Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Let the Race Riots Begin!

Just got a call from my girlfriend who lives in Detroit. "Are you ready for this? Listen." I hear a sizable crowd chanting, "Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama!" Where was this racket coming from? "In front of my house. There's a crowd; they have children and they're marching up and down. [Next door neighbor - a black woman] hates us because she asked my father who he voted for and when he said it didn't matter, she said, 'You didn't vote for McCain, did you?'"

So much for the post-racial aspect of the Barack Obama myth: He's the BLACK candidate to a segment of the public who has been so exploited by racist liberals that if he doesn't win, they're going to burn the country down in retaliation. The Black Panthers threatening people with clubs in Philly were just a warm-up if the aggrieved factions of our population aren't satisfied.

Who's REALLY screwed in this situation? The Democrats! Why? Because they've built their power on exploiting minorities - i.e. vote (D) or else you'll be even worse off - only to ignore them as soon as the election is over. Now that the top guy is a member of a Designated Victim Group, how in the hell do the Dems think they're going to put a non-minority candidate at the top of the ticket? Those who live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

Sure, Obama might be the puppet of White Devils Pelosi and Reid (as if he's not simpatico), but the Presidential nominee slot is now forever lost to white Dems. That's gotta sting! All those years exploiting minorities and the racist liberals get thanked this way? Ha!!!!

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