Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Morning Coffee

After nearly 6 months away from Dirkworld due to other work commitments, I figured that I would be able to finally get back to posting regularly, but it only took a day to get a week behind schedule. :| Make sure to add the news feed link at the right to your aggregator so that you'll now for sure when updates are posted. Thanks!

First was the Proof shooting, which has now turned into a situation where he may've brought it on himself. then about an hour later, I found out that a former co-worker and friend, Rich Uranis, had passed away from the effects of asbestos exposure in the Seventies. He was quoted in this story about Dubya speaking against frivolous asbestos claims. The fact that the sick have to wait behind the scammers is a big problem that needs to be handled. R.I.P. Rich.

In other news:

* A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Watched this last night and it was pretty good for what it was, which isn't a peaen to pacifism that some of the more stupid critics have painted it as being. 7/10

* RICHARD JENI: A BIG STEAMING PILE OF ME: Caught this a couple of nights ago and it was funny as hell during the beginning when he was calling out the hypocrisies of both the Right and Left. Taped in 2004, it is still relevant and has some timely comments about illegal immigration. It tails off a bit toward the end, but definitely catch the first half. It's on HBO IIRC.

* HEARD ON "MORNING IN AMERICA": They were talking about some letter a woman had written to America. It's available here and while it's full of the usual "We love you, you hardworking, honest President, you" malarkey, here's the ket graf:

And on top of this, the war on terror has brought to the forefront the issue of immigration another matter that was again ignored far too long. We need a fence and a firm reiteration of our sovereignty. We will not be illegally invaded in any manner.

Unfortunately, she's talking to the wrong guy for border enforcement. I've got a mega-post in the works about immigration, but the thumbnail is "We're totally f*cked and the government isn't going to help." Yeah, it's going to be depressing, but it needs to be dealt with. Read the other articles on the page with the letter. Good stuff.

* WELCOME, MARK STEYN: I've added Mark's site to the links at right because the guy is simply a freaking genius; a fount of common sense. Get a taste of his brilliance with "No easy answers on immigration conundrum" which nails the insanity of the immigration double-standards. A snip:

How about "the jobs Americans won't do"? Most of them would be more accurately categorized as the jobs American employers won't hire Americans to do -- that's to say, in a business culture ever more onerously regulated, the immigration status of one's employees has become one of the easiest means of controlling costs. I see no reason why this would change, and given that, as a matter of policy, U.S. illegal-immigration law is not enforced by the U.S. government, it's hard to know why private employers should do it.

Read it all. The sample isn't even the outrageous stuff.

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