Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Black Panthers Acting As Obama Brownshirts!

We're probably going to HEAR a lot of reports about how Evil Racist Republicans (triply-redundant, dontchaknow) are trying to suppress minority turnout, but I wonder how many of these incidents we'll actually SEE?

Since it seems everyone has a camera phone - I don't, but I have a pair of Flip video cameras - it will be very easy to surreptitiously document any shenanigans, so we'll see who can show intimidation in action.

Here's the first I've seen: Black Panthers with nightsticks at a polling precinct in Philadelphia.

If two white skinheads were standing around the doors of a precinct with billy clubs in hand, don't you think CNN et al would be all over it? In this case, it's one brave citizen with a camera phone taking his life into his hands to document the thuggish tactics the Obama Brownshirts (or more accurately Blackshirts) are using to terrify dissenters into foregoing their right to vote.

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