Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Morning Coffee

Well, another week draws to a close and despite feeling refreshed by the long Easter weekend, it's been straight to hell since Tuesday. I guess I need more sleep than I used to because I'm just dragging and miserable even without the knowledge that the fascists and jihadists are trying to kill us all. See? It just happened again!!! [Happy thoughts...happy thoughts...]


1. When is the last time you were broke?


2. What makes you lose focus?

Shiny objects, boobs.

3. How tall are you?

6'3" (actually a bit more, but I round down. The ladies are already impressed.)

4. Are you brave or cowardly?

You have to ask?

5. What's in your pocket?

Keys, wallet, hair bands (for a ponytail, not a music group like Poison or Trixter), guitar pick, your soul.

* DOA4 STILL KICKING MY ASS: Tried again as Ryu Hayabusa - the star of Ninja Gaiden as well - and barely beat that evil clone of Kasumi at the end. This game isthisclose to being no fun, which sucks because it was one of the few Xbox 360 titles I wanted. I also loaded up Halo 2 and played a bit of that. (You care, I'm sure.)

* DID BLOGS KILL BOHO COFFEE JOINTS? It just occured to me that before blogging, depressed vegans had to go to the poetry slam to read their journals. Now they can stream their consciousness online without having to worry about some racist lackey of the wicked capital establishment making a comment about needing to shave their legs or take a bath. Hmmm...

* PEOPLE PAWNING STUFF TO PAY FOR GAS? That's what CBS Radio News was reporting, with the unspoken inference that this is all Dubya's fault, blah-blah-woof-woof. What goes even less mentioned is that the reason prices are high is due to the environmental fascists preventing the building of refineries and drilling in the wasteland that is ANWR, an icy hellhole that they'll never visit, but they insist be preserved for no reason other than that's what fascists do: Control everything they can and pass the costs on to their subjects.

* ABOUT THAT CHINESE HECKLER AT THE WHITE HOUSE: While the Commie tyrants need to be shouted at, it should've been Dubya dressing Hu down, not someone who snuck into the event and created an outburst. While the message was valid, the method wasn't. It's wrong when anti-Semitic nutcases like Cindy Sheehan try to grab the spotlight and it's wrong here as well. Unfortunately, Dubya and the cuddlers of totalitarianism (if they think they can make a buck) aren't going to say what needs to be said. Freedom isn't free and I guess it's not for where it interferes with business. Shameful.

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