! Act like you're interested in overcoming our enemies from within as well as without!

Regarding: Linux Snobs

As a bit of a geek - OK, I'm a total spazz (Tiger Tiger Woods y'all!) of a geek - who builds his own pimp computing rigs (SLI FTW!!!), I've always been annoyed by the snobbery of two groups of jerks: Apple aficionados and Linux nutcases.

The Mac addicts are like cult members, cheerfully guzzling the Kool-Aid that streams from Steve Jobs' nozzle and convinced that their pretty, but overpriced and underpowered, computers prove that they're better people with shinier hair and whiter smiles as a result of their ownership. (Basically, they're liberal dumbasses. Redundant, I know.)

OTOH, the Linux kooks are arrogant pricks who sneer at anyone who dares be content with Windows and wonder why more people don't come to their side of the OS divide. (They're like suicide-bombing jihadists.)

Read any of the comments on a ZDNet column about a virus or some tech glitch in IE and the Apple/Linux jerks are in full effect, frantically fwapping their weiners all over the place, trying to mark their territory or some such nonsense. They're dicks.

Well, I'm not the only one who thinks this because as Linux Snobs: Real Barriers to Entry discusses, one reason more people aren't trying to move off of Windows is because, well, the suicide bombers aren't very helpful.

Yet, there is a resounding, unwavering reaction among many newcomers I've talked to about people who make the Linux community look bad (read some of the digg replies for examples). I'm writing about Linux, not the whole realm of software support. I'm also referring to people who ask reasonable and sensical questions. And most importantly, I'm not the only one stating this. For other good examples of Linux snobbery please read this great article as well as this insightful one.

As I spoke to newbies, one Windows user who wanted to learn about Linux shared the encouraging and constructive note (not) he received from one of the project members. The responding note read: "Hi jackass, RTFM and stop wasting our time trying to help you children learn."

Lovely little encouragement. This particular Windows user was a newbie to Linux but had been in the I.T. industry for years. His question, regarding "how do I start process daemons like a web server" was reasonable, not childish. His reaction to the Linux "guru" was also reasonable. He basically said that he doesn't have time to deal with people so fanatic and terse they reject questions on message boards created to answer questions.

But was this simply a situation of a particularly rude Linux junkie, who perhaps had missed sleep or woken on the wrong side of the bed? Or is there something more serious going on? I will not point to any particular group, distro, or person in this article but do hope that my examples clarify an issue that is real.


Later, I decided to start meeting some of these unique folks myself. I figured, there has got to be some misunderstanding. Highly cognitive people, people of intellect, have more sense than what I was hearing from these newbies. Besides, I had some very pleasant experiences getting help myself. So I decided to check on it first hand.

I ended up meeting with someone who I considered highly versed in the Linux realm and who was also well respected for his experience with Open Source development.

The meeting began on a positive foot as we shared about personal travel experiences. The conversation was mild and reasonable. But as I continued to ask questions such as "which database you find more effective for scaling" it apparently hit the delusion of godhood nerve.

Suddenly, this person was standing up waving his arms and yelling about database theory and "how f-ing stupid I was" and how "little I understood about databases" and their "f-ing inner workings." How little I knew about "keys and locking" that he had experience with. He went on to tell me how he was one of the "most well versed database" people and that "you can learn a lot from me."

I had to wonder what he included in his morning coffee? I was contemplating calling 911 to get this guy a respirator and some valium. Or maybe I should have interrupted to remind him that it was unlikely he had reached the apex of human evolution ahead of the rest of us.

Make sure to read the linked stories in the excerpt and also check out the Slashdot comments from the item that led to this post.

Wednesday Morning Coffee

Boy, do I need the coffee today. [yawn] On with the frivolity...

* DOA MEANS "DIRK OWNED ALWAYS"?!?: If you check my XBL gamer card at right, you'll see that I got another game for my 360: Dead or Alive 4. I've been playing the DOA series since DOA2 on the Dreamcast and I've been a fan of the lovely kickass ladies, but now the ladies are kicking my ass. They've tweaked the commands or something, but now instead of having a fairly easy time chugging thru the Story Mode to unlock new outfits, I was frequently frustrated almost to the degree that Team Ninja's last game, Ninja Gaiden, did to me. It looks great, though not drastically better than "Dead or Alive Ultimate", but it's just HARD, bordering on no fun. [pouts]

* SPEAKING OF HARD, A SURVEY BY THE MAKERS OF VIAGRA shows that Austrians are supposedly the most sexually satisfied people in the world. (Good for you Ahnuld!) The least satisfied: Japan. (If my Japanese porn is to be believed, it explains why Godzilla is always flattening the place.)

