Thursday, December 30, 2004

Can we prevent THIS GUY from getting any aid?

You know, considering Osama isn't likely to cut a check to help his fellow Muslims in Indonesia, WTF is this Sri Lankan Oedipus expecting? (Hat tip: The Corner)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi

A break from the heavyness for a moment to give notice to the "new" soundtrack to the Cartoon Network show "Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi" that I got from Hermione for Christmas.

I was excited when they announced this show cuz I've been a fan of theirs for a couple of years, but let's just say that show stinks on ice. Awful bad terrible crap!!! (No wonder Godzilla keeps stomping Tokyo!) Lame Powerpuff Girls cartoon and the girls themselves only appear for about 15-20 seconds as bookends to the lameness. I turned off the tape halfway thru the second show. Pass at all costs.

BUT....the CD is a really good primer on their music, especially if you haven't obtained "An Illustrated History" (a hits comp to introduce them to America a couple of years back) or "Nice", cuz HHPAY recycles about half its tracks from those two albums, though there's enough good stuff to warrant another dip.

The Japanese lyric version of "Pure Asia" ( an awesome ELO ripoff) appears here as well as a remake of their creative guru Andy Sturmer's song from his old band Jellyfish, "Joining A Fan Club." It's hard to pinpoint what's duped by the track listing alone because "Invisible Tomorrow" on "Nice" becomes "Friends Forever" on "HHPAY". Stupid stupid stupid! (If I'd listened to "Nice" more in the last year, I'd prolly be able to spot more dupes.)

Sure the girls are cute, but their voices are nothing particularly special - they remind me of Bananarama - but the MUSIC is utterly brilliant. Their producers are incredibly clever in their writing and production as "That's the Way It Is" (HHPAY title - "Kore ga Watashi no Ikiruimichi" on "AIH") shows as it fuses a bunch of Beatles and Who licks that are simultaneously able to reference their inspirations without actually getting into copyright infringement. A neat trick.

Bottom line: Skip the show, get the CD or better yet, skip this one and get the previous two CDs. You're welcome. Helping Red Cross Relief Efforts

I just went to Amazon and they have a big button to a page where you can contribute to the Red Cross.

In the time spent posting this, the contribution count has gone from 19279 donations totaling $968,231.00 to 19308 for $969,651.00 and this is the middle of the American night.

You know. That greedy, stingy, heartless country. (Must be the French visiting


UPDATE: In the 30 or so minutes since I posted this, the contribution total has increased to 19422 for $974,263. I'll check back at noon to see how the uncaring is going.


RE-UPDATE: Six hours later, it's up to 31920 donors for $1,758,650.04

So shameful. So stingy. So shameful.

< /sarcasm >


RE-RE-UPDATE: Another half-dozen hours, another million-plus bucks. 49457 givers, $2,843,430.73 collected.

Yep. We're simply the most selfish, greedy, mean, hateful people in the world. (I heard it on the NBC News, so it's gotta be true.)

< /totally fed-up acid-flamed sarcasm >


UPDATE @ 9:55 pm EST, approx. 27 hours since last update: 100,121 donors, $6,626,597.17

And the Red Cross reports that as of YESTERDAY (Weds.) noon, they'd received over $18 million dollars from AMERICANS.

I'm sure the UN thinks this is disgraceful in light of our unwillingness to pay higher taxes. Bastards.

Are you still on vacation in this dire time of crisis?

I shouldn't be surprised that the MSM is piling on Dubya for not being a camera-hogging glory-whore like their beloved Bubba "I'm laughing, no I'm crying cuz the camera's on me" Clinton, but a cursory glance at the WaPo's Aid Grows Amid Remarks About President's Absence ( shows that Tubby Riefenstahl's bullsh*t smears about Presidential vacations are Holy Writ in the editorial halls of the supposedly objective media.

I'm on holiday vacation now and due to left-over time unused during the year, was out a full week ahead of my co-workers. Now, if they had a problem or something needed doing, it's not gonna be addressed by me until a couple of weeks later. Vacation for most means "I'm not working. See ya"

Despite Clinton's unexamined vacation habits, Dubya got unfairly smeared in "Farginghype 7-11" for being on vacation when anyone who looked at his schedules could see that he had plenty of work on the calendar. The President doesn't get to take the phone off the hook or pass off the job to lackeys while he naps, he's got an army of people briefing him and is able toact from wherever he is at a moment's notice. Clinton was able to order missiles launched to distract from his chunky mistress testifying before a Grand Jury while lollygagging with the hobnobs on Martha's Vineyard, yet were supposed to beleive Dubya is slacking.

