Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Kills Her Mother and Randi Rhodes Lies Incompetently!!!

OK, Mom's not dead (yet) but she did have a stroke, most likely due to the tragic shame of watching this psychotic media whore exploiting the death of her grandson for fun and profit. (Like there isn't a book deal waiting.)

But the first half-hour of Randi Rhodes show was what was really a hoot. Randi was screaching about something Rush Limbaugh supposedly said, breathlessly reading the transcript over and over (like Hannity is prone to do) before playing the audio clip captured off the audio stream:

I mean, Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett. Her story is nothing more than forged documents. There's nothing about it that's a real, including the mainstream media's glomming onto it. It's not real.

She read and played it several times over the first half-hour, but as of this writing, Leni....I mean, Randi is still filling out her shift of lying to her Kool-Aid chugging sycophants and the audio isn't up yet, but I encourage you to check it out before going to the places I'm about to list.

Leni...damn!...Randi then played another bit of tape, undated (of course), with Rush denying that he'd said any such thing and Randi yanked her string and barfed up her litany of how "the Republicans lie, cheat, steal, they steal elections, they smear", etc. While she was yelping, I wondered what the context was that was being omitted. Just as movie ads selectively cull phrases from reviews like, "Hamster Humpers is a movie for people who like to laugh before eating a bullet from sheer shame," I wondered what else was being left out.

Rush updates his site sometime after 6 p.m. EST, right when Leni goes on the air, so it's possible that she didn't know that Rush was sinking her lies just as she was saying he wouldn't post transcripts and everyone could hear that he said these horrible things, but if you go to this page you can see for yourself exactly what the lying mad cow Leni RHodes conveniently left out because she knows her listeners aren't going to look anything up for themselves.

Here's what Rush said today about Randi et al lies:

Let's go back to August 12th on this program, and when I first discussed Cindy Sheehan...I got a phone call and the guy told me what he thought about Cindy Sheehan and wanted my reaction. This is August 12th, and here's what I said:

RUSH ARCHIVE: I find it difficult to be critical of Cindy Sheehan. I think she's a woman who lost her son, and I know there have been a lot of people lose their kids in war, and I don't care who they are, it's not easy, and people deal with it in their own ways. I think the real shame here is her exploitation by the Democrats, by John Conyers. John Conyers dragged her to his impeachment meeting over the Downing Street memos. They have made her a star in her own mind and this attention that she's getting, I'm sure, is helping to assuage her loss. The media is exploiting her like she is a genuine spontaneous eruption. They are not telling the truth about how this woman has been shepherded by Joe Wilson. There are pictures of her with Joseph Wilson -- yes, of Valerie Plame fame. She has showed up at all these anti-war rallies. She was an anti-war mother before any of this began to happen -- and speaking of Valerie Plame, I think the Valerie Plame story flamed out and they had to have something come up to replace it, just like Richard Clarke failed and he flamed out and then the Jersey Girls flamed out and then after that Valerie Plame flamed out. They had nothing on Rove; they've got to fill the vacuum. It's right out of the playbook. They've got a to fill the vacuum. Bill Burkett it's all part of the same playbook. It's all part of the same strategery out of the left.

RUSH: There you heard it, August 12th: "I think she's a woman who lost her son, I don't care who they are, it's not easy." Okay, so there it is, August 12th. I find this patently absurd that this is even necessary. Now, here is a bite from August 15th, three days later, and this is the bite that I contend is being taken out of context because I first said on August 12th and in ensuing days, acknowledged she lost her son, talked about it, was even sympathetic and then went on to make the point that all she is, is an opportunity, like Bill Burkett was an opportunity to bash Bush, like the Jersey Girls are an opportunity to bash Bush, like Valerie Plame is an opportunity to bash Bush and bash Rove. Like the Jersey Girls were, she's just the next in line, and here's what I said on August 15th.

RUSH ARCHIVE AUGUST 15, 2005: The fact is that they are too eager. I mean, Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett. Her story is nothing more than forged documents. There's nothing about it that's a real, including the mainstream media's glomming onto it. It's not real.

RUSH: Stop the tape. That is what is being taken out of context. When I say, "Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett, her story is nothing more than forged documents, there's nothing about it that's real including the mainstream media's glomming onto it," meaning the whole thing is staged. The whole event is staged. I have just said three days earlier and every day hence that she lost her son, and anybody who cares to research my website and listen to this program knows it. To then put out a message that I think she's lying about her son even being alive, that she didn't have a son, and she didn't have a son that died in Iraq, shows the desperation and the depths to which the people on the left will go to discredit people like me who they consider are their enemies because they cannot beat us in the arena of ideas. They cannot answer what I am saying about Cindy Sheehan. They can't answer what my accusations about the way she's being used are. They don't dare even go there, so they have to try to discredit me in the eyes of people who may not listen to this program or other people in the media who are supposedly reporters, who are supposedly curious, who supposedly would want to get to the bottom of this. If something like that is really being said, find out about it. But nooooo! Just accept what happens to be written in other places on the World Wide Web. The real interesting thing to me is these people are totally ignoring what Cindy Sheehan is saying. She is, apparently, their story. She is their God's gift that's just been handed to them to keep the Bush bash-up and in rhythm, and they ignore what she is saying, and they want to focus on everybody who's criticizing the whole element of movement that surrounds this Cindy Sheehan story -- and to me they're missing all of that on purpose. They don't want any scrutiny of what Sheehan is saying.

