Friday, November 28, 2008

Kitteh Whack-A-Mouse!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"What's the difference between evaporated and sweetened condensed milk?"

That's the question that Hermione called me with at 2 pm, rousing me from my slumber. She was making a pie and needed evaporated, but had the condensed. I read her this article which is pretty clear that they aren't interchangable, but she's going to do it anyway. Oy vey.

"Where's Sock Puppet's Bailout?"

Cute satire wondering why the tech boom was allowed to go bust while there's plenty of wealth being spread for the more politically-connected dumbasses this time.

Despite living in the Motor City and having plenty of friends whose lives are dependent on the auto industries, the "Detroit 3" need to be forced into bankruptcy in order to allow them to get the UAW contract leeches off their back. The weakness brought by the combination of union parasitism and governmental meddling is killing them.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A 12-Pack of Crushing Disappointment.

Think these girls are upset now? Wait until these girls get dumped by the boy who deflowers them.

Pole-Dancing Practice Prompt Persistent Pussy Pestering!

Not as dirty as it sounds and safe for work.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just No End To The BDS-Fueled Smears.

Saw at Malkin's joint:

The Bush Derangement Syndrome lemmings on the Internet lit up yesterday over a video that supposedly showed world leaders “snubbing” George Bush and refusing to shake his hand.

CNN moron Rick Sanchez wet his pants over the video, exulting that Bush was being treated like the kid in high school with “cooties.” He then ranted about Bush as a “bully” who deserved rude treatment from the world because “What goes around comes around.” The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart cackled over the clip, too.

It was left to CNN humorist Jeanne Moos to set the dunces straight. Bush had been shaking hands and slapping backs all day long with the world’s heads of state. There was no “snub:”

Bias? What Treason Media bias? Is there any doubt that Obama will receive the exact opposite treatment, no matter how big a gaffe he makes? Duh.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama's AG Pick To Be Even More Corrupt Than Janet Reno?

Hard to believe they could top the shaved Wookie for sheer partisan corruption under color of law, but Eric Holder looks to be quite the fellow. If I was a child in a church, I'd be pulling on the Nomex and brushing up on my Spanish.

Much has been made, and appropriately so, of Holder’s untoward performance in the final corrupt act of the Clinton administration: the pardons issued in the departing president’s final hours. Of these, most notorious is the case of Marc Rich, an unrepentant fugitive wanted on extensive fraud, racketeering, and trading-with-the-enemy charges — but granted a pardon nonetheless thanks to the intercession of his ex-wife, a generous donor to Clinton’s library and legal-defense fund.

Holder’s role was aptly described as “unconscionable” by a congressional committee. He steered Rich’s allies to retain the influential former White House counsel Jack Quinn (Holder later conceded he hoped Quinn would help him become attorney general in a Gore administration); he helped Quinn directly lobby Clinton, doing an end-run around the standard pardon process (including DOJ’s pardon attorney); and he kept the deliberations hidden from the district U.S. attorney and investigative agencies prosecuting Rich so they couldn’t learn about the pardon application and register their objections.

There’s more. In 1999, over the objections of the FBI, the Bureau of Prisons, and prosecuting attorneys, Holder supported Clinton’s commutation of the sentences of 16 FALN conspirators. These pardons — of terrorists who even Holder has conceded had not expressed any remorse — were issued in the months after al-Qaeda’s 1998 U.S. embassy bombings, when the Clinton administration was pretending to be the scourge of terrorism. The commutations were nakedly political, obviously designed by Clinton to assist his wife’s impending Senate campaign by appealing to New York’s substantial Puerto Rican vote.

Equally noxious were the stealthy pardons of Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans — Weather Underground terrorists associated with Obama’s friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn — issued on the same day as the Rich pardon. Rosenberg and Evans had been serving decades-long sentences for bombings targeting American government facilities. With Holder again helping to circumvent the pardon process and to evade objections from prosecutors, the terrorists’ jail terms were commuted just weeks after the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.

Under Holder’s stewardship, moreover, the Justice Department chose, in the Dickerson case, to oppose its own prosecutors and seek reversal of the conviction of a bank robber whose voluntary confession had been elicited without Miranda warnings. Taking the Justice Department's signal, the Supreme Court overruled the lower courts and vacated the conviction, upending 30 years of precedent which had held that Miranda was not part of the core Fifth Amendment guarantee. Thanks to this ruling, rendered in the comfort of pre-9/11 complacence, terrorists tried in civilian courts — which is where Obama and Holder want them to be tried — will enjoy a powerful argument against the admission of critical confession evidence.