I make this preface to show the hateful unfairness that the media is still spewing at Dubya. Despite my not voting for him and serious qualms about his job performance, I think it's instructive to observe how blatantly unfair his treatment is. Whatever he does will get bashed and I dunno how anyone can take the cheap shots so incessantly without wanting to just slug someone over it.

The Bush administration more than doubled its financial commitment yesterday to provide relief to nations suffering from the Indian Ocean tsunami, amid complaints that the vacationing President Bush has been insensitive to a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions.

Although U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland yesterday withdrew his earlier comment, domestic criticism of Bush continued to rise. Skeptics said the initial aid sums -- as well as Bush's decision at first to remain cloistered on his Texas ranch for the Christmas holiday rather than speak in person about the tragedy -- showed scant appreciation for the magnitude of suffering and for the rescue and rebuilding work facing such nations as Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Indonesia.

After a day of repeated inquiries from reporters about his public absence, Bush late yesterday afternoon announced plans to hold a National Security Council meeting by teleconference to discuss several issues, including the tsunami, followed by a short public statement.

Bush's deepened public involvement puts him more in line with other world figures. In Germany, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder cut short his vacation and returned to work in Berlin because of the Indian Ocean crisis, which began with a gigantic underwater earthquake. In Britain, the predominant U.S. voice speaking about the disaster was not Bush but former president Bill Clinton, who in an interview with the BBC said the suffering was like something in a "horror movie," and urged a coordinated international response.

Go read the rest, but think about what can actually be done by him as his being pounded for not displaying sufficient FEELING about the disaster. What's he supposed to do? Rush over there to dig graves? Carry fresh water to villagers? WHAT?!?!? We've got relief flights under way, millions of dollars in aid and who knows what else and he's the bad guy because he didn't rush to a camera - like Clinton - to bite his lip and mouth platitudes about "feeling pain"?!?

Imagine you're a resident of the affected area. Which would benefit you more:

1. Sympathetic words from an criminal ex-President who let genocides occur on his watch without comment (cuz those black folks can't vote for him), but doesn't actually contribute more than his worthless words?

B. Actual aid from a President who is willing to send planes, troops, money and food to provide tangible reflief in this time of need?

Talk's cheap and so are the shots taken by the WaPo. Also, considering that Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, do you think America will gain some stature in among the Islamofascists so warmly supported by the media?

Yeah, didn't think so either. Nevermind.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Year Of Blogging Dangerously

One major source of pain for the Left has been the rise of countering viewpoints to their former monopoly on propaganda. From Matt Drudge's revelation that the media was covering up Bill Clinton's reckless behavior (which they still do - see: Marc Rich pardons) to the blogosphere's role in revealing the Feckless Crapweasel behind the curtain in this year's Election, they've been forced to start a money pit of a Potemkin radio network to spew unvarnished lies to their herd and generally been unpleasant to be around, but what's new?

Ed Driscoll has posted The Year Of Blogging Dangerously at Tech Central Station (hat tip: The Corner) listing the Top Ten moments in blogging for 2004.

For those of us Webloggers who track the media the way that sports fans follow the NFL, 2004 will be remembered as the year the mask not only slipped, it completely came off the mainstream media. Newspapers and television networks were happy -- almost gleeful -- to toss their previously vaunted claims of objectivity into the dumpster, to help defeat a president that, almost to a man, they despised.

Fortunately, the Blogosphere was there fight to back. Coming of age on and immediately after 9/11, there were numerous bloggers who watched with a combination of horror and glee at what we saw happening to the media in 2004.

It was horrific because most bloggers actually want to see a well-functioning press: one that reports the news fairly, and offers a wide range of opinions. And ideally, doesn't mix reporting and editorializing in the same story.

On the other hand, we were gleeful, at having so many stories to debunk and so much context to fill-in.

