Monday, August 01, 2005

American Marines in Iraq - Not Really 'Over There'

I caught the first episode of the new FX series "Over There", about the Iraq War, and didn't much of it as it seemed contrived and predictable, but if I'd entertained thoughts of catching a 2nd episode, they're gone after reading this thorough beatdown by J.D. Johannes of Faces From the Front. (Hat tip: Instapundit) The punchline:

The writers and producers of 'Over There' would have been well served by actually setting foot in Iraq for a few weeks to live and travel with real grunts. It is obvious they didn't and obvious the former grunt they hired as a consultant was only allowed input on the uniforms.

By ignoring reality, they discredit their attempt to create a gripping drama. The reality of the war in Iraq is more compelling and more dramatic than any hollow Hollywood fiction.

Watching the show only reinforced that my decision to go to Iraq to film real grunts in real scenarios was necessary--Hollywood and the left will never tell the true story.

Read it all - it's long, but worth it and eye-opening if you haven't served in combat.

UPDATE: For some REAL first-hand reporting, check out Michael Yon's blog.

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