To be blunt, Holder is a terrible selection. If there’s any Obama cabinet nomination that Republicans feel moved to oppose, this should be it.
Gee, coddling of terrorists including Weather Underground? Just the kind of guy Obama needs on the case, what with all his Weather pals. However, there's no way that opposition will crop up because the spineless Stupid Party know that the banner headlines - "GOP BLOCKS FIRST BLACK AG" - are ready and waiting to run against them.

Roomba Kitty!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Can You Tell The Spoof Obamabots From the Real Drones?

Saw these at Power Line - the first is a very funny Onion bit about the pointlessness of the Obamessiah's disciples after His election, but the 2nd is depressing when you realize the sheer level of ignorance of his typical supporters.

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Red State has the latter clip along with accompanying poll data showing that the Treason Media did its job in making sure anything bad about the non-Messiah side they could put out there stuck. Obama's win was based on ignorance and fear along with a hefty dose of white guilt* and media pixie dust.

64 days until the Apocalypse? Hope not.

* Before you racist liberals try to make something of that part, you know it's true. If Colin Powell had been the Republican nominee in 1996, he could've knocked off Bubba Clinton.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Sig Time!

The photographer in me still cracks up at this one:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama To Get Away With His Massive Illegal Campaign Fundraising.

The One promised to take public financing. The One lied. He then raked in something north of $600 million in contributions which he combined with the in-kind cover-up operations of the Treason Media to run a propaganda blitz that would rival the real Messiah for ubiquity of message.

Nevermind that he got caught funneling cash to ACORN to finance their voter fraud operations. Ignore the illegal donations under fake names from foreign contributors. Forget about the fact that they turned off address verification on his website allowing "Adolfe Hitler" and "Osama Bin Laden" to contribute unknown millions in sub-$200 increments and will never release the names. Why? Because the FEC will probably never bother auditing His books. Meanwhile, poor John McCain WILL be audited for years and have to pay for it because he kept his word and took the public money. Sucker.

This is proof that if you lie, cheat and steal big enough, you'll get away with it. Got that kids? Cheaters always win! Following the rules is for suckers, innit? Can you get away with anything if you're protected from investigation? YES, YOU CAN!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Friends With Benefits Wedding

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

McCain Classy In Defeat; Obama Arrogant In Victory.

A lot of people leery of McCain suspected that he was willing to "lose with honor" rather than actually fight the evil that Obama and the fascist Democrats represented. I called him out on this that if he didn't properly highlight Obama's close ties to radicals, racists and criminals, his life of service to country, which he is so proud of, would be for naught for defeat would usher in an age of darkness for the world. Well, mission not accomplished means no soup for you, John.

However, his concession speech was a thing of grace from a bygone and now lost age. Whenever the crowd started to boo, he sternly hushed them up, and he pledged his support to the new President with a sincerity that comes from being a true patriot (plus being more comfortable cuddling with the Dems.)

Mark Levin wrote:

John McCain just gave a classy concession speech. If McCain had won, we were told of possible riots.
That's a telling note. With a million people crowded into Grant Park and a nation of people told that they are victims unless liberal fascists are empowered to rob the producers to give to the moochers, there was a fear that riots would recreate 1968. (I wonder how many are disappointed that they didn't get to tear things up?)

In contrast, Obama was robotic and soulless. This cat isn't "cool", he's smug and arrogant. With a million people in front of him, he delivered a dour, sour campaign speech which steadfastly looked backwards and kicked Dubya in the shins for good measure. When he tried to get the chants of "Seig Heil", er, "Yes, we can!" going, it showed that 20 years in the pews of Jerimiah Wright's racist church didn't teach him much about rhetorical abilities.

Obi-Wan Kenobi said that, "the Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded," and that's my problem with the ninnies who are literally dampening their panties over this tabula rasa of a Rorschach test: There is literally no THERE there. I feel like I've taken crazy pills because people are acting as if the sun has finally risen after eight years and all over a false Messiah who has accomplished nothing but to bamboozle them into projecting their fondest wishes upon him and them worship him blindly.