Read it all, but for the click-challenged, here's the rundown:

10. The Passion Versus Fahrenheit 9/11
9. Winter Soldier
8. Iraq Then And Now
7. Den Beste's Fall Preview
6. The Exit Polls
5. Political Conventions
4. Campaign Violence
3. The New York Times Announces It's Liberal
2. Christmas in Cambodia
1. RatherGate

Election 2004 News! Ohio Recount Ends, Shows Vote Closer!

Yeah, a whole 300 votes closer! Woohoo!!! At a cost to Ohio taxpayers of over a million dollars more than the whining parties were billed, the recount didn't overturn the Election and somehow elevate the Feckless Crapweasel into the Oval Office. Wah.

Of course, the "let's count until a Democrat wins" people - see Washington's gubernatorial race for a prime example - aren't accepting the results:

Cliff Arnebeck, an attorney representing the voters in the challenge, wasn't taking much stock in the recount effort. He questioned why there was no independent investigation into the accuracy of counting machines to determine whether the machines had been tampered with.

"You're allowing the original error to be repeated a second time, so it's not a meaningful recount," he said.

The rabid Dubya haters were so far gone on their Kool-Aid, there was no result other than his defeat that they'd accept and they persist in clinging to the infantile fantasy that there is no reason he could've won without shenanagins. "It was racism! It was rigged voting machines! It was Karl Rove's army of Jesus freak zombies!" is heard over and over instead of the more accurate, "We picked the worst possible candidate."

(Now they know how Republicans felt in 1996 as they watched the compromised, irrelevant and criminal Bill Clinton trounce the generally decent guy, but totally inept Bob Dole. Of course, being a real war hero carried no value back then, unlike the phony war hero offered this time around in the form of Mssr. Feckless Crapweasel.)

Whether it's 500 or 5 million votes, the Democrats will refuse to accept democracy if it doesn't go their way. Hey, does that mean Vladimir Putin is a Democrat, too?

F*ck the F*cking UN!!! (Episode 3,475,486)

In the wake of the horrible earthquake and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, the ever-reliable liberals have stepped up with the usual "This is all capitalism's fault!!! Down with America!!!" crap as they blame global warming, oil drilling and Republicans in general for not preventing the earthquake first and not giving enough immediately in disaster relief.

Take a look at the ass monkey below:

This Oedipus is Jan Egeland, UN undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator and according to this Washington Times report:

The Bush administration yesterday pledged $15 million to Asian nations hit by a tsunami that has killed more than 22,500 people, although the United Nations' humanitarian-aid chief called the donation "stingy."

"The United States, at the president's direction, will be a leading partner in one of the most significant relief, rescue and recovery challenges that the world has ever known," said White House deputy press secretary Trent Duffy.

But U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland suggested that the United States and other Western nations were being "stingy" with relief funds, saying there would be more available if taxes were raised.

"It is beyond me why are we so stingy, really," the Norwegian-born U.N. official told reporters. "Christmastime should remind many Western countries at least, [of] how rich we have become."

"There are several donors who are less generous than before in a growing world economy," he said, adding that politicians in the United States and Europe "believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much, and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more."

Hey, you Norwegian woodhead, after 9/11 the "stingy" Americans coughed up over a billion dollars within a few weeks to help out and there's NOTHING STOPPING THEM FROM GIVING AGAIN TO HELP THOSE IN NEED NOW!!!!!

The miserable arrogance of these world government wannabes as they fart thru silk in our general direction should be galling to anyone with above-room temperature IQs, but I suspect some people think America is an evil, stupid, greedy country - and that's just because of the Election. (Kerry lost. GET THE F*CK OVER IT!!!) - and warmly welcome the Iron Fist of the UN to mug those Red Staters to give to the cause.

Of course, the Left is most upset about this natural disaster because until they get the child sex trade in Thailand back on all fours, they'll have to go back to molesting their own children or their friend's kids. (Do a Google on "Jonathan Swift" and piss off if you were offended by that.) Seriously, they have no use for the brown people of the world except to browbeat those non-liberal whites for not caring enough about the people they themselves could give a damn about other than their political utility.

