Thursday, October 19, 2006

DIRK® vs. Yahoo Porn Chat! (10/19/06 Edition)

The chat pr0n trolls that use Russian sex slaves are so much better than the AIM bots that don't even try. As usual, this is the way it went down.

[12:47] ineedurkock2nite21: hi... anyone theere?

[12:47] *** Auto-response sent to ineedurkock2nite21: I am currently away from the computer.

[12:47] ineedurkock2nite21: oh your there :) hhi...

[12:48] ineedurkock2nite21: a/s/l (age sex location)?

[12:48] ineedurkock2nite21: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profole. thought you might like to chat.

[12:49] ineedurkock2nite21: sp what have you been up to dirkbelig?

[12:50] ineedurkock2nite21: cool. i was just hangin out watching tv. i was getting kida horny :) (*blushes)

[12:51] ineedurkock2nite21: feel like a little cyber fun with me ? please please...

[13:31] DirkBelig: Sorry, but I'm only into cyber-Satanic beastiality. Unless you're RoboManBearPig with a pentagram tattooed on your forehead, I won't be able to perform as a man. Thanks for the offer, though!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How French TV fudged the death of Mohammed Al Durah

The Treason Media relies on the short memories and their skill in promulgating the Big Lie to advance their agenda of fascism and totalitarian rule, but a few people in the Blogosphere are watching how French TV fabricated a blood libel against the Israelis in 2000.

It's another incident of fake news that the Treason Media happily passes along from its Palestinean/Islamofascist partners in order to provide the images that will keep the Religion of Terminal Grievance and Death whipped into an anti-everything-but-them furor. The Notorious G.R.E.E.N.H.E.L.M.E.T. isn't involved with this personally, but his ethic of staging news for convenient editing is in full effect here. A snip:

I noted almost immediately that Palestinians and anti-Zionists, insisting that Israel killed the boy on purpose, used Al Durah in a way familiar to medievalists--as a blood libel. This was the first blood libel of the twenty-first century, rendered global by cable and the Internet. Indeed, within a week, crowds the world over shouted "We want Jewish blood!" and "Death to the Jews!". For Europeans in particular, the libelous image came as balm to a troubled soul: "This death erases, annuls that of the little boy in the Warsaw Gherro," intoned Europe1 editorialist Catherine Nay. The Israelis were the new Nazis.

And second, when I saw the raw footage in the summer of 2003--especially when I saw the scene Enderlin had cut, wherein the boy(allegedly shot in the stomach, but holding his hand over his eyes) picks up his elbow and looks around--I realized that this was not a film of a boy dying, but a clumsily staged scene.

On October 31, 2003, at the studios of France2 in Jerusalem in the company of Charles Enderlin and his Israeli cameraman, I saw the raw footage of Al Durah from the only Palestinian cameraman who actually captured the scene on film--footage France2 still refuses to release for public examination. I was floored. The tapes feature a long succession of obviously faked injuries; brutal, hasty evacuation scenes; and people ducking for cover while others stand around. One fellow grabbed his leg in agony, then, upon seeing that no one would come to carry him away, walked away without a limp. It was stunning. That was no cameraman's conspiracy: It was everyone--a public secret about which news consumers had no clue.

But the real shock came when I mentioned this to Enderlin, who said he trusted this cameraman. "They always do that," he said. "It's a cultural style." So why wouldn't they have faked Al Durah? "They're not good enough," he said. A year later, the higher-ups at France2 made the same remark to three French journalists who also noted the pervasive staging: "You know well that it's always like that," they said.

I tried unsuccessfully to interest the mainstream press in this obvious fakery, but nobody was interested.
"I don't know how much appetite there is for this material here," one person at a major studio told me. So I made Pallywood (Palestinian Hollywood)--a video-essay showing the dishonesty and the still-more-astounding Western complicity in using this footage to inform us about the Middle East. Then I made a follow-up, Al Durah: The Making of an Icon (and soon, Icon of Hatred). I established a website, The Second Draft, where I posted the movies along with my evidence so that, unlike France2, people could check my sources. And now the accused have asked me to testify.
The Treason Media: They Distort, You Comply.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Whale Rider Knocked Up!