* ABOUT THAT DOPEY JAMES BONDESQUE MUSIC ON "24": Laura Ingraham was bitching about it today as I was getting out of the car and she said she had sent creator Joel Surnow a note to knock it off. It IS cheesy and low-rent. Best fake Bond music? Paul Oakenfold's "Ready Steady Go", which seems to be everywhere from the club scene in "Collateral" to the current Saab commercials.

* YOU KNOW YOU'RE OLD WHEN you tell your elderly mother than TomKat's kitten was named Suri and when she mischievously asks, "Does she have fringe on top?", you know what she's talking about.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tom and Katie Spawn!

Family values and good ol' religion took another kick in the slats as toothy nutball Tom Cruise and his unmarried birthing vessel Katie Holmes (formerly Catholic, now whatever she has to be to get the check) popped out a daughter, designated Suri. As Defamer reports:

Somewhere deep within Tom Cruise's compound, one of the hundreds of bio-vessels gathered in the estate's silent birthing stadium has finally pushed forth into the world an offspring bearing enough of a physical resemblance to the actor (think the classic monkeys-and-typewriters scenario, but with stainless-steel turkey basters and female Scientologists in their prime reproduction years) not to arouse too much suspicion about the infant's true parentage.

In other words: The Miracle Baby has finally arrived, a 7 lb. 7 oz. girl named Suri, which we assume was the name of some futuristic seafaring vessel from an obscure L. Ron Hubbard novel.

According to a press release, "both mother and daughter are doing well." We assume they're referring to Katie Holmes, not the actual biological parent who's tending the child while Holmes tries to chew through her wrist restraints and escape during the bedlam following the birth announcement.
All attempts to reach Nicole Kidman for comment were rebuffed by gales of laughter.

Al Gore Gets a BJ from Richard Cohen.

Cohen is hyperventilating so much while he's sucking off Al, it's amazing he didn't need a paper bag to huff into, too. Dig this:

You cannot see this film and not think of George W. Bush, the man who beat Gore in 2000. Bush has been studiously anti-science, a man of applied ignorance who has undernourished his mind with the empty calories of comfy dogma. For instance, his insistence on abstinence as the preferred method of birth control would be laughable were it not so reckless. It is similar to Bush's initial approach to global warming.

Whoa. Haven't seen the "Liberal=Uber Smart!!! Conservative=DUMMY HEAD!!!" argument since, well, the last time I read a liberal's droolings. The typical liberal is so busy projecting their psychoses on others, they lack the intellectual curiousity to ponder whether they're smoking rope or not.

One last slurp from Cohen:
He is master teacher, pedagogue, know-it-all, smarter than most of us, better informed and, having tried for and failed to gain the presidency, has raised his sights to save the world. We simply cannot afford for Al Gore to lose again.

Get a room, you losers.

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Well, that was a nice mini-vacation. I hope everyone had a good Easter or Passover. (For you aetheists, a weekend.) I've got an interesting tale about why I missed going to Church on Easter that I'll post when I get caught up on a few things around here.

On to the quick hits for the morning:

* THE CHARMING RHETORIC OF THE TOLERANT, PROGRESSIVE, DIVERSITY-MINDED LIBERALS: Last week, a pack of violent peaceniks - yeah, I see the irony - chased military recruiters off the UC: Santa Cruz (home of the Banana Slugs, as "Pulp Fiction" fans know) campus. Michelle Malkin printed the press release the group had sent out which included the contact info for the organizers. Well, they must've gotten a few nasty calls because they've mobilized their followers to attack Malkin with a string of invectives that would make Neil LaBute cringe. Take a peek at the soothing words of love that she got and imagine what would happen if crazed conservatives went after a liberal with a torrent of C-words and racial slurs.

* THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR TREASON GOES TO...: The most disgraceful hypocrisy of the MSM has been their jihad against Team Dubya for being "secretive" and "leaking classified info" when through their treasonous behavior, they've managed to publish critical national secrets that aid our enemies during wartime on the front pages of the NY Times and Washington Post.