The U.S. should take the money being billed to fund this anti-American club of thugs, kleptocrats and grifters and LOUDLY announce that it's being sent to Sri Lanka and then we should KICK THE F*CKERS OUT OF NEW YORK CITY!!!! Give Donald Trump the building so he can call it the "Trump Monolith" or whatever and let the f*cking UN move to Belgium where they can hate America all they want without having to actually be near Americans and let them park illegally in Brussels for a change.

If you feel that you aren't taxed enough, but still want to give aid, simply go to the American Red Cross site and make a cash contribution toward their International Response Fund. That way, you'll help and Kofi Anan's pals won't get rich off your charity.


UPDATE: The ass monkey says he was "misinterpreted".

Egeland told reporters on Tuesday: "I've been misinterpreted when I yesterday said that I believed that rich countries in general can be more generous."

"It has nothing to do with any particular country or the response to this emergency. We are in early days and the response has so far been overwhelmingly positive," he said.

"The international assistance that has come and been pledged from the United States, from Europe and from countries in the region has also been very generous," Egeland added.

Yeah, right. Give to the Red Cross/Red Crescent before you let the UN screw up another disaster. You're welcome.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The "Kill Me First" Dress Code

Figures. No sooner do I post that I'm taking a break, I come across something that MUST be noted because many of you or yours may be travelling this season.

Conservative hottie Michelle Malkin's been on a small-c crusade about the stupid dress code that Federal Air Marshalls are being forced to observe by the clueless dumbass in charge, Director Thomas Quinn. Apparently, the Marshalls are being forced to wear Men In Black-style business dress even if everyone else on the plane is in jeans and t-shirts.

Can you imagine if an al Qaeda bureaucrat had ordered the 19 Sept. 11 terrorists to wear "I heart Osama" T-shirts when they embarked on their murderous flights?

No idiot would send his men on a covert mission wearing clothes that would so blatantly give them away, right?

Wrong. Meet Federal Air Marshal Service Director Thomas Quinn. The man in charge of our in-flight cops, who are supposed to be spying secretly on would-be terrorist hijackers, refuses to allow his employees to dress undercover. Quinn insists that air marshals abide by military-style grooming standards and a rigid business dress policy regardless of weather, time of year or seating arrangement. He wants them to look PROFESSIONAL.

That means collared shirts and sports coats -- even if a pair of marshals is traveling in coach from Los Angeles to Orlando.

In the wake of her column, Quinn has been in full-tilt "kill the messenger" mode, accusing people of violating security rules or simply making it all up. Malkin's not backing down.

In his appearances on both MSNBC and FOX News, Adams denied that a dress code exists ("hype," he sniffed; "totally wrong," he decried)...and then confirmed that the policy does in fact exist (marshals must "dress professionally"). Adams straight-facedly maintained that the code gives marshals "flexibility."

Yeah? Judge for yourself. Here's an excerpt from a memo that was sent to one of the air marshals' field offices four hours after my column appeared in the marshals' press clipping pack. (I've blacked out the name of the city and the person who wrote the memo to protect the confidentiality of my sources.)

Interoffice Memorandum


Special Agent in Charge

Date: December 15, 2004

Re: XXXXXXX Office Policy - Appropriate Dress and Equipment

Attached is Directive ADM 3702, dated 12/31/02, and is signed by Thomas D. Quinn, Director, Federal Air Marshal Service. That Directive, in conjunction with this memorandum, will serve as the dress code policy for the XXXXXX Federal Air Marshal (FAM) Field Office. The following information provides specifics regarding appropriate standards of dress for personnel assigned to the XXXXXX Field Office...

In addition to ADM 3702, male dress attire will consist of at a minimum, an appropriate sport coat (conservative in nature/style, color and fabric) that is readily available and worn by the FAM while on mission and in travel status...It is not acceptable to carry a sport coat in the FAMs travel bag. Appropriate dress also may include collared sport or Polo type shirts or banded type necks (turtle or crew neck).

Pants and or slacks must be clean and pressed and may not include denim of any color, nylon or other similar material, or cargo style pants. Appropriate footwear and socks shall be worn. Athletic shoes, sneakers, sandals or hiker/training boots are not allowed. Likewise, athletic sock will not be worn with dress shoes.

On a case-by-case basis, the Special Agent in Charge or their designee may grant exceptions to the directive and this policy. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action and could be deemed as insubordination to follow directives and orders.

