Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Cluelessness of Michigan Mirrors the Ignorance of a Nation.

Two years ago, Michigan re-elected Jennifer Granholm to a second term as Governor despite her failed leadership in her first term that kept the state in a one-state Depression, with unemployment running over 2.5% higher than the national rate. When she was first elected, she was such a rising star, there were noises that the Constitution would have to be amended to allow this golden goddess the opportunity to run for President. (She's Canadian.) After a couple of years, she'd submarined the state so thoroughly that no one ever mentioned it again.

Her opponent was Peter DeVos (of the Amway family) and he was a boring white businessman with a proven record of corporate success who just didn't connect with voters. (Sounds a lot like Mitt Romney, no?) Banking her reliable union support, Granholm was re-elected and continued driving Michigan into the dirt. After four years of utter failure, the voters rewarded her with four more years - the first half have been more of the same.

Since the Democrats took over Congress two years ago, the housing market has collapsed thanks to the Dems blocking of Fannie/Freddie regulation; the economy has tanked; fuel prices doubled (and fell back only when people stopped driving); and Congress' approval rating is in SINGLE DIGITS, less than a third of the much-slagged Dubya. The country's dire economic straits are mostly thanks to the liberal Democrats who are the puppets of the Big Money on Wall Street and what have the voters done?


If you went to a restaurant a couple of times and got sick with food poisoning each time, would you go back again AND take some friends with you or would you find someplace else to eat? (Duh.) Despite the facts, an ill-informed and frightened* electorate has gone back for seconds. If they end up choking and/or starving to death as a result, what will they do then? Vote for thirds?

* It's funny how the knock on Team Dubya by the Left was that they were using fear (of terrorism) to score votes, only to see the Left use economic fear to scare voters into rushing into Uncle Sam's smothering clutches. On NBC News' coverage, they proclaimed it as a triumph of "hope over fear". Are you f*cking kidding me? They used the public's legitimate fears over the economy as their ticket to power. That the Dems are the cause of the crisis is just the perverse cherry on top of the sh*t sundae.

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