Apparently, they believe that they should determine what should be secret and what should be public, not the President. If this pack was around during WWII and Roosevelt was a Republican, they would've printed the details of Operation Overlord on the front page in late-May 1944. The fact that Dubya hasn't had them arrested and the papers shut down for treason pretty much puts the lie to the charges of his running a fascist regime that has silenced the press from speaking out. (Of course, it was the press itself peddling this line.)

Anyhoo, I was going to write up a freestanding item, but Power Line is already on the case. I'd forgotten about the AP collaborating with the insurgents to win a Pulitzer last year. Don't forget that the Pulitzer went to Walter Duranty, who whitewashed Stalin's genocide in the Ukraine.

* GATES McFADDEN WAS ONE HOT MAMA: On a lighter note. my "Star Trek" desk calendar today has Dr. Beverly Crusher and it reminded me that amongst the geeks I know, she's the sleeper sci-fi babe. While they tried to make Deanna Troi the sexpot of TNG, Dr. Crusher was the Warp 5 MILF.

[insert Roy Orbison growl here]

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Things to remember while watching the Left try and get Rummy

The latest front of the facist-liberal jihad against Dubya has been the trotting out of retired generals to demand that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld be sacked for general suckitude and reminding them too much of Richard Crenna.

These stories are just another way to drive Dubya's approval ratings down - FYI: Current DIRKWORLD® Approval Rating of Dubya: 3% - and break the American public's spirit in the hopes that we'll quit fighting the War on Terror, surrender to the Islamofascists and live in dhimmitude, a former giant crushed by the suicidal ideology of liberalism.

These generals are mostly Clinton appointees and/or narrow-minded fossils who resented Rummy trying to retool the Armed Forces to fight the enemies of today and tomorrow, not yesterday. They whine that no one took their advice, but if someone suggested that our uniforms be changed to orange lame and that no guns should be carried because it might "give the wrong impression", would anyone sane listen to that either?

Victor Davis Hanson tears apart this defeatism in his usual overkilling manner, but when reading/listening to the siren song of suicide that the media pumps out 24/7, keeping Hanson's column in mind will help you steer clear of the rocks the enemies of America want to dash you upon.

You're welcome.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Comedhimmi Central Update

Michelle Malkin has the latest on the cowards who caved in out of fear to the "religion of peace". Go read it all and fear for the future.

T.G.I.F. and WTF?!?

Since I'm off work for the Easter break - something that will end when America is placed under dhimmitude, no thanks to the suicidal liberals who will subvert any actions to prevent a jihadist victory - I didn't have my morning coffee (coffee maker is at work), but the world is still stupid and here's the hit list of things that are providing caffeine-free annoyance:

* AH, LIBERAL TOLERANCE: Back when the Gold Star Nazi Cindy Sheehan was embarrassing her son's memory by leading the media circus outside Dubya's Texas crib, the pathologically insane Randi Rhodes made a huge deal over how someone knocked over the crosses Sheehan et al had set up by the road. Rhodes hurled the usual anti-Christian bigoted smears because that's what Bush Derangement Syndrome afflicted people do. I wonder if Rhodes will condemn the knocking over of a pro-life batch of crosses by a typically intolerant fascist university professor? Make sure to check the quote from the professor about free speech rights - it nearly causes an Irony Vortex. Liberals don't really believe in freedom of speech and democracy and their actions prove it, so don't fall for the spiel.

* NEW LOGOS FOR COMEDHIMMI CENTRAL: Michelle Malkin has some contenders for the pussy-led network's new look. My fave:

* LIVING IN OBLIVION: In lighter news, while I'll post more about this at a later date, I've been playing the heck out of "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" and if you've got an Xbox 360 or a really beefy PC, you may want to check it out. I don't typically play RPGs (role-playing games), but I'm liking it, though I'm not sure what I'm doing half of the time.

* FRIDAY FIVER: I used to do these all the time, so it's time to get back at 'em! How did you answer?

1. Have you ever ridden a camel?

No, and I haven't walked a mile for one either.

2. When you are outside, what does the horizon look like?

A horizontal line.

3. Who is the last person to leave you a message?

My mother.

4. How many hours did you sleep last night?

About 7 hours; nearly double my usual night's sleep.