Another marshal sent me the following excerpt of instructions from a supervisor regarding code:

I recommend that you open and read the two attached Policy Directives which were issued from Headquarter 12/31/02, yes 02. Then you may want to re-read them so there is no aspect of the policies that are unclear. Apparently there [have] been a number of violations related to the above policies which were witnessed by the Director and his Staff. As a result of the imprudent actions of a few, we are all now subjected to a higher standard of scrutiny. To reiterate, all XXXXXX-based FAMs will adhere to the above attached policies to include the Sport Coat or Suit Coat will be worn while transiting all airports. A tie will be readily available. Those of you who choose to 'push the envelope' regarding the appearance and dress code, do so at great risk.
I don't fly often and after reading about this nonsense, I'm in no hurry. Leave it to bureaucrats to f*ck everything up. OK, Dubya, you think you won because you're strong on security, start f*cking acting like it!!!

Taking a holiday break.....

With the year-end rush at work, holiday vacation swinging into gear and a bunch of compensated writing occupying my recent days, I've been neglecting the updates around here, not that I haven't seen plenty that I've thought, "Need to post that at Dirkworld."

The stuff and nonsense WILL return, but until then, have a safe and Herry Holidays and New Years. See ya later!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

You mean Can'tMoveOn.Argh ISN'T non-partisan?!?

Gee, I thought the reason we were supposed to take these clowns seriously was because the media said they were all for the little people and what not, regardless of party. (It was just a coincidence that they spent 100% of their money on anti-Dubya ads.) Guess not, as MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We Own It' reveals:

Liberal powerhouse MoveOn has a message for the "professional election losers" who run the Democratic Party: "We bought it, we own it, we're going to take it back."

A scathing e-mail from the head of MoveOn's political action committee to the group's supporters on Thursday targets outgoing Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe as a tool of corporate donors who alienated both traditional and progressive Democrats.

"For years, the party has been led by elite Washington insiders who are closer to corporate lobbyists than they are to the Democratic base," said the e-mail from MoveOn PAC's Eli Pariser. "But we can't afford four more years of leadership by a consulting class of professional election losers."

Under McAuliffe's leadership, the message said, the party coddled the same corporate donors that fund Republicans to bring in money at the expense of vision and integrity.

"In the last year, grass-roots contributors like us gave more than $300 million to the Kerry campaign and the DNC, and proved that the party doesn't need corporate cash to be competitive," the message continued. "Now it's our party: we bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back."

Well now. Since when has billionaire currency manipulator George Soros been considered "grass roots" and what kind of grass do you need to smoke to think that?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Study: PCs maek kidz dummer

Hoo wooda thunk it?

Those using computers several times a week performed "sizeably and statistically significantly worse" than those who used them less often.

The OECD pointed to a positive link between students' interest in computers and their literacy, and Fuchs and Woessmann found that the more computers there were in students' homes, the better their test performance.

However, they realised that more computers in a household generally means a more affluent family. Children from affluent homes tend to perform better academically, so Fuchs and Woessmann factored this in their analysis.

Having done this they found that the more computers there were in a student's home, the worse the student's maths performance.

Fuchs and Woessmann found that students performed more badly in schools with a significant lack of computers. However, they then took into account that schools with better computer availability also have better resources in general. They found that computer ability was not related to student performance.

They also studied the effects of computer use on test scores, and found that greater use of computers in the home impacted positively on test scores.

In schools the effect was different. Students who hardly ever used computers did a little worse than those who used them between a few times a year and several times a month. But those who used school computers several times a week performed "sizeably and statistically significantly worse" in both maths and reading.

Sew, haveing uh komputer iz both gud and bad deepending on weather yore rich or knot. Teh thingz u lern theeze daze.

Welcome to two years ago, dummies!

Hiya everyone. Sorry to be scarce, but when you're an internationally beloved pop culture icon, sometimes you've got to make some "me time". Thanks for understanding.

OK, during the run-up to the war, people fell into two camps: Those who knew that the UN's Oil-For-Food program was being pimped by Saddam, with proceeds being kicked-back to our supposed "friends and allies" to bribe them into hating us, and those who refused to believe these facts and snarled the usual "DittoheadFoxagandaRoveBushLimbaughHannityWingnutNaziBlahWoofYaddaWhatever" bile in response.

