Wednesday, December 29, 2004 Helping Red Cross Relief Efforts

I just went to Amazon and they have a big button to a page where you can contribute to the Red Cross.

In the time spent posting this, the contribution count has gone from 19279 donations totaling $968,231.00 to 19308 for $969,651.00 and this is the middle of the American night.

You know. That greedy, stingy, heartless country. (Must be the French visiting


UPDATE: In the 30 or so minutes since I posted this, the contribution total has increased to 19422 for $974,263. I'll check back at noon to see how the uncaring is going.


RE-UPDATE: Six hours later, it's up to 31920 donors for $1,758,650.04

So shameful. So stingy. So shameful.

< /sarcasm >


RE-RE-UPDATE: Another half-dozen hours, another million-plus bucks. 49457 givers, $2,843,430.73 collected.

Yep. We're simply the most selfish, greedy, mean, hateful people in the world. (I heard it on the NBC News, so it's gotta be true.)

< /totally fed-up acid-flamed sarcasm >


UPDATE @ 9:55 pm EST, approx. 27 hours since last update: 100,121 donors, $6,626,597.17

And the Red Cross reports that as of YESTERDAY (Weds.) noon, they'd received over $18 million dollars from AMERICANS.

I'm sure the UN thinks this is disgraceful in light of our unwillingness to pay higher taxes. Bastards.

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