Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jimmy Carter (Self-Serving Traitorous Liar) Strikes Again!

Steven Hayward on The Corner this morning:

Jimmy Carter turns up in the pages of the New York Times this morning to pat himself on the back for having "solved" the NorKo nuclear crisis back in 1994. Of course, Carter implies that the whole thing is George W. Bush's fault for having called the Norks bad names ("axis of evil"). It is a classic example of Carter's delusional state of mind.

Just deconstruct this graph, for example:
Responding to an invitation from President Kim Il-sung of North Korea, and with the approval of President Bill Clinton, I went to Pyongyang and negotiated an agreement under which North Korea would cease its nuclear program at Yongbyon and permit inspectors from the atomic agency to return to the site to assure that the spent fuel was not reprocessed. It was also agreed that direct talks would be held between the two Koreas
Where to start. "an invitation from Kim Il Sung." Yes, and why do you suppose he wanted Carter so badly? ". . . with the approval of Bill Clinton. . ." Accuracy demands that it read "with the reluctant approval of Bill Clinton." Carter actually presented Clinton with a fait accompli — Carter told the White House was going to go hold hands with the Norks whether Clinton approved or not. Clinton, by the way, was furious with the outcome, which Carter announced on CNN before he told the White House. Clinton told Warren Christopher that Carter was to be stopped from making any further freelance trips of this kind. "It was also agreed that direct talks be held between the two Koreas." The Norks demanded a multi-million dollar payment from the South Koreans just to show up for the talks. In other words, the Norks turned it into a Jesse Jackson-style shakedown operation.

But remember—Jimmy is our best ex-president ever.
Bill Clinton has also been shrieking via his spokesman that John McCain is "rewriting history" in accurately calling out his failure here that ranks up with his Al Queda failures.

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton: Coddlers of Islamofascists and Communist tyrants; destablizers of the world; haters of America.

Their failures may be the death of us all. When will the Treason Media start reporting these facts and stop propping up the myth of their greatness?

No, I'm not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

At some point. you right-wingers are going to have to accept some responsibility for things that happen on your watch.

It is the height of lunacy to blame this on Clinton.

From 1994 to 2002, under the Agreed Framework, NK's fuel rods were locked up and monitored by inspectors. Production of nuclear weapons stopped cold.

In 2002, the Bush administration abandoned the Agreed Framework. NK kicked out the inspectors, popped the locks, carted the fuel rods out and resumed production.

If you want to say the Agreed Framework was appeasement, fine. You want to say it was wrong to negotiate with dictators, fine. What you can't do is say it was a failed policy, because it worked up until the moment the Bush Administration stopped using it. The goal was to keep NK from creating a nuclear weapon, and they did not do so for the entire lifespan of the Agreed Framework. That's success, whether you'd like to admit it or not.

Once again, Bush's cowboy diplomacy failed.

Dirk Belligerent said...

At some point you Left-wingers are going to have to put down the Kool-Aid bottle and read something other than the fascist collaborating Treason Media to get the full story. Namely: The Agreed Framework was an illusion, just like any idea that the Clinton Regime was competant.

As Hugh Hewitt elucidates:

Thus the deal was flawed from the start, but what Gallucci refuses to admit is that the North Koreans broke that deal, and commenced a clandestine uranium enrichment program which North Korea later admitted to. Not only did the Clinton-Kim deal leave the plutonium processing capacity in place and prop up the regime with valuable aid, it failed to assure that other prohibited nuclear weapons programs did not commence. "There are various U.S. government sources that provide clues as to when North Korea began its uranium-enrichment program, but disagreement among the sources makes it difficult to determine the exact start of the program," concludes a 2003 report from the Arms Control Association. "Most information, however, indicates it began between 1997 and 1999." [Who was President then? - DB]

Finally, given that North Korea is now producing the plutonium that Gallucci is proud they didn't produce between 1994 and 2002, what exactly is the victory he is claiming? Now we are obliged to confront North Korea even as the Islamist threat has arrived in full force and our military engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with North Korea better armed and with better technology, and with eight additional years of production of its stockpiles of other WMDs, both chemical and biological. Clinton kicked the can down the road, and trying to claim otherwise is silly and transparently so.

The charade that is underway --underscored by Gallucci's refusal to defend the deal in the round with the uranium enrichment acknowledged-- is painful to watch because the people involved did their best and they got hornswoggled. Jimmy Carter made matters worse, and the prospect of war was and remains frightening. They tried appeasement. It didn't work. It never does.

But pretending that the Framework Agreement was other than a giant misstep doesn't help matters. The '90s were an era of catastrophic indifference to the realities of our enemies. We can't go back to the failed policies of that era.

Finally, although it is much more likely that the North Koreans conducted the test with the plutonium weapon, it cannot be ruled out that enriched uranium was used. If it was the later, the Gallucci defense becomes an even greater embarrassment.

Your unhinged hatred of Dubya and anyone who isn't a fascist-totalitarian Democrat blinds you to the Truth. Put down the Kool-Aid and open your eyes.