The audio is on the page, so you can go listen to Randi and you can listen to Rush and you can hear for yourself how Randi Rhodes L-I-E-S so blatantly about something so easily disproved. Rush has 20 million listeners; I think I'm one of Randi's 20 listeners; so it's likely that hardly anyone heard Randi's pathetic liefest this evening, but for those interested in a prime example of the sad desperation of the fascist Left, it doesn't get much clearer than this. Listen to what Randi says and then see what the REALITY is. I've always contended that she was from BizzaroWorld and that everything she says is 180 degrees opposite from reality and this seals the deal.

And to dispose of the vile Nazi that is Cindy Sheehan, check out what Christopher Hitchens said, also quoted on the same Rush page (one-stop shopping!):

RUSH: Christopher Hitchens who has written about the folly of this whole argument that people who lose sons and daughters in war have some sort of moral authority. He fired both barrels last night...It was like either they can't believe he's saying this or they don't know this about Sheehan. I assume that it's the latter. Here's the first question. "Cindy Sheehan, been camped outside Bush's ranch now demanding a meeting with the president, saying she won't leave 'til that happens. Christopher, do you think that this represents and that she represents some sort of tipping point in public opinion in America?"

HITCHENS: Certainly not. She has, just today, lied about a statement that she made several times before to the effect that her son was killed in a war run by a secret Jewish cabal within the administration. She now says she didn't make that statement. She did make that statement. So as well as being an hysterical paranoid ideologist, or at least being manipulated by people who are, she turned this into camp fruit-bag and camp nut-bag. She has decided not to have the courage, or maybe the cowardice of her convictions. She now says she didn't make a statement that she definitely did.

RUSH: When Hitchens mentioned the fact that she's accused "a secret Jewish cabal" of running the war, that's when everybody else on the panel's faces fell. Like, "We didn't know that! We didn't!" Of course you don't know that, you're reporters! You don't know diddlysquat....That's why they're losing audience. There's so much news that they don't even know. They come to the Sheehan story; she's the latest Jersey Girl, the latest Bill Burkett. "She is infallible! She has moral authority. You can't criticize her," and of course nothing she says is to be held against her because she is in the throes of grief. "How dare you, Christopher, say this!" What they do is they end up embarrassing themselves. They end up being uninformed, unaware -- and more than that, uncaring when they find out that there are some bits of information contradictory to what they are saying. One more bite. O'Donnell says, "So, you think there's going to be a huge backlash against Cindy Sheehan?"

HITCHENS: Well, I think there should be. I think our profession should stop acting as her megaphone. Until I published her real political opinions in Slate yesterday, she had to answer no more questions than, "How does it feel?" OK? I object. I shouldn't have had to do that. I said, "This woman is mouthing the most sinister piffle from Michael Moore and David Duke. She should be held responsible for what she thinks."

RUSH: Christopher, what makes you think your pals on the left are going to do this? She's too valuable to discredit. Doing what you suggest would be to blow her up and blow up the whole opportunity, would cause her to flame out. They can't afford that. They've got to get Bush somehow. They've got to move the ball. They've got to create all this anti-war sentiment. She's the latest vehicle to do so. There is a backlash, and it's already happening. I talked about it yesterday, and the backlash is being caused by saturation coverage. The American people are fed up with it.

I said it before, here it is again: Cindy Sheehan isn't a victin of the MoveOn fascists; she's a flat out insane liar who will stand on her son's body, drive her husband and family away and send her mother into an early grave in order to advance the fascist liberal agenda of destroying America and bringing darkness to the world.

Cindy Sheehan is Al Queda's latest suicide bomber.

And the media is telling you to give her a hug.


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Kristi said...

But, I thought there was a nuclear war in Iraq.

Rush was always. The MSM and the Left are both using Sheehan as a voice box for their anti-Bush, anti-Iraq agenda. I really feel sorry for Ms. Sheehan--to have this much of a breakdown of your life in front of the world. She just needs to go home, and stay there.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Aveline is cute and it's obvious she has a smart Mommy! :)

I've got a great story about dinner with friends and their two Hellspawn, er, kids that I may post up tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it and thanks for visiting Dirkworld!

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