Thursday, August 25, 2005

NY/LA Times Say, "We Distort, You Try and Catch Us!"

I'd been wondering about how easily the MSM let the "Rove = Traitor" meme drop when it became so obvious that Wilson was a liar AND the source of the leak and wannabe martyr Judith Miller was complicit; Cindy Sheehan lies caught their fancy. So I guess I'm a bit surprised that the L.A. Times - the paper that so blatantly tried to smear Ahnuld right before the recall election that the public didn't buy it - are at it again, but then again, when will the MSM stop lying when that's all they do? Duh.

As reported in "A Story Blown, A Newspaper Exposed", the Times is trying to rehype Rovegate with a reairing of the old lies that already failed:

Of course. The reason for running this story, as if it weren't obvious already, is illuminated by passages like these:

What motivated President Bush's political strategist, Karl Rove; Vice President Cheney's top aide, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby; and others to counter Wilson so aggressively? How did their roles remain secret until after the president was reelected? Have they fully cooperated with the investigation?

The answers remain elusive.

No, they don't. Wilson was lying. Rove and Libby and others did their jobs, which is to tell the White House's side of the story. I wish they hadn't done so anonymously, but then again Joseph Wilson was spreading his lies anonymously too, before his ego got the better of him and he pompously told his tale of yellowcake and sweet mint tea on the op-ed pages of the NY Times. How did their roles remain secret? Ask Judith Miller. Have they fully co-operated with the investigation? Rove has testified three times. Miller has testified zero times. How are these answers, which have been obvious for months, eluding these reporters?

Moving over to the 212, here's what the NY Times - home of Jayson Blair and a guy who doesn't mind being called "Pinch" - are up to. Two stories - and that's today alone - lying about John Roberts and the war. So much for "The Paper of Record" - yeah, for FANTASYLAND!!!

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