Most of them are like this woman:

They think they've just won a free Xbox in a fast food scratch-and-win contest. They're jumping up and down thinking their time has come and they'll matter. They have no idea what they've just voted for because even when brainwashed by professors and the media, most people don't willingly vote themselves into slavery.

Hard times ahead.

Let The Recriminations Begin!

With the apparent election of Barack Obama as Dear Glorious Leader and Furher of the Fourth Reich of the Soviet Socialist States of AmeriKKKa, there is plenty of time for post-mortems, backbiting and second-guessing. I'll toss something up eventually, but this post on The Corner already has a hefty chunk of my thinking:

1) We got this the old-fashioned way: we earned it. The other side took the fight to us, and we never took the fight to the other side, except coyly and obliquely. That's not a mistake we should make the next time. "Honorable campaigns" are for losers. Next time, call 'em as they really are, not as you wish to see 'em.

2) Where was Bush? Once again, and right to the bitter end, he let his passion for "loyalty" supersede what was stragetically right for the party, not to mention what was best for the country. I think his reputation has nowhere to go but down; yes, he got one big thing right, but he got everything else wrong. Enough of this family in our country's politics!

3) Good riddance to Liddy Dole, the woman who gave us the national drinking age of 21 and a host of sozzled underage college students. She won't be missed.

4) Hillary comes out smelling like a rose, plus unbloodied. She and Bill are already scoping out 2012.

5) Time to clean house. McCain should have been president in 2000, not in 2008. No more "it's my turn" for the last loser. We need to be looking for our candidates in the ranks of returning war vets — think Eisenhower in '52 as the model — and let the Dem's shifty lawyers run the country for a couple of years. Then hit them across the board with people who know how to lead. Gen. Petraeus might be a good place to start. Lots of junior officers, too.

6) You know what? McCain never did sell himself as a leader. He sold himself as a maverick.

7) One upside: McCain/Feingold is now dead, as is public financing. Talk about being hoist with your own petard!

8) That Gang of 14 thing really worked out well, didn't it? Say good-bye to the courts. And we were so close...

9) Joe Lieberman was worse than useless. When he could have made a difference, he didn't cross the aisle to caucus with the Republicans. Now, it doesn't matter. Thanks, Joe.

10) Age matters. McCain ran an "honorable campaign" because he never really understood in his heart that the other guy had no intention of doing so; he didn't "get" Obama's generation, or Axelrod's.. Obama would lie about public financing, "oppose" gay marriage but also oppose Prop. 8 and never see it as morally contradictory. The world that McCain understood and operated in is vanishing, and tonight is visible evidence.

11) Unlike the Democrats, let's show some class in defeat. That doesn't mean lie down and roll over: it means fighting for what we believe in, doubly so now. But their sneering childishness is not for us; and now that they've won, they won't be able to control it even in victory. This is an unlovely party filled with unlovely people, as America's about to find out once the Obama pixie dust wears off.

12) Understand, once and for all, that the old media is part of the Democratic Party now. Ignore it. Never send Michele Bachmann onto Hardball again. Never send Sarah to play nice with Katie. We need to develop and create our own work-arounds — Fox, talk radio, NRO, etc. — and use them. Don't play by their rules: make our own.
Yep. Sounds right and saved me some typing.

The Cluelessness of Michigan Mirrors the Ignorance of a Nation.

Two years ago, Michigan re-elected Jennifer Granholm to a second term as Governor despite her failed leadership in her first term that kept the state in a one-state Depression, with unemployment running over 2.5% higher than the national rate. When she was first elected, she was such a rising star, there were noises that the Constitution would have to be amended to allow this golden goddess the opportunity to run for President. (She's Canadian.) After a couple of years, she'd submarined the state so thoroughly that no one ever mentioned it again.

Her opponent was Peter DeVos (of the Amway family) and he was a boring white businessman with a proven record of corporate success who just didn't connect with voters. (Sounds a lot like Mitt Romney, no?) Banking her reliable union support, Granholm was re-elected and continued driving Michigan into the dirt. After four years of utter failure, the voters rewarded her with four more years - the first half have been more of the same.

