Friday, October 06, 2006

Readers Write; DIRK® Responds!

Got a comment inappropriately posted to an unrelated post - come on people, can't you find the e-mail addy? - which asked:

Are you going to blog or are you ignoring the whole Foley mess entirely?
I started drafting a post about the howling hypocrisy in action as the fascist Dems have been trying to twist this affair to their advantage - despite the inconvenient truths about their warm embrace for their sexual predators while witch-hunting Stupid Partiers - but I'm simply too busy with work.

I also have a half-drafted piece about Clinton's hysterical diaper-filling incident when he ran into a journalist who wasn't there to suck his dick and asked him a simple question that he couldn't answered honestly. Again, work has eaten into my spare time, so, oh well...

Short answer on Foley: His only crime was not being a Democrat. If he was, he could've engaged in all the buggery he wanted without being forced to resign in shame.

Gotta run. The grindstone is missing my nose.

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