Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why the Hell Are Conservatives Acting As If Obama Will "Govern From the Center"?!?

I've noticed in coverage, mostly on the radio, that a odd amount of people who should know a hell of a lot better have been saying that Obama would probably not govern as a hard-Left radical fascist Marxist - as his lifelong record shows he is - but would push back against the liberal instincts of Pelosi and Reid and the rising tide of Democrats in Congress, who, if trends continue, will claim a huge mandate to impose massive socialism on this country.


Bill Clinton came in with well over half of the voters having chosen different candidates and acted as if he was crowned Sun King and governed with great hubris (HillaryCare anyone?) and promptly lost Congress to Newt and the Republicans in 1994. These pundits believe that Obama would not make the same mistake, but if the Dems rout the way it's looking now, what restraint would he need to show? With a Treason Media looking to protect their Anointed One after they got him on the throne and actively cheering any fascism he wishes to implement, why wouldn't he put his life's radical ideology into practice?


Anonymous said...

>why wouldn't he put his life's radical ideology into practice?

So that he can pretend to oppose Pelosi, et al, while they impose their agenda, and they'll fall on their swords for him so when the Republicans reclaim Congress at the midterms, he won't be viewed as being as hostile as Clinton was. They all know they have two years to do what they want, and no more; and since Pelosi isn't getting any younger, two years of her crap should be enough in conjunction with making Obama look good well into the future. Especially since he won't require the charade of having to follow WJC to the center.

What are you, dense?

Dirk Belligerent said...

Several problems with your theory starting with what party thinks they're only going to be in power temporarily? Your scenario requires Pelosi-Reid to figure this is the END of their reign, not the beginning. Considering the abject failure of the Pelosi-Reid Congress, who had approval ratings so far in the basement that Dubya looked like Obama from their vantage point, that the people sent them even more foot soldiers to their side shows that the public hasn't gotten the hint that the Dems were the problem, not the solution.

Now they could go too far to the left and freak out the people, like HillaryCare did in '93, and lose it in the midterms, but that's unlikely. The media is committed to protecting their creation (e.g. Chris Matthews vow to help Obama succeed, journalistic integrity be damned) so any opposition to what Obama wants will be portrayed as racist, mean to po' folks, and racist.

You and the self-deluded conservatives I posted about are buying into the idea that Obama believes he'll need to pull off a Jeffersonian "triangulation" maneuver. I think he thinks he IS The One - Oprah said he was, darn it! - and as such, able to walk on water and do what he wants to; "Yes, I can!" We'll see.