Saturday, April 15, 2006

Things to remember while watching the Left try and get Rummy

The latest front of the facist-liberal jihad against Dubya has been the trotting out of retired generals to demand that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld be sacked for general suckitude and reminding them too much of Richard Crenna.

These stories are just another way to drive Dubya's approval ratings down - FYI: Current DIRKWORLD® Approval Rating of Dubya: 3% - and break the American public's spirit in the hopes that we'll quit fighting the War on Terror, surrender to the Islamofascists and live in dhimmitude, a former giant crushed by the suicidal ideology of liberalism.

These generals are mostly Clinton appointees and/or narrow-minded fossils who resented Rummy trying to retool the Armed Forces to fight the enemies of today and tomorrow, not yesterday. They whine that no one took their advice, but if someone suggested that our uniforms be changed to orange lame and that no guns should be carried because it might "give the wrong impression", would anyone sane listen to that either?

Victor Davis Hanson tears apart this defeatism in his usual overkilling manner, but when reading/listening to the siren song of suicide that the media pumps out 24/7, keeping Hanson's column in mind will help you steer clear of the rocks the enemies of America want to dash you upon.

You're welcome.

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