5. Chocolate: take it or leave it?

Take it lightly.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comedhimmi Central

During the break, a couple of things happened that would've been mentioned here if I was posting. First was an eye-opening column about the subjugated status Islamists wish to put non-Muslims under - well, those they don't slaughter in jihad - a status called "dhimmitude". Go read it and remember it ran during the Danish Mohammed cartoons were resulting in riots and death.

Next was the Academy Awards in which the self-satisfied George Clooney replaced Michael Moore as Hollywood's favorite smug icon, because he possesses all the looney hate of liberals wrapped in a sleek, charming, Hollywood royalty package which is more palatable than the grotesquely obese, faux-Everyman, Jabba the Documentarian who was so crazed in his lies about Dubya that he basically got him reelected in 2004. Clooney babbled about "speaking truth to power", though his anti-McCarthy screed "Good Night, and Good Luck" was factually challenged, to put it mildly.

Anyhoo, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the geniuses behind "South Park" have just started a new season and beaten the hell out of Scientology and environmentalists with smug attitudes. They just completed a two-part episode spoofing "Family Guy" and censorship by promising to show Mohammed on the show last night, that is, as they announced last week, "unless Comedy Central pusses out."

Comedy Central pussed out.

When the M-man was supposed to be shown, viewers got this:

After that, the show had an Al Queda response which included the image of Jesus Christ pooping on Dubya:

It was quite amusing and a total nuclear satire bomb on the hypocritical pussies at Comedhimmi Central. Here's the note I sent the weasels at CC:

Nice to see that Comedy Central has no problem with showing Jesus pooping on Bush, but will cry like little bitches and hide Mohammad so as not to offend Muslims. (Because you know that Republicans and Christians won't kill your coward asses.)

I'll begin holding my breath for their reply right now....

Michelle Malkin has plenty here. Mary Catherine Ham also has comments.

To recap: Matt and Trey RULE! Comedhimmi Central are a herd of hypocritical pussies! Islam's capacity to terrorize people into dhimmitude continues unchecked.

Thursday Morning Coffee

After nearly 6 months away from Dirkworld due to other work commitments, I figured that I would be able to finally get back to posting regularly, but it only took a day to get a week behind schedule. :| Make sure to add the news feed link at the right to your aggregator so that you'll now for sure when updates are posted. Thanks!

First was the Proof shooting, which has now turned into a situation where he may've brought it on himself. then about an hour later, I found out that a former co-worker and friend, Rich Uranis, had passed away from the effects of asbestos exposure in the Seventies. He was quoted in this story about Dubya speaking against frivolous asbestos claims. The fact that the sick have to wait behind the scammers is a big problem that needs to be handled. R.I.P. Rich.

In other news:

* A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Watched this last night and it was pretty good for what it was, which isn't a peaen to pacifism that some of the more stupid critics have painted it as being. 7/10

* RICHARD JENI: A BIG STEAMING PILE OF ME: Caught this a couple of nights ago and it was funny as hell during the beginning when he was calling out the hypocrisies of both the Right and Left. Taped in 2004, it is still relevant and has some timely comments about illegal immigration. It tails off a bit toward the end, but definitely catch the first half. It's on HBO IIRC.

* HEARD ON "MORNING IN AMERICA": They were talking about some letter a woman had written to America. It's available here and while it's full of the usual "We love you, you hardworking, honest President, you" malarkey, here's the ket graf:

And on top of this, the war on terror has brought to the forefront the issue of immigration another matter that was again ignored far too long. We need a fence and a firm reiteration of our sovereignty. We will not be illegally invaded in any manner.

Unfortunately, she's talking to the wrong guy for border enforcement. I've got a mega-post in the works about immigration, but the thumbnail is "We're totally f*cked and the government isn't going to help." Yeah, it's going to be depressing, but it needs to be dealt with. Read the other articles on the page with the letter. Good stuff.

* WELCOME, MARK STEYN: I've added Mark's site to the links at right because the guy is simply a freaking genius; a fount of common sense. Get a taste of his brilliance with "No easy answers on immigration conundrum" which nails the insanity of the immigration double-standards. A snip:

How about "the jobs Americans won't do"? Most of them would be more accurately categorized as the jobs American employers won't hire Americans to do -- that's to say, in a business culture ever more onerously regulated, the immigration status of one's employees has become one of the easiest means of controlling costs. I see no reason why this would change, and given that, as a matter of policy, U.S. illegal-immigration law is not enforced by the U.S. government, it's hard to know why private employers should do it.

