Monday, August 01, 2005

Decision '08: Top Ten Leftist Reactions To The Bolton Nomination

So Dubya's thumb finally got warm enough and he did the recess appointment of John Bolton to go and dismantle the UN. About f-ing time, bitch!!! Jeez, what took you?

Of course, the Left has indulged in a collective diaper-filling orgy and Decision '08 has gathered some rank-and-file reaction from those bastions of tolerance and diversity, Daily Kos and Democratic Underground, like...

10. ...the planet is doomed, but with an idiot like Bolton at the U.N., the U.S. is going down first. I hope they search him and his staff thouroughly for explosives every day.

4. Bush is a lazy, hollow, immature idiot which is why Cheney runs the government.

Makes Howard Dean sound positively SANE in comparison, donnit?

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