Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Finished my coffee hours ago and it's almost lunchtime, but I've got work to do and little time to post today, but here's a little bon mot from Jonah Goldberg that echoes my thoughts nicely about the liberal hypocrisy on energy issues (and saves me the hassle of actually typing them):

We are horribly dependent on foreign oil. But we shouldn't develop domestic oil or boost our refining capacity. We need a gas tax to wean Americans from foreign oil, but high gas prices are an outrage. We need alternative forms of energy, but we shouldn't use nuclear power. We need renewable, sustainable energy, unless it spoils the view of rich liberal icons. [This refers to Ted Kennedy blocking a windmill farm offshore from his place in MA. - DB]
I was watching Bill Richardson, former Clinton Sec. of Energy, over the weekend and he was nattering on and on about all the energy alternatives we needed to persue but never mentioned, as they never do, drilling in ANWR to tap our domestic supplies.

Imagine having a garden full of vegetables in your backyard. Now imagine that due to various causes that your supermarket has had supply problems and as a result, the prices they charge for food has shot up drastically and it's hurting your budget. Are you going to whine and cry that the government needs to step in to control what the supermarket charges or are you going to go out back and harvest what you have on your property?

WTF is that so hard to understand and to put into play for our energy needs? We're far more dependant on foreign oil than we need to be only because we refuse to exploit our own available resources. Next time you hear RFK Jr. and Al Gore yapping about conservation, ask if they took a private jet to the gig?


Anonymous said...

Why is it you righties think drilling for more oil is the way to go? If we all agree on Bush's statement that America is addicted to oil, wouldn't it be better to develop alternatives? Keeping the cost to the addict low by increasing supply, only keeps the addict addicted. Developing renewable energy alternatives and easing an oil-addicted America off of its dependence is the best way to go.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Why is it you Lefties refuse to allow America to build nuclear power plants, when they're good enough for Europe? If America is "addicted to oil" - yet another moronic comment from Dubya that ranks with "religion of peace" on the Stupid Scale - and needs to conserve, why doesn't India and China, the booming economies that are driving up consumption and causing these price increases, have to learn to cut back, too?

When are you Lefties going to acknowledge that you're more concerned about destroying America and capitalism than saving the environment? And what are you driving, Mr. Gore?