Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Morning Coffee

Starting today, I plan on getting my caffeine (and annoyance) on with a brief digest of what's up in Dirkworld®. Grab a doughnut....

* INSIDE MAN: No, that wasn't the original title for "Brokeback Mountain" (Jay Leno joke - send complaints to him), but Spike Lee's new movie. Caught it yesterday and Hermione (my g/f) hated it and thought it was boring and was a waste of Clive Owen. I thought it had its moments, but kind of meandered at the end and had a massive premise-breaking plot hole (or three), but that Jodie Foster is hot when she's morally corupt. 6/10 - Rent the DVD.

* MARCH OF THE PENGUINS: Finally got to see this Oscar-winning hypefest and I don't get how a generic nature flick, little different from what you'd see on PBS, checked such massive bank. It was cute, but let's be real - "Murderball" was a better documentary. Hermione HATED it because she can't hack the sight of cute, dying animals. She'll be selling her DVD ASAP.

* Bill Bennett can't sing and shouldn't try to. When I tune in to a show to hear about political issues, I don't want to have to hear about classic rock drivel (Bennett), the host's stupid dog (Savage), country music (Hannity) or golf/football (Rush). Bore-ring.

* Ann Coulter is a lousy debater. Hey, Ann - We know you're too smart for the room, but that doesn't excuse you from having to make the point cogently. Mock it AND explain why it's being, but don't just snicker while the Leftist flat out lies.

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