Looking at the latest Entertainment Weekly, I see that Keisha Castle-Hughes, age 16, is preggers by her 19-year-old sperm donor. Nice. Will someone please explain to me why gay marriage is the greatest threat to traditional family values?

Chris Wallace, Card-Carrying Democrat?

When Bill Clinton tore the head off of Chris Wallace for his timerity in questioning Emperor Clinton's myth, he accused Wallace of being a neo-con hitman (paraphrasing) even though, as the Washington Post reports:

...we found that Wallace is a registered Democrat and has been for more than two decades.
When a charter member of the Treason Media is calling BS on Clinton's tirade, that should say it all. Unfortunately, Clinton continues to have his knob polished by the media and a pair of Bushes.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Stuff like this really blows my mind at the talent and ingenuity of some artists.

(h/t: Wired News)

A Little Non-Political Catching Up...

The craziness of my life has just subsided a teeny bit with my disassociation with a project I had been working on for the past few months. It could've been very cool if it weren't for the fact that one of the bosses was insane and the other a whipped little bitch (yes, I'm referring to a male) and that when the going got tough, the search for scapegoats got going. They're doomed to fail now and when it all craters, that's when they'll really hate themselves for not listening to me when I was trying to save them from themselves. C'est la whatever.

In other news, I've found myself watching more TV than ever, despite many of the usual shows I watched being gone (e.g. Star Trek, Alias) or not starting until January (read: 24). I have been watching returning usuals and some of the new ones and here's some snapshot comments on them:

Desperate Housewives: Eva Longoria is funnier than ever; Marcia Cross is acting great (though how can they not write her pregnancy in?); but Teri Hatcher is still annoying. Let's see if they can do better than last season's show.

Heroes: I'm referring to this as "Stephen King's X-Men" and that says it all. Liking it, but it's been too obtuse for its own good.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I never watched "Sports Center" or the liberal porn fantasia "The West Wing" yet I'm totally onto Aaron Sorkin's self-infatuation. The stuff about the show is fun, but the Chandler-Jesus Girl stuff is forced. I'm about ready to cut this one loose.

30 Rock: It only premiered tonight, but I laughed; Alec Baldwin is funny (for a political moron); and Tina Fey is the hottest nerd babe on TV. MILFtastic!!!

Lost: My g/f is about to bail on this one and only watches for Sawyer. They need to get the whole gang back together instead of showing only a quarter of the cast per week.

The Nine: 2nd episode tonight and I was more interested in watching the Tigers beat Oakland in Game 2 of the ALCS. They'd better start ladling some more story in quickly or this is getting cut.

My Name is Earl: Still funny from what I've seen. I can't believe this show actually became a hit.

Supernatural: More focused this year than last - caught the first season on DVD - and it appears they're going to delve deeper into the Hunter mythos.

Ugly Betty: Only saw the first episode and it seemed cute, but I don't know how much they'll get from the concept. The lead isn't ugly as much as a typical chunky Hispanic, lacking any fashion sense; but without the braces and glasses, she's fine. (If you've seen the cover to the film "Real Women Have Curves' at the video store, that's America Ferrara. Ironic name, eh?) This conflicts with my practice night, so I'm probably not going to be able to keep up with it.

SNL: I've not been one of the boo birds who've bashed it forever as unfunny because they've had some great shows (e.g. the first Lindsey Lohan appearance), but I turned off the season premiere after Weekend Update and last week, I killed it after the monologue in favor of playing video games. Besides, aren't I already watching "SNL" two other times on this list?

Jeez, that's a lot of boob tube. Speaking of which, does anyone else remember when Anne Heche's new series, "Men In Trees", was called "Northern Exposure"?

I've also been buying a bunch of games for my Xbox 360 which has made its blg happier. (Hit the link at right to see.) GRAW is cool, as is Dead Rising. Always fun to kill zombies!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jimmy Carter (Self-Serving Traitorous Liar) Strikes Again!

Steven Hayward on The Corner this morning:

Jimmy Carter turns up in the pages of the New York Times this morning to pat himself on the back for having "solved" the NorKo nuclear crisis back in 1994. Of course, Carter implies that the whole thing is George W. Bush's fault for having called the Norks bad names ("axis of evil"). It is a classic example of Carter's delusional state of mind.

