Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Well, that was a nice mini-vacation. I hope everyone had a good Easter or Passover. (For you aetheists, a weekend.) I've got an interesting tale about why I missed going to Church on Easter that I'll post when I get caught up on a few things around here.

On to the quick hits for the morning:

* THE CHARMING RHETORIC OF THE TOLERANT, PROGRESSIVE, DIVERSITY-MINDED LIBERALS: Last week, a pack of violent peaceniks - yeah, I see the irony - chased military recruiters off the UC: Santa Cruz (home of the Banana Slugs, as "Pulp Fiction" fans know) campus. Michelle Malkin printed the press release the group had sent out which included the contact info for the organizers. Well, they must've gotten a few nasty calls because they've mobilized their followers to attack Malkin with a string of invectives that would make Neil LaBute cringe. Take a peek at the soothing words of love that she got and imagine what would happen if crazed conservatives went after a liberal with a torrent of C-words and racial slurs.

* THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR TREASON GOES TO...: The most disgraceful hypocrisy of the MSM has been their jihad against Team Dubya for being "secretive" and "leaking classified info" when through their treasonous behavior, they've managed to publish critical national secrets that aid our enemies during wartime on the front pages of the NY Times and Washington Post.

Apparently, they believe that they should determine what should be secret and what should be public, not the President. If this pack was around during WWII and Roosevelt was a Republican, they would've printed the details of Operation Overlord on the front page in late-May 1944. The fact that Dubya hasn't had them arrested and the papers shut down for treason pretty much puts the lie to the charges of his running a fascist regime that has silenced the press from speaking out. (Of course, it was the press itself peddling this line.)

Anyhoo, I was going to write up a freestanding item, but Power Line is already on the case. I'd forgotten about the AP collaborating with the insurgents to win a Pulitzer last year. Don't forget that the Pulitzer went to Walter Duranty, who whitewashed Stalin's genocide in the Ukraine.

* GATES McFADDEN WAS ONE HOT MAMA: On a lighter note. my "Star Trek" desk calendar today has Dr. Beverly Crusher and it reminded me that amongst the geeks I know, she's the sleeper sci-fi babe. While they tried to make Deanna Troi the sexpot of TNG, Dr. Crusher was the Warp 5 MILF.

[insert Roy Orbison growl here]

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