Saturday, April 22, 2006

C.I.A. Traitor Fired; Will Reporter Share Her Cell?

The source of the treasonous leaks about Eastern European prisons being used to interrogate Girl Scouts (as the media calls them; we call the terrorists) appear to have been Mary McCarthy, who worked in the CIA's inspector general's office and had worked for the National Security Council under the Clinton and and George W. Bush administrations.

* NBC News story

* NY Times story

* Press release announcing her appointment by none other than Clinton security adviser Sandy Berger, who was last seen receiving a slap on the wrist for smuggling classified documents, concerning the Clinton Regime's negligence and feckless misconduct in responding to Al Queda attacks on their watch, out of the National Archives in his socks and underwear and then destroying them. (Gee, if a

As you read thru the stories, note a few things and ponder some questions:

* Dana Priest just won a Pulitzer Prize for assisting in this treason. Shouldn't she at least give the prize back before she goes before a firing squad for her crimes?

* The CIA has been waging a war on Team Dubya that has hampered the War on Islamofacism and this is how they've waged it, by commiting treason with the assistance of their allies in the fascist media. A purge is in order, methinks.

* McCarthy - how ironic a name is that?!? - gave $2,000 to the faux-billionaire goldigger John Kerry's campaign. Hmmm...appointed by one criminal Democrat and a supporter of a self-proclaimed war criminal. Is there any surprise that these sore losers were out to destroy their enemies even if it means commiting treason in the process?

* The press is trying to spin this as Team Dubya being overly secret but in case they hadn't noticed, let me remind them that THERE'S A F*CKING WAR GOING ONE AND YOUR PETTY POLITICAL VENDETTAS ARE THREATENING THE COUNTRIES SECURITY!!! I just watched "All The President's Men" and the contrast between the crooked pols and reporters from then to now is stunning. More on that at a later date.

* Dana Priest may want to talk to Judith Miller about what life in the joint's like, though Miller wasn't on the Death Row that the Pulitzer-winning traitor Priest will while away her final days.

Have a nice weekend!


Dirk Belligerent said...

You, Sir, are a fool. A hand-wringing hater of the country (I’m assuming) you inhabit and despite the crushing pain that living in such a totalitarian state must bring, you refuse to go to an airport and go someplace more enlightened and attuned to your sensibilities – perhaps France or North Korea?

Let’s tear apart your dimwitted mewling. It’ll be instructive. (Not to you, but others capable of thought.)

1. The old “declared war” canard. F*cking spare me. When Democrat Harry Truman went to war in Korea; Democrats JFK and LBJ warred in Viet Nam; and Clinton went to bomb civilians on Kosovo - without bothering to get a UN permission slip, mind you – did you have any problems with that or are your objections tied to the party of the White House’s occupant. Now, if you’re a mushheaded pacifist who opposes all war, then that’s a respectable, if stupid, opinion. If you’re just opposed to Dubya fighting a war, then you’re a partisan hack.

B. We should be worried about being better than our opponents? Bub, they hijacked four commercial planes and killed over 3000 people. They blow up trains in Madrid and nightclubs in Bali. They riot in France – whoops, looks like you’re headed for North Korea – blow up Buddhas in Afghanistan, blow up weddings in Jordan, kidnap aid workers and reporters and cut their heads off and post the video on the Internet, kill Christian schoolgirls and attempted to execute a man for converting to Christianity 16 years ago, kill homosexuals for being gay and women for tissue-thin “honor” reasons and you think that we’re not better than our enemies?!?!?!?

Even with Abu Grahib, Club Gitmo and secret prisons, we’re so far above the Islamists on the good behavior ladder it’s not funny, yet in your diseased mind, we’re the bad guys. News flash, Sparky: WE AIN’T THE BAD GUYS!!! If people were being “disappeared”, then WTF am I still hearing Al Franken, Alec Baldwin, Neil Young and every other wealthy elite yammering 24/7 about how bad Dubya is? Wouldn’t a real fascist be rounding them up? Wouldn’t a real theocrat be blocking “The Da Vinci Code” from being released? Heck, how did that thing get printed in the first place with the supposed God Squad running the show? Hmmm?

Sure, give McCarthy a medal; it’ll give her firing squad something to aim for. She is a traitor. A vile partisan who endangered our national security and our relations with our allies to score partisan political points against a politician that she didn’t support, yet didn’t have the sense to fire her, along with George “Slam Dunk” Tennent, another fine Clinton hire than came back to bite Dubya’s arse.

The deranged hatred of Dubya has led the media and the enemies within to tear this country apart and embolden our enemies to strike because they believe that we have no heart to fight and will surrender and become dhimmi before their swords. The Blackhawk Down incident taught Osama bin Laden that Clinton wouldn’t fight back and he kill at will throughout the Nineties and 9/11 was the culmination of that failed Democratic policy.

Now that we’re fighting the jihadists, we’re being stabbed in the back by the traitors in the State Dept. CIA and media who don’t care if – or explicitly desire – their actions bring the destruction of America as long as they get political revenge on someone they hate. If Israel is nuked along with Chicago and L.A., who cares as long as the Democrats win the Congress and Evita….er…Hillary! wins in 2008?

You live in a fantasy world where if only Evil America was gone, everything would be sunshine and peppermints. It’s probably too late for you, but for those needing a reality check, go read about what we’re up against in Iran where they use children to clear minefields and act as human waves of cannon fodder and they have millions dedicated to dying to bring back someone called the Twelfth Imam. For all slanders hurled against Christians, you don’t seem them doing anything like this, do ya?


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, Dirk....

