Friday, July 22, 2005

Laptop Impressions

My laptop came yesterday and the 1GB of RAM I ordered is to be delivered today and not a minute too soon. 256MB is dog slow, especially with all the crapware that loads up. I hate that they bundle all these so-called applications that clutter the desktop, but they're time-limited trial versions, etc. PITFA IMNSHO.

The screen is sharp and vivid, thought there is some light leakage at the top and bottom, but that's the nature of the LCD beast. The 40GB HD is 33GB in practice because there's a nearly 4GB hidden partition where they have the restore image stored and with all the other crapware ladled on, the free space was down to 27GB, not a heck of a lot if I wanted to park 10GB of Acid Loop libraries on the HD and video editing is a no starter. As I mentioned yesterday (or scroll down a few items), a 60GB unit came up in the Outlet inventory. Drat. I may replace the HD with something larger and just install Windoze clean. Pesky.

I also found a nice case that a friend has, but the laptop pocket isn't large enough to hold my widescreen unit. Double-drat. It'll fit in the comparment and I've got some foam to cushion the bottom, but it's still a pesky thing.

Next item to get: Wireless router.

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