Friday, November 21, 2008

Just No End To The BDS-Fueled Smears.

Saw at Malkin's joint:

The Bush Derangement Syndrome lemmings on the Internet lit up yesterday over a video that supposedly showed world leaders “snubbing” George Bush and refusing to shake his hand.

CNN moron Rick Sanchez wet his pants over the video, exulting that Bush was being treated like the kid in high school with “cooties.” He then ranted about Bush as a “bully” who deserved rude treatment from the world because “What goes around comes around.” The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart cackled over the clip, too.

It was left to CNN humorist Jeanne Moos to set the dunces straight. Bush had been shaking hands and slapping backs all day long with the world’s heads of state. There was no “snub:”

Bias? What Treason Media bias? Is there any doubt that Obama will receive the exact opposite treatment, no matter how big a gaffe he makes? Duh.


Anonymous said...

You might be the biggest moronic shithead psychopath on the internet, but you are finally right about something. Congrats! And Rick Sanchez is a total idiot. The way he talks, he should be hosting game shows. Fuck me. Forget about BDS, you clearly have ODS and unless you are in total denial then you already know that.


Dirk Belligerent said...

Uh-huh. You Obamessiah disciples are running around even crazier than you were before the Election, getting your Brownshirts on and swearing violence on anyone who dares point out that Obama is shaping up exactly as predicted and you've got the noive to call anyone else deranged? Raff! XD

Anonymous said...

Well since I am not a disciple of anyone you very well could be right! How the hell would I know?