Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Morning Coffee

Coffee? Check. Headache? 10-4. Ability to bring the noise? We'll see...

* MANBEARPIG!!!: Well, last night's "South Park" took care of Al Gore's political future. Heh.

* SINGLE WHITE FEMALE: This was on cable last night and I ended up watching more that I expected to, mostly because Hermione (the g/f, for new readers) said she'd seen it a dozen times and we were giving it the MST3K treatment. What I want to know though is when they show the parade of roommate applicants, there is this one smoking-hot, olive-skinned babe that had me screaming, "Pick her! Pick her! If you don't, you'll end up with a dead boyfriend and a creepy doppleganger running around with your hairstyle!", and she didn't choose her. WHY NOT?!?!?

* BRING YOUR BRATS TO WORK DAY is today and one co-worker has his 13-year-old son and another has her 9-year-old daughter. The mid-20s daughters of yet another co-worker are not here and I couldn't be less satisfied about this situation. There better be some growth hormone-affected teen babes in the building or I'll be crabbier than usual.

* DUANE HOPWOOD: There's a reason why you've never heard of this and the horrible title is just the start of its problems. Just because a movie is indie doesn't mean it's good. 3/10.

* DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: Since she's was the one I dozed off with, let's give some love to Bridget Fonda:

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