Tuesday, December 28, 2004

F*ck the F*cking UN!!! (Episode 3,475,486)

In the wake of the horrible earthquake and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, the ever-reliable liberals have stepped up with the usual "This is all capitalism's fault!!! Down with America!!!" crap as they blame global warming, oil drilling and Republicans in general for not preventing the earthquake first and not giving enough immediately in disaster relief.

Take a look at the ass monkey below:

This Oedipus is Jan Egeland, UN undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator and according to this Washington Times report:

The Bush administration yesterday pledged $15 million to Asian nations hit by a tsunami that has killed more than 22,500 people, although the United Nations' humanitarian-aid chief called the donation "stingy."

"The United States, at the president's direction, will be a leading partner in one of the most significant relief, rescue and recovery challenges that the world has ever known," said White House deputy press secretary Trent Duffy.

But U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland suggested that the United States and other Western nations were being "stingy" with relief funds, saying there would be more available if taxes were raised.

"It is beyond me why are we so stingy, really," the Norwegian-born U.N. official told reporters. "Christmastime should remind many Western countries at least, [of] how rich we have become."

"There are several donors who are less generous than before in a growing world economy," he said, adding that politicians in the United States and Europe "believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much, and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more."

Hey, you Norwegian woodhead, after 9/11 the "stingy" Americans coughed up over a billion dollars within a few weeks to help out and there's NOTHING STOPPING THEM FROM GIVING AGAIN TO HELP THOSE IN NEED NOW!!!!!

The miserable arrogance of these world government wannabes as they fart thru silk in our general direction should be galling to anyone with above-room temperature IQs, but I suspect some people think America is an evil, stupid, greedy country - and that's just because of the Election. (Kerry lost. GET THE F*CK OVER IT!!!) - and warmly welcome the Iron Fist of the UN to mug those Red Staters to give to the cause.

Of course, the Left is most upset about this natural disaster because until they get the child sex trade in Thailand back on all fours, they'll have to go back to molesting their own children or their friend's kids. (Do a Google on "Jonathan Swift" and piss off if you were offended by that.) Seriously, they have no use for the brown people of the world except to browbeat those non-liberal whites for not caring enough about the people they themselves could give a damn about other than their political utility.

The U.S. should take the money being billed to fund this anti-American club of thugs, kleptocrats and grifters and LOUDLY announce that it's being sent to Sri Lanka and then we should KICK THE F*CKERS OUT OF NEW YORK CITY!!!! Give Donald Trump the building so he can call it the "Trump Monolith" or whatever and let the f*cking UN move to Belgium where they can hate America all they want without having to actually be near Americans and let them park illegally in Brussels for a change.

If you feel that you aren't taxed enough, but still want to give aid, simply go to the American Red Cross site and make a cash contribution toward their International Response Fund. That way, you'll help and Kofi Anan's pals won't get rich off your charity.


UPDATE: The ass monkey says he was "misinterpreted".

Egeland told reporters on Tuesday: "I've been misinterpreted when I yesterday said that I believed that rich countries in general can be more generous."

"It has nothing to do with any particular country or the response to this emergency. We are in early days and the response has so far been overwhelmingly positive," he said.

"The international assistance that has come and been pledged from the United States, from Europe and from countries in the region has also been very generous," Egeland added.

Yeah, right. Give to the Red Cross/Red Crescent before you let the UN screw up another disaster. You're welcome.

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