Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's time to get this party restarted...

It's been a drag being too busy to comment about the crazy event of the past months, but I've been a busy little bee. I still am, however, there are too many important things going on that need to be discussed, starting with the dangerous fact that the country is about to succumb to the suicidal ideology of liberalism.

When you can't oppose the torrent of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS - can we please not buy into the dishonest "undocumented workers" blather? - without being called a racist xenophobe, you know that the reality switch has been turned off.

If I break into your house, sit on your couch, make some long distance phone calls while eating a sandwich made from your fridge, I'm not an "undocumented worker", I'm a trespasser and you'd be calling the cops and demanding restitution. The pro-illegal immigrant fans would never tolerate an invasion of their own domiciles, but attack anyone who tries to defend the country's borders.

BOTH parties are unwilling to stand up for the country they supposedly serve: Democrats want voters enthralled to welfare and the Stupid Party wants cheap labor and to appear that they aren't mean. This leaves American citizens and legal immigrants without anyone to speak and act on their behalf - a pathetic state of affairs more suited for Europe.

Future posts will be shorter, but hopefully more frequent. Commenting has been turned back on, but I won't be arguing in the comments sections and useless posts will simply be deleted without comment.

Welcome back to Dirkworld!!!

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