Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Talk Radio = Pornography To Fascist Dems!

You've got to respect the naked displays of hunger to stomp their jackboot of fascism down the Democrats are showing in anticipation of having total rule over the nation. Whether it's Barney Frank's desire to slash our military and rob the successful of their earnings or Chuck Schumer's belief that political speech should be treated the same as pornography, it's not as if we didn't have plenty of warning as to what they had in mind for us, their subjects.

Anyone else notice the irony in this comment:

“The very same people who don’t want the Fairness Doctrine want the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] to limit pornography on the air. I am for that… But you can’t say government hands off in one area to a commercial enterprise but you are allowed to intervene in another. That’s not consistent.”
Aren't the libertine liberals the ones who think the bluenoses should STFU and GTFO in criticizing porn? He's using the restrictions of explicit sexual content as an excuse to stifle dissenting speech. If conservatives tried to shut the Left up under this rationale, the Left would have kittens. I don't recall any moralists demanding that Air AmeriKKKa be regulated under porn laws. They just didn't listen. Funny how the supposedly tolerant and diversity-loving liberals can't turn the radio off themselves.

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