Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comedhimmi Central

During the break, a couple of things happened that would've been mentioned here if I was posting. First was an eye-opening column about the subjugated status Islamists wish to put non-Muslims under - well, those they don't slaughter in jihad - a status called "dhimmitude". Go read it and remember it ran during the Danish Mohammed cartoons were resulting in riots and death.

Next was the Academy Awards in which the self-satisfied George Clooney replaced Michael Moore as Hollywood's favorite smug icon, because he possesses all the looney hate of liberals wrapped in a sleek, charming, Hollywood royalty package which is more palatable than the grotesquely obese, faux-Everyman, Jabba the Documentarian who was so crazed in his lies about Dubya that he basically got him reelected in 2004. Clooney babbled about "speaking truth to power", though his anti-McCarthy screed "Good Night, and Good Luck" was factually challenged, to put it mildly.

Anyhoo, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the geniuses behind "South Park" have just started a new season and beaten the hell out of Scientology and environmentalists with smug attitudes. They just completed a two-part episode spoofing "Family Guy" and censorship by promising to show Mohammed on the show last night, that is, as they announced last week, "unless Comedy Central pusses out."

Comedy Central pussed out.

When the M-man was supposed to be shown, viewers got this:

After that, the show had an Al Queda response which included the image of Jesus Christ pooping on Dubya:

It was quite amusing and a total nuclear satire bomb on the hypocritical pussies at Comedhimmi Central. Here's the note I sent the weasels at CC:

Nice to see that Comedy Central has no problem with showing Jesus pooping on Bush, but will cry like little bitches and hide Mohammad so as not to offend Muslims. (Because you know that Republicans and Christians won't kill your coward asses.)

I'll begin holding my breath for their reply right now....

Michelle Malkin has plenty here. Mary Catherine Ham also has comments.

To recap: Matt and Trey RULE! Comedhimmi Central are a herd of hypocritical pussies! Islam's capacity to terrorize people into dhimmitude continues unchecked.

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