Read it all. The sample isn't even the outrageous stuff.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Detroit Rapper Proof R.I.P.

Well, I had a few dopey things to goof on to start the day for Morning Coffee, but I just found out that rapper Proof, best friend of Eminem and best man at his latest failed attempt to marry that annoying crack ho, Kim, was shot to death last night at a blind pig in Detroit.

Stuff like this kinda takes the fun out of your morning, so I'll have to regroup and do the frivolous stuff later.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Press To McCain: We No Wuv U No More.

Howard Kurtz writes, For McCain and the Press, the End of the Affair? Regular readers here already knew that the media would be turning on Mr. Straight Talk when it came down to his challenging the Chosen One, Hillary! Besides, McCain is sinking in his home state of Arizona over his lax immigration stances.

McCain's time is over. My early prediction for Stupid Party nominee in 2008 is MA guv Mitt Romney. (Mormons should buckle up for some bigoted reporting, too.)

Monday Morning Coffee

Starting today, I plan on getting my caffeine (and annoyance) on with a brief digest of what's up in Dirkworld®. Grab a doughnut....

* INSIDE MAN: No, that wasn't the original title for "Brokeback Mountain" (Jay Leno joke - send complaints to him), but Spike Lee's new movie. Caught it yesterday and Hermione (my g/f) hated it and thought it was boring and was a waste of Clive Owen. I thought it had its moments, but kind of meandered at the end and had a massive premise-breaking plot hole (or three), but that Jodie Foster is hot when she's morally corupt. 6/10 - Rent the DVD.

* MARCH OF THE PENGUINS: Finally got to see this Oscar-winning hypefest and I don't get how a generic nature flick, little different from what you'd see on PBS, checked such massive bank. It was cute, but let's be real - "Murderball" was a better documentary. Hermione HATED it because she can't hack the sight of cute, dying animals. She'll be selling her DVD ASAP.

* Bill Bennett can't sing and shouldn't try to. When I tune in to a show to hear about political issues, I don't want to have to hear about classic rock drivel (Bennett), the host's stupid dog (Savage), country music (Hannity) or golf/football (Rush). Bore-ring.

* Ann Coulter is a lousy debater. Hey, Ann - We know you're too smart for the room, but that doesn't excuse you from having to make the point cogently. Mock it AND explain why it's being, but don't just snicker while the Leftist flat out lies.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Living La Vida Xbox 360

Though there isn't much available for it now and the damn consoles and games are overpriced, I picked up an Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago and set up an Xbox Live account. My gamer card is at right next to the RSS feed links, so if you see "DirkBelig" online, feel free to challenge me to what will likely be the most unsatisfying victory you'll ever attain online. I did a couple of Project Gotham Racing 3 races online and was so far behind, the games timed out before I ever found the finish line. Yeesh.

10:15 Saturday Night

I flipped on WDET and Jon Moshier was playing "10:15 Saturday Night" by The Cure. I checked my watch and it was 10:19 pm. Cute or too precious? You make the call!

Also, doesn't WDET jock Liz Copeland look like Zooey Deschanel?

She's a cutie, much too attractive for radio, but married. Drat. (She makes these delicious cookies, too. Drat again.)

It's time to get this party restarted...

It's been a drag being too busy to comment about the crazy event of the past months, but I've been a busy little bee. I still am, however, there are too many important things going on that need to be discussed, starting with the dangerous fact that the country is about to succumb to the suicidal ideology of liberalism.

When you can't oppose the torrent of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS - can we please not buy into the dishonest "undocumented workers" blather? - without being called a racist xenophobe, you know that the reality switch has been turned off.

If I break into your house, sit on your couch, make some long distance phone calls while eating a sandwich made from your fridge, I'm not an "undocumented worker", I'm a trespasser and you'd be calling the cops and demanding restitution. The pro-illegal immigrant fans would never tolerate an invasion of their own domiciles, but attack anyone who tries to defend the country's borders.

BOTH parties are unwilling to stand up for the country they supposedly serve: Democrats want voters enthralled to welfare and the Stupid Party wants cheap labor and to appear that they aren't mean. This leaves American citizens and legal immigrants without anyone to speak and act on their behalf - a pathetic state of affairs more suited for Europe.

Future posts will be shorter, but hopefully more frequent. Commenting has been turned back on, but I won't be arguing in the comments sections and useless posts will simply be deleted without comment.

Welcome back to Dirkworld!!!