Thursday, July 07, 2005

Huffington Post Lies, Truth Dies!

Big screaming headline on the H-Bomb looks like this...

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...and leads to this item referencing this article, which reads:

The judge, Thomas H. Barkdull III of Circuit Court, returned other of Mr. Limbaugh's records to his lawyer, Roy Black, who had argued that some of the records contained privileged, even embarrassing, details about medical procedures, symptoms and other issues unrelated to the criminal investigation. None of the records' contents were revealed.

Mr. Limbaugh has maintained his innocence throughout the investigation, which became public in November 2003 after investigators used search warrants to seize his medical records. Prosecutors took the step after learning that Mr. Limbaugh received painkillers from four doctors in six months at a Palm Beach pharmacy near his home. They have said the records will prove that Mr. Limbaugh engaged in "doctor shopping," or illegally deceiving doctors to receive overlapping prescriptions.

While it's been funny as the hypocritical Left have gone nuts screaming that Limbaugh is a hypocrite and thus unworthy of having privacy rights - well, duh....the Left want freedom for only their select pets, not anyone else - the headline is typical media libel for it says unequivocally that the documents "Reveal Doctor Shopping" which, if you don't read the item, is meant to convict Rush in the court of public opinion. This isn't a mistake, it's a libel. Flip it: Would the Washington Times or NRO be allowed to run a headline reading "HILLARY! CLINTON IS A LESBIAN" and then point to an article about Ed Klein's dumb little book which talks about her time at Wellesley, but doesn't explicitly accuse her of being a lesbian?

Yep, thought not.

Whether conservatives like Bill Bennett or Rush are hypocrites for having weaknesses while preaching against weakness is debatable, but the hypocrisy of the Left to shriek about privacy (unless you're on their enemies list) and tolerance (unless you don't agree with them) is on display, full force, yet again.

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