Friday, August 19, 2005

Will Rampant Illegal Immigration Be Dubya (and the GOP's) Downfall?

I've warned about how Dubya's pathological inarticulateness and apparent disinterest to secure our southern border against who knows what is something that the Dems will hypocritically exploit (since they're against national security and like giving illegals our money and the right to vote) while conservatives hold off on supporting the Stupid Party.

La Shawn Barber is getting fed up and gives voice to this issue:

The more I read stories about just how bad the illegal immigration problem is in this country, the more my support for the war in Iraq weakens.

Practically every day we hear of another roadside bomb killing Americans. A ragtag bunch of ignorant losers who want to have sex with 72 virgins against a military increasingly de-balled by an effete media and seemingly intimidated president. No contest. Why, in 2005 and with all that military hardware at our disposal, Bush sends our men into hand-to-hand combat situations with 8th century psychos who’d strap a bomb to a baby, is a mystery.

Even more mysterious is Bush’s “fair” immigration policy that allows terrorists, the very people we’re fighting in Iraq, to walk right across the southern border. Every time an American is killed for “freedom” in that stinking desert, I wonder how better served our country would be if he’d been here at home guarding his borders.

The terrorists can't beat us militarily, but they've got plenty of sellout politicians and a media that will use it's Big Lie skills to demoralize the public and convince them that America is an evil failure and only thru defeat and subsequent resurrection as an UN client state will we be saved.

UPDATE: Check out this piece about how Dems pay lip service only on border control:

There's no reason this has to be so. Given the importance of business to the Republican coalition, Democrats should own this issue, boasting of their efforts to protect American workers and minorities and to preserve the integrity of the welfare state.

But this won't happen because open immigration has become an immutable value of the Left. There is no policy the liberal establishment won't abandon, no election it won't forfeit, no constituency it won't sacrifice to ensure the survival and success of open borders.

[snipped a bunch of jaw-dropping examples]

Talk is cheap, especially when it comes to immigration control. But the immutable value of open immigration means the Democratic establishment is literally incapable of following through on rhetoric about tightening the border. This is obviously bad for Democrats, given public sentiment. It's also bad for Republicans, since they face no real competition on the issue. And that's bad for the republic.

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