Well, don't take my word for it, check out what the Democratic Leadership Council - last I looked, not a Karl Rove-controlled outfit - has to say in The Price of Credibility in which they say....

Unfortunately, the United Nations' credibility has been steadily eroded by its own misdeeds, with a burgeoning scandal over its incompetent and sometimes corrupt management of the Iraq oil-for-food program being the most damaging example. Last week it was reported that the son of U.N. secretary general Kofi Annan received a series of payments from a Swiss firm that won a lucrative contract under the oil-for-food program. This development has fed growing doubts that the United Nations will be able to own up to its problems or reform its operations so long as Annan remains at the helm.

The appearance of a payoff to the secretary general's son was just the latest in a series of revelations about the oil-for-food program. Begun in 1996, the program allowed Baghdad to sell oil and use the proceeds to buy food and other humanitarian goods in order to soften the impact on the Iraqi people of the sanctions imposed on the country after Saddam's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. A U.N. committee supervised the program; vetted contracts for food purchases; arranged payments; and hired inspectors to ensure Iraq did not import material that could be used for arms.

But mismanagement, corruption, and manipulation of the program by Saddam Hussein allowed his regime to amass at least $21 billion outside of the United Nations' control, with the great bulk of that sum -- $17.3 billion -- pilfered between 1997 and 2003 on the secretary general's watch. In effect, the United Nations colluded in Saddam's successful evasion of U.N. sanctions. The most damning charge so far -- that a former chief of the oil-for-food program, Benon Sevan, accepted bribes from Saddam's regime -- was made in October by former U.N. weapons inspector Charles A. Duelfer, who led a Senate investigation into the scandal. The program is now the subject of at least four congressional investigations, three U.S. federal investigations and the U.N.-appointed commission of inquiry led by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN), chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, has underscored the urgency of such investigations, noting not only that the size of the fraud is "staggering," but also that some of Saddam's vast illicit stash might right now be funding terrorists and costing American lives. In an opinion piece in last week's Wall Street Journal, Coleman urged Annan to resign. "As long as Mr. Annan remains in charge, the world will never be able to learn the full extent of the bribes, kickbacks and under-the-table payments that occurred under the U.N.'s collective nose."

Annan's handling of the fallout over the past week has done nothing to improve his perceived credibility: He has refused requests from congressional committees for access to the United Nation's 55 internal audits and other reports, or for the chance to interview U.N. officials who oversaw the program, saying that it would interfere with the Volcker inquiry. That inquiry is expected to release an interim report in January. The full report could take another year and cost as much as $30 million -- to be funded with leftover cash in the oil-forfood program.

Annan's intransigence should not deter the Senate subcommittee on investigations or other congressional investigations. Volcker can hardly be expected to conduct a thorough and unbiased inquiry into a scandal in which the U.N. secretary general and his son are involved. The world deserves a full and thorough accounting of what transpired. The sooner the United Nations can get past this matter, the sooner it can get back to the important business of making itself an effective instrument for collective security against terrorism, failed states, and acts of genocide, a goal that Annan has strongly supported. The secretary general should place this critical mission ahead of his personal interests, and step aside. Given his own lack of credibility on the oil-for-food program, this step is the price Annan must pay to help restore the U.N.'s credibility, and to salvage his legacy as secretary general.

Salvage his legacy?!? F*CK HIS LEGACY AND F*CK HIM TOO!!!! Jeez Louise, thousands of Iraqis died at the hands of Sean Penn's buddy and the grifters of the UN and we've been fed 24/7 propaganda that we're the bad guys and the DLC is concerned for Anan's legacy?!?

Well, that's another lie of the Left up in flames, though I see Rev. Jesse is trying to overturn Ohio.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Stupid Spoiled Whore!

If you missed last night's monumental takedown of Paris Hilton on "South Park", you MUST catch the rerun for it was one of the all-time funniest episodes of the show EVER!! I COMMAND THEE TO SEE IT!!! Only drink water during the commercials. You're welcome.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are satirical masters as they make solid Red State moral points while using the raunchiest Blue State humor imaginable. Brilliant! Maybe we can all get along! ;)