"Cowboy diplomacy" hasn't failed. Dubya has just been saddled with cleaning up the tragic failures of Carter and Clinton. If either of these schmucks had done their jobs and not acted out of their America-loathing dogmas, we would be less likely to be facing Islamofascists and a nuke-armed Axis of Evil.

And those are the inconvenient truths, Bub.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd follow up here and try and get a reaction from you since the "It's Clinton's fault" meme got flushed today.

The bomb NK tested was made from plutonium. The end-run around the Agreed Framework was that NK was trying to enrich uranium since their plutonium was under lock and key.

So to make it clear: the nuclear bomb NK tested was made from materials that were safeguarded under Clinton. When Bush waved his dick around, NK resumed production of a plutonium-based weapon and suceeded 4 years later.

Dirk Belligerent said...

What I find so amusing about you Clinton-worshipping dolts is how you insist that NOTHING bad ever happened while he was fecklessly and traitorously placing America into long-term jeopardy, but the moment Dubya showed up, everything went to Hell. As the Church Lady says, "How conveeeeeeeeeeenient!"

Do you even hear the manure you're shoveling? You're flat out admitting that NK was cheating on the Carter's Agreed Sellout - why can't you even say that Clinton was cornered into this bad deal by Carter's freelancing? - but that the fact that NK was reprocessing plutonium in 1989 (blame Bush 41!), cheated on the Carter-Clinton sellout, and has launched rockets over Japan doesn't count. No! It was because Dubya tagged them as part of the "Axis of Evil", that was too much to bear and they reacted this way ONLY because on Dub's mean words.

Commie, puh-leeze.

The Sgt. Schultz ("I see nothing!") behavior of you nutbars would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous. Clinton's flight from Somalia; all of Al Queda's attacks from 1993 to 2000; the coddling of Arafat; none of those failures to defend the country's interests register with you, but the moment someone who isn't part of your fascist cadre takes power, ZOMG!!!! Teh h4Xz0Rz!!!!!

Everything is Dubya's fault, right? The snow in Buffalo; the Yankees and A's falling to the Tigers; "Studio 60" slumping in the ratings; Diddy releasing a new album; North Korea continuing their long-running threat to world stability - all of that is happening because Dubya is Prez and not a friendly fellow traveller like Gore or Kerry. (Candidates so lame that they couldn't beat Dubya and then pretend that they wuz robbed and not just losers.)

What brand of tinfoil is your hat made of?

Frequently wrong (*cough*AirAmeriKKKagoingbankrupt*cough*) site Think Progress lists that NK was going to pull out of the Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1993. Who was President then? We know he was constantly waving HIS dick around; could it be that NK was reacting to that or does only Dubya make bad things happen?

How about NK forcing abortions on women to breed a super race? I know you guys just get a chubby at the mere thought of abortions happening, but where's your euphamistic "right to choose" there? Oh, that's guys aren't about "choice" as you are about death.

Congratulations! You are a confirmed case of Bush Derangement Syndrome! While there is no known cure for this elective dementia, take solace that your insipid madness will serve as a warning sign to those who are still capable of rational thought and possess an interest in the Truth and not moonbat fantasias.

Anonymous said...

You're going off on a tear because you can't dispute the core facts of this argument. Well, that and your intitial rant ended up like all your other rants... stuck in the ditch for lack of evidence.

Babble on about forced abortions or Carter being a traitor. Fight a strawman argument suggesting I said Clinton did no wrong. Do whatever it takes to keep from accepting the truth, because the cognitive dissonace will rend your skull.

NK extracted plutionum under 41, didn't do shit with it under 42, extracted even more of it and created a weapon under 43.

That's the core of it.

It must be terribly distressing for you to realize that for all Clinton's faults (and they are myriad), he was a much better president than the bufoon currently inhabiting the office.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Are you Ray Bolger? You must be for all your unironic talk of strawmen.

Sorry, Bub, but the reason I'm posting your droolings is because it perfectly illustrates the thru-the-looking-glass delusions of the unhinged Left. Anything that happens when a (D) sits in the Oval Office passes thru you like the wind thru your empty skull.

Carter's establishment of the modern Islamofascist regime in Iran? Nope. Clinton's refusal to take Osama into custody or try to kill him? Uh-uh. Clinton-Carter's failed appeasements of NK? Ain't hearing none of that, are you?

To say that I'm attacking strawmen while you blithely ignore the inconvenient truths of your masters failures and treasons is to laugh. That you use the typical "us fascists smart; you freedom lovers dum" shows your inflated self-importance and feeble hopes that by laughing at the guy stuck with your master's messes, people will miss that it's your guys' faults.

Since you believe that North Korea actually has and had WMDs, would you have supported Dubya knocking them over instead of Iraq? Hmmmm? Of course not! No war is worth it if it slows the progress of the authoritarian regimes you worship from enslaving the world.

Ya know, most people who are into bondage are content with jerking off to Bettie Page pinups. You losers want the world to be enslaved with you and will destroy America to satisfy your need to be dominated. (That's why you keep coming back to get your ass whupped publically by me, isn't it? CALL ME MASTER, SLAVE!!!!!)

Leave the innocents alone. Move to North Korea and lick Kim Jong-Il's boots on your own time and see if he says you're better than Jimmy and Bill were.