Just deconstruct this graph, for example:
Responding to an invitation from President Kim Il-sung of North Korea, and with the approval of President Bill Clinton, I went to Pyongyang and negotiated an agreement under which North Korea would cease its nuclear program at Yongbyon and permit inspectors from the atomic agency to return to the site to assure that the spent fuel was not reprocessed. It was also agreed that direct talks would be held between the two Koreas
Where to start. "an invitation from Kim Il Sung." Yes, and why do you suppose he wanted Carter so badly? ". . . with the approval of Bill Clinton. . ." Accuracy demands that it read "with the reluctant approval of Bill Clinton." Carter actually presented Clinton with a fait accompli — Carter told the White House was going to go hold hands with the Norks whether Clinton approved or not. Clinton, by the way, was furious with the outcome, which Carter announced on CNN before he told the White House. Clinton told Warren Christopher that Carter was to be stopped from making any further freelance trips of this kind. "It was also agreed that direct talks be held between the two Koreas." The Norks demanded a multi-million dollar payment from the South Koreans just to show up for the talks. In other words, the Norks turned it into a Jesse Jackson-style shakedown operation.

But remember—Jimmy is our best ex-president ever.
Bill Clinton has also been shrieking via his spokesman that John McCain is "rewriting history" in accurately calling out his failure here that ranks up with his Al Queda failures.

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton: Coddlers of Islamofascists and Communist tyrants; destablizers of the world; haters of America.

Their failures may be the death of us all. When will the Treason Media start reporting these facts and stop propping up the myth of their greatness?

No, I'm not holding my breath.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Arizona Terrorists Memorial

While the manager of Hot Air is a thuggish, hypocritical asstackler, they're the ones hosting this disgusting video about how the Arizona 9/11 memorial designers wanted to commemorate hijackers.

Watch the video and get a glimpse of what a GOP defeat will bring upon the land. As absolutely useless as the Stupid Party may be, at least they aren't loud and proud haters of America.

Cultures don't die; they commit sucide. Liberalism is a suicidal ideology. Just say no.

2000 Words About Korean Nukes.


Remember these images of Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright toasting North Korean dictator/madman Kim Jong-Il when liars like Hillary Clinton are blaming Dubya for North Korea apparently going nuclear.

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did what feckless traitors do: Coddle totalitarians at the expense of their country's security and depend on the Treason Media to cover their tracks.

See Dem. See Dem Smear. Smear Dem Smear!

I'm surprised the Treason Media actually showed how the desperate, corrupt NJ Senatorial candidate staged and fabricated a Big Lie. When the Treason Media doesn't want to carry the fascist Dems water, that tells you buckets about how depraved they are.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Democrats Support The Troops. The CANADIAN Troops, That Is!

You'd think that the party who tried to run a phony war hero for President would know what an American soldier looks like, but as lgf shows in "Democratic Party Fauxtoshops Veteran", they can't tell the difference between our boys and theirs. Yeesh.

Of course, considering their inability to spot the enemy that is Islamofascism because they're fixated on destroying Dubya first and last, this sort of gaffe is to be expected. Face it, they still reflexively spit "Baby killers!" at the sight of a service man, so maybe they went with the Canuck warrior to soothe their peristaltic urges.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Readers Write; DIRK® Responds!

Got a comment inappropriately posted to an unrelated post - come on people, can't you find the e-mail addy? - which asked:

Are you going to blog or are you ignoring the whole Foley mess entirely?
I started drafting a post about the howling hypocrisy in action as the fascist Dems have been trying to twist this affair to their advantage - despite the inconvenient truths about their warm embrace for their sexual predators while witch-hunting Stupid Partiers - but I'm simply too busy with work.

I also have a half-drafted piece about Clinton's hysterical diaper-filling incident when he ran into a journalist who wasn't there to suck his dick and asked him a simple question that he couldn't answered honestly. Again, work has eaten into my spare time, so, oh well...

Short answer on Foley: His only crime was not being a Democrat. If he was, he could've engaged in all the buggery he wanted without being forced to resign in shame.

Gotta run. The grindstone is missing my nose.