Since the Democrats took over Congress two years ago, the housing market has collapsed thanks to the Dems blocking of Fannie/Freddie regulation; the economy has tanked; fuel prices doubled (and fell back only when people stopped driving); and Congress' approval rating is in SINGLE DIGITS, less than a third of the much-slagged Dubya. The country's dire economic straits are mostly thanks to the liberal Democrats who are the puppets of the Big Money on Wall Street and what have the voters done?


If you went to a restaurant a couple of times and got sick with food poisoning each time, would you go back again AND take some friends with you or would you find someplace else to eat? (Duh.) Despite the facts, an ill-informed and frightened* electorate has gone back for seconds. If they end up choking and/or starving to death as a result, what will they do then? Vote for thirds?

* It's funny how the knock on Team Dubya by the Left was that they were using fear (of terrorism) to score votes, only to see the Left use economic fear to scare voters into rushing into Uncle Sam's smothering clutches. On NBC News' coverage, they proclaimed it as a triumph of "hope over fear". Are you f*cking kidding me? They used the public's legitimate fears over the economy as their ticket to power. That the Dems are the cause of the crisis is just the perverse cherry on top of the sh*t sundae.

Why the Hell Are Conservatives Acting As If Obama Will "Govern From the Center"?!?

I've noticed in coverage, mostly on the radio, that a odd amount of people who should know a hell of a lot better have been saying that Obama would probably not govern as a hard-Left radical fascist Marxist - as his lifelong record shows he is - but would push back against the liberal instincts of Pelosi and Reid and the rising tide of Democrats in Congress, who, if trends continue, will claim a huge mandate to impose massive socialism on this country.


Bill Clinton came in with well over half of the voters having chosen different candidates and acted as if he was crowned Sun King and governed with great hubris (HillaryCare anyone?) and promptly lost Congress to Newt and the Republicans in 1994. These pundits believe that Obama would not make the same mistake, but if the Dems rout the way it's looking now, what restraint would he need to show? With a Treason Media looking to protect their Anointed One after they got him on the throne and actively cheering any fascism he wishes to implement, why wouldn't he put his life's radical ideology into practice?

The Story of Voter #1304.

I stopped at my voting precinct this morning about 7:30 am to vote before heading to work and found the usual spot empty. Going into the school, I was told that they were voting in the gym. Popping my head in, I saw a line running all around the perimeter and realized there was no way in heck I'd get to work on time.

Returning a bit before 6 pm, I had no problem getting parking and a guy holding a sign for some Circuit Court judicial candidate said the wait was about 15 minutes. I had a paperback and my PDA, so I was ready for a long wait as I entered...

....the nearly empty gym. Huh?

There was no line at all. I walked to the ballot signup table and presented it to the woman handling the "B"s who asked if I was related to my mother. I told her about Mom's stroke and where she was in residence. Looking over to the voting booths, I spotted a woman I know whom I always seem to see at the polls. Taking the next booth over, I said hello and we proceeded to chat and joke about how we were canceling each others' votes out while we marked our ballots. She asked if I'm Republican and I said, "I am this week. More accurately, I'm voting anti-Democrat, as usual. If it was Hillary, I would've voted Barr (the Libertarian), but because it's Obama, I gotta go McCain." She said she liked McCain, but "hated" Palin for all the usual reasons. (God, abortion, blah-blah-woof-woof.)

I skipped most of the ballot - why vote for trustees and board members you know nothing about? - scattering my non Moose-Slayer votes among Libertarian and Stupid Party candidates. I voted yes on medical marijuana (though I believe it's a punk half-step instead of a proper decriminalization) and no on public stem cell research funding (let the private sector play Frankenstein on their dime).

On my way out, a young guy from the University of Toronto college paper (apparently he's from my area) asked if I'd be willing to be interviewed and, of course, I dropped a ton of science on him. I could tell by the look on his face he didn't know much of what I was telling him about how the Treason Media (just "media" for his purposes) had deliberately failed on vetting Obama compared to the anal probes Palin and others got. When he took my picture, I thought, "Good thing I shaved this morning." (I somehow knew I should tidy up this morning. I even wore pants!)

1300 people voted ahead of me, so it's a good thing from a civic perspective, though the fact that so many voted ignorantly for an ultra-radical fascist makes me wish they'd stayed home.

