Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Treason Media's Self-Annointed Justifications For Their Treasons.

Hot on the heels of the prior post cataloging the Treason Media's partisan jihad comes this self-righteous WaPo editorial which basically wraps their treason in the flag of new-meaning patriotism. (i.e. The Left considers anti-American traitors to be "patriots" and what sane people call patriots, "jingoistic neocons". Orwell sure had their number, didn't he?) See if you can get through this corn-laced snippet without throwing up in your mouth a little:

We don't question the need for intelligence agencies to gather or keep secrets, or to penalize employees who fail to do so. Leaks that compromise national security, such as the deliberate delivery of information to foreign governments, must be aggressively prosecuted. But the history of the past several decades shows that leaks of classified information to the U.S. media have generally benefited the country -- whether it was the disclosure of the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam era or the more recent revelations of secret prisons and domestic spying during the war on terrorism. Those who leak to the press often do so for patriotic reasons, not because they wish to damage national security. The press itself has a record of protecting information that would endanger lives or ongoing operations; The Post, for example, withheld the locations of the CIA prisons from Ms. Priest's story.
Got that? Traitorous leakers should be prosecuted for giving up info, but our leakers are patriots, not traitors, so they should be left alone. Gee, they didn't give the addresses for the secret prisons, so that makes revealing their existance OK?

This Treason Media would've blown the whistle on the Manhattan Project and Operation Overlord and deemed themselves "patriots". Sane people know what they really are: TRAITORS!!! Shame on Team Dubya for not upholding the law and rounding up these enemies and executing them and shutting down their treasonous papers!

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