Saturday, July 30, 2005

Friday Fiver (7/29/05 Edition)

1. How many weddings have you attended?

Not too many. Maybe a couple of dozen, lifelong?

2. Wedding registries: buy from the list or freestyle it?

Have girlfriend handle it.

3. Are you more likely to slow dance or participate in the chicken dance?

Slow dance.

4. The garter find/toss experience: cute or tacky?

Depends on how drunk you are. It always seems some 5'9" guy with Scott Baio hair and a mustache that makes you want to ask where the refrigerators are at in the store catches the garter and one of the 5-yr. old flowe girls gets the bouquet and then the DJ plays "The Stripper" for that part of the show.

5. If you could marry someone famous, who would it be?"


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