Sunday, April 30, 2006

The REALLY Stupid Things Dubya Says.

The snooty elite liberals like to bash Dubya for his Norm Crosby-esque malapropisms, like mispronouncing "nuclear" as "nuke-you-ler" - nevermind that former President/current anti-American pole smoker Jimmy Carter says it the same way; rules don't apply to the Left - or that whole "you're doing a heck of a job, Brownie" pooch screw.

What they NEVER mention, because they don't deal in anything but insults instead of reality are the absolutely retarded things Dubya says that he SHOULD get his teeth knocked out for. Here's a trio of losers from the Loser-in-Chief:

* "Religion of peace" - Keep this one in mind the next time someone is beheaded or a bunch of civilians are blown up by a suicide bomber.

* "Jobs Americans won't do" - His excuse for acting as if he wants to abolish our borders and turn us into Mexico North.

* "Addicted to oil" - Someone told him that this would make him sound more "green". It must've been George Tenet because it only sounds dumb.

More as he says them. (And he surely will say more dumb things.)

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