Total time spent at polls (not counting the interview): 13 minutes, and most of that was chatting people up. If I hadn't stopped, I would've been in and out in five minutes.

Let the Race Riots Begin!

Just got a call from my girlfriend who lives in Detroit. "Are you ready for this? Listen." I hear a sizable crowd chanting, "Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama!" Where was this racket coming from? "In front of my house. There's a crowd; they have children and they're marching up and down. [Next door neighbor - a black woman] hates us because she asked my father who he voted for and when he said it didn't matter, she said, 'You didn't vote for McCain, did you?'"

So much for the post-racial aspect of the Barack Obama myth: He's the BLACK candidate to a segment of the public who has been so exploited by racist liberals that if he doesn't win, they're going to burn the country down in retaliation. The Black Panthers threatening people with clubs in Philly were just a warm-up if the aggrieved factions of our population aren't satisfied.

Who's REALLY screwed in this situation? The Democrats! Why? Because they've built their power on exploiting minorities - i.e. vote (D) or else you'll be even worse off - only to ignore them as soon as the election is over. Now that the top guy is a member of a Designated Victim Group, how in the hell do the Dems think they're going to put a non-minority candidate at the top of the ticket? Those who live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

Sure, Obama might be the puppet of White Devils Pelosi and Reid (as if he's not simpatico), but the Presidential nominee slot is now forever lost to white Dems. That's gotta sting! All those years exploiting minorities and the racist liberals get thanked this way? Ha!!!!

It's 5 p.m. and Still No Exit Poll Leaks; Is McCain Winning?

The Treason Media wants nothing more than to get to the coronation of their Anointed Fuhrer and the sooner they can call the election based on exit polls in the East, the faster they can depress turnout in the West. In 2004, the misinformation operation was going full swing by 2 p.m. EST, but here we are nearing the dinner hour and nothing is stirring.

Why not? It's not as if they're concerned with their journalistic integrity given everything they've covered up for the past year, so I'm wondering if the polls are showing a surprising McCain surge that both moots all the pre-game propaganda but could encourage Westerners to rush to/go home from the polls depending on how the results affect them. With garnering even greater majorities for the Dems Job One, perhaps the TM is hedging their bets lest they get caught out so badly that there's no way to spin their culpability.

We Now Pause For A Happy Video!

After all the depressing clips of various fascist words and actions I've posted today, we need to take a moment to pause and appreciate something a little lighter.

This is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than that totally ghey ad with Kobe, Phelps, Hawk and Jeter. Totally.

Black Panthers Acting As Obama Brownshirts!

We're probably going to HEAR a lot of reports about how Evil Racist Republicans (triply-redundant, dontchaknow) are trying to suppress minority turnout, but I wonder how many of these incidents we'll actually SEE?

Since it seems everyone has a camera phone - I don't, but I have a pair of Flip video cameras - it will be very easy to surreptitiously document any shenanigans, so we'll see who can show intimidation in action.

Here's the first I've seen: Black Panthers with nightsticks at a polling precinct in Philadelphia.

If two white skinheads were standing around the doors of a precinct with billy clubs in hand, don't you think CNN et al would be all over it? In this case, it's one brave citizen with a camera phone taking his life into his hands to document the thuggish tactics the Obama Brownshirts (or more accurately Blackshirts) are using to terrify dissenters into foregoing their right to vote.

Talk Radio = Pornography To Fascist Dems!

You've got to respect the naked displays of hunger to stomp their jackboot of fascism down the Democrats are showing in anticipation of having total rule over the nation. Whether it's Barney Frank's desire to slash our military and rob the successful of their earnings or Chuck Schumer's belief that political speech should be treated the same as pornography, it's not as if we didn't have plenty of warning as to what they had in mind for us, their subjects.

Anyone else notice the irony in this comment:

“The very same people who don’t want the Fairness Doctrine want the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] to limit pornography on the air. I am for that… But you can’t say government hands off in one area to a commercial enterprise but you are allowed to intervene in another. That’s not consistent.”
Aren't the libertine liberals the ones who think the bluenoses should STFU and GTFO in criticizing porn? He's using the restrictions of explicit sexual content as an excuse to stifle dissenting speech. If conservatives tried to shut the Left up under this rationale, the Left would have kittens. I don't recall any moralists demanding that Air AmeriKKKa be regulated under porn laws. They just didn't listen. Funny how the supposedly tolerant and diversity-loving liberals can't turn the radio off themselves.

