Sunday, April 30, 2006

The beginning of state-sanctioned dhimmitude in Europe?

Dhimmitude is what the Islamofscists have planned for the non-Muslim world. It means that non-Muslims will exist as second-class subjects, cowering before the swords wielded in Allah's name. The suicidal ideology that is liberalism will gladly bow before the sword rather than fight for its own survival.

Unfortunately for us, the Left, broadcasting their poisonous message of surrender via the Treason Media, has managed to inculcate their death wish into the collective American mind that to speak out against this tyranny is racist - just as defending the nation from invasion is also deemed bad - and since no one wants to be called a racist, they shut up, and evil wins.

Europe is always touted as the socialist Utopia we should emulate for they are soooooooooo enlightened compared to us caveman Americans. Well, according to this item from Hot Air, Somali-born Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been evicted after complaints from the neighbors about the security needed to protect her from the death sentence issued by the Religion of Peace.

Hirsi Ali hasn’t broken any laws; she has criticized the lack of women’s rights under Islam, which under Dutch law she is supposedly free to do. The threats against her for speaking out are for real: Her friend and co-producer on the film Submission, Theo Van Gogh, was brutally murdered by an Islamist on the streets of Amsterdam. But the law that isn’t doing anything about the Islamists issuing fatwas and threatening death evicts Hirsi Ali from her own home because her security problems are too much to bear for her neighbors, citing an abstract violation of private life. It would seem to me that if there’s a violation of one’s private life going on here, it’s being done by the Islamists who are stalking Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Wherever she ends up, they will continue to stalk her. If her new neighbors sue, she will be evicted again.

Where can she possibly live where her neighbors won’t be similarly inconvenienced by the fatwa against her? I doubt the Dutch court realizes what it has wrought here. Her eviction, supposing it stands up all the way through the Dutch supreme court, is empowering to the Islamists, who can now hound the outspoken via word, action and now by proxy through the Dutch courts and the squeamishness of the average Dutch citizen. This is the beginning of state-sanctioned dhimmitude in Europe.
When Midnight Oil sang "It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees", the liberal listener had no idea what they were on about. As Europe is overrun by the Islamofascists, who will outbreed and outkill the residents of the former Crusader nations (as Islamists call them), will we watch from across the pond and take steps to protect ourselves or will fear of opprobrium by the fascist Left keeps too many silent until we're forced to live on our kness before the sword of the Religion of Peace?

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