Do you believe Libby and Rove to be traitors as well?

Or are you just a partisan hack?

Dirk Belligerent said...

Do you believe Libby and Rove to be traitors as well?

No, because they didn't commit treason, they didn't "out" a secret agent, but instead revealed that Joe Wilson was a liar and lacked any credibility. Unfortunately, the fascist media has diligently promulgated the lies of the anti-American cabal of former Clintonistas who have committed active treason for years without being rounded up and executed for their crimes against the state.

Sandy Burglar, Joe Wilson, Mary McCarthy and Dana Priest should've all been executed and the WaPo and NY Times should've been closed for their violations of the Espionage Act.

Or are you just a partisan hack?

Partisan? No. I hate the Republicans pretty solidly - I call them the Stupid Party - which if you could see beyond my criticism of your beloved fascist Dems, you'd notice. Hack? Nope. I'm just someone who calls evil when I see it, wherever it's coming from.

Quit drinking the fascist Kool-Aid and learn something, Bub. YOU are the partisan hack as evidence by your regurgitated Air AmeriKKKa talking points. Barfing "Rove" and "Libby" make get you the Arsenio's Dawg Pound woofs from the Kos Kiddies, but here they'll get smacked down by the TRUTH, Mary.

Thanks for playing. Come back when you're not drunk on fascist Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

The only real problem with your screech, Dirk, is that Fitzgerald himself said the law was broken. Methinks he's in a better postion to pass judgement on this that you or I.

Thanks for playing.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Fitzgerald himself said the law was broken.

Once again, you are using lies to warp reality. Fitzgerald has charged Scooter with breaking A law, not THE law and the law he's accused of breaking is lying to the Feds about when he spoke to reporters, NOT disclosing national secrets like McCarthy and Priest did. He may've just been MISTAKEN, but non-fascists don't make mistakes according to you liberals, they only LIE!!!

Clinton (both), Kerry, Gore, Kennedy and just about everyone on the Left made statements about Saddam having WMDs and said we needed to do something about it, but the moment we went in and found that Saddam was able to slip them out to Syria (or somewhere) before the invasion, everything they said was thrown down the Memory Hole and their mantra flip-flopped to "BUSH LIED" and "We were misled!!!"

There is a difference between being mistaken and being a liar. If there is a crack house down your block and you've seen customers coming and going for years, but when the cops finally raid it, they don't find anything on the premises, does that mean the narcs are liars or that there just wasn't anything there at the moment?

If it was possible for liberals to be honest, they wouldn't be promulgating the Big Lie about Dubya supposedly lying, but since their sole reason for existance is to destroy Dubya and regain power, they keep spewing this Big Lie thru the facist propaganda media.

If Scooter spoke to a reporter on May 7th and told Fitz that the conversation was on June 11th, he could be charged with lying when he was only mistaken. "Fitzmas" didn't happen as Al Franken predicted - is that because Fitz is covering up or because there's nothing there?!? If he's covering up, why bother with this lame charge? Hmmm?

No, thank YOU, for providing another opportunity to educate about the empty rhetoric and lies of the Left.


Anonymous said...

"Once again, you are using lies to warp reality."

That's fuckin' rich, coming from you.

Rove received a target letter today. I wonder if you will continue this moral relativism crap after he's indicted.

For the record, while I think the US should not have these camps, if a CIA officer violated the law, he/she should be prosecuted, much like Rove and Libby should.
In other words, I'm consistent, while you screech impotently.

PS -- I find it odd that you call the GOP, "The Stupid Party" yet you NEVER blog about all the shit they're pulling to destroy personal freedoms, run up the national debt, etc, etc.

Keep sucking that GOP cock, dude. I promise they'll respect you in the morning.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Since you're clearly a masochist looking for public humiliation, I'll smack you around one final time. Future inane comments will not be cleared for posting, so make this one count and don't forget to say "Thank you, Master Dirk!" after every lash.

Rove received a target letter today. I wonder if you will continue this moral relativism crap after he's indicted.

From what I've seen, Rove is testifying again before the grand jury, a far cry from receiving a "target letter". Of course, in the fever swamp, a look's as good as a handjob, right?

For the record, while I think the US should not have these camps, if a CIA officer violated the law, he/she should be prosecuted, much like Rove and Libby should.
In other words, I'm consistent, while you screech impotently.

Nice try to conflate the three into a relativistic lump, but while McCarthy, Priest, WaPo et al all appear guilty of treason, Rove and Scooter are only guilty victims of the witchhunt demanded by the NY Times that ended up throwing their own reporters in the clink. Yellowcake Joe Wilson was a liar and any information disclosed was meant to provide the Truth against Wilson's lies; the lot of good it did them by the time your fascist media pals ran the Orwell macro on the copy.

Scream my name, slave!!!

PS -- I find it odd that you call the GOP, "The Stupid Party" yet you NEVER blog about all the shit they're pulling to destroy personal freedoms, run up the national debt, etc, etc.

Then you aren't reading DIRKWORLD® with any regularity, are you? I've trashed them on the debt and their hypocrisy in the face of what they used to stand for and if you haven't noticed, then it's your own f*cking fault. Or are you just LYING again to confuse other readers as if they can't review the past 18 months of posts to see what I've actually written about?

Are you Dan Rather, slave?

In fact, later today or t'row, I'm going to be posting a four-pronged beatdown of Team Dubya failures that will not only prove again what a lying troll you are, but unlike the insane moonbat hysteria of you Kos Kiddies, it'll be an attack based on FACTS and not lies. Keep reading and see how an honest warrior fights.