CFE: The Triumph of Liberal Branding

Andrew Stuttaford has a post on The Corner entitled "Elites and Their Choices" which observes:

Assuming the worst (but, of course, hoping for the best) for today, as one must, one of the fascinating questions to come revolves around what's next for Sarah Palin, both as a political figure in her own right, and for what her future role will say about the evolution of the GOP. We've already had a few skirmishes here on the direction the GOP might take (and there will be more elsewhere), but when I read this comment by David Brooks in an article running in this week's New York magazine, I don't feel very optimistic about the tone of what lies ahead:
Others maintain that the damage to her image has been so enormous that it is essentially irreparable. And still others contend that she is simply too dim to be a major figure in our national life. When I asked Times columnist David Brooks if he thought that Palin could be the Republican nominee in 2012, he said, “I don’t.” When I asked why, he answered with a chuckle, “I just don’t think the human capital is there, to put it politely.”
Politely? Meanwhile, on a not entirely unrelated topic, I saw this interesting piece by Christopher Caldwell in the London Spectator:
The Democrats are now the partisan home of the upper crust of the American meritocracy, of the credentialled classes, the classes that believe every endeavour is some variety of IQ test. USA Today did a review of fund-raising data and discovered that Obama dominates fundraising among the leaders of ‘finance, insurance, real estate, health, communications and law’. The Democratic party is the vehicle through which, after a populist interlude, the governing classes are proposing to take their country back. Obama is a restoration candidate but that doesn’t mean he has a plan.
Food for thought.
So much for that "Party of the Little Guy" crap they've been peddling, too.

I wrote Stuttaford a note:
Regarding the execrable David Brooks sneering at Gov. Palin - that "Gov." meaning "GOVERNOR", not "lick-spittle brown-nosing NY Times lackey" - as being too stupid for his lofty perch: What the jeering elitists never explain is how this dim-witted, Jesus-freak, redneck, breeder cow managed to take down her own party's old boy network (in a place where old boy networks are surely tighter than most) and become the most popular governor in the Republic. That she was able to climb the ladder from the school board to the state house without benefit of money, connections, or celebrity should be testament to some sort of intellectual acumen. That supposed "conservatives" like Brooks can't resist defecating on her and her unlettered ilk while liberal Democrat Obama-supporter Camile Paglia recognizes her strengths shows how pitiful the "pseudo-cons" (or CINOs) are these days as they try to curry favor with those on the Left whom they assume will be their masters.

The reason the "elites" and "intellectuals" are liberals is because liberalism has succeeded in branding itself as the "Smart Folks' Ideology." Liberals are smarter. Liberals are nicer. Liberals are more diverse. Liberals are more tolerant. Unlike those backward superstitious racist sexist bigoted homophobes (i.e. conservatives), liberals are inherently better than the rest. Look at all the pretty celebrities and rich people; they're liberals. Join us! It's the same thing that makes people pay a premium price for Apple products - they're perceived to be better, cooler, the choice of the Eloi, not the Morlocks. Forget "Pepsi: The Choice of the New Generation"; it's "Liberalism: Because You're Smarter Than Them!"

I stumbled into this insight while debatng with a friend and she threw the argument at me that since most college graduates are liberals, then clearly liberals are smarter. (She's an artist who probably doesn't know another non-liberal outside of me. If we weren't old family friends, she'd probably never associate with my kind.) Looking around, I realized that most liberals can't articulate their superiority without using that in the definition (e.g. "Liberals are smarter because they are smarter.") or denigrating conservatives (e.g. "I'm liberal because you stupid people think Jesus rode dinosaurs 2000 years ago.") That they lack the intellectual and epistemological curiosity to notice that there is no actual diversity or tolerance in their ranks is a sign of irony-deficiency that no multi-vitamin can compensate for.

Hypocrisy is the coin of the liberal realm, but they envision themselves to be more highly-evolved and thus entitled to reign over the benighted proletariat.
Damn straight!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

This Guy Isn't Looking To Stay Employable After Tuesday, Is He?

Never heard of this bloke, but a commenter at Malkin's crib put this link up. Check it out (unless you're an angry black liberal Obama voter - which is several times redundant, I know.)