Saturday, July 30, 2005

Zsa Zsa Huffington Clears Rove!!!! NYT Reporter Source of Plame Leak?!?

The psycho hose beat whom Bill Maher used to lovingly refer to as "lovely, but evil" (when she was married to empty suit and failed Stupid Party Senatorial candidate Mikey Huff) gives us a stunning look into the corroded and spongiformed mind of the typical liberal moonbat as she demands of media martyr Judy Miller, "Do We Want To Know Everything or Don't We?"

It has as its thesis something I wrote about here TWO WEEKS AGO - read Dirkworld, or its sources, and you'll be bored of the Truth loooooong before the rest of the world catches up; the UN Oil-For-Food ripoff was old to me BEFORE the Iraq War - the idea that the reason Miller is sitting in the pokey isn't to protect Darth Rove, but to protect HERSELF from having to reveal that she was Leaker Zero.

Now, it's interesting that Zsa Zsa frames it this way because if Miller is Leaker Zero, and likely blabbing all over town, that means that poor Randi Rhodes and the rest of the child-money-stealing fascist liars at Air AmeriKKKa have been shrieking "TREASON!!!!!!!" all for naught. (And don't think they knew this was what was gonna happen.) She also works from the premise that all the moonbats hold: That every single thing that Dubya said was a lie and that everything is his fault.

I've written repeatedly here and elsewhere, trying to warn the Left that they were heading into certain defeat because while Dubya was fundamentally incompetant and dishonest - conservative, my ASS! - instead of going after him for what he's actually done wrong, like blow up the Fed budget like a maniac Democrat; they've continuously opted to go for the Big Lie Takedown in the hopes that the public will stampede to the voting booths and yank the donkey lever and return them to power based on the fantasia on Michael Moore and Dan Rather.

Yeah, that worked real good, didn't it?

I'd always wondered why they didn't hit Dubya for being so weak on border security and bloating Medicare with a vote-buying giveaway to greedy geezers until it dawned on me that the reason they don't attack is because they wish to the exact same thing, albeit under their chosen hammer-and-sickle flag. The only beef the Dems have is that they aren't the ones in power to spend our money.

Because the Left is permantly locked into "MUST!!! DESTROY!!!! BUSH!!!!" mode, they repeatedly make themselves look the ass and that's why they get trumped at every turn, while being incapable of understanding that the reason they lose politically is because PEOPLE DON'T LIKE THEM and not because of Darth's ability to manipulate vote totals. So sorry, you po' widdle moonbats. [sniffle]

Go read the whole piece, keeping in mind its fatally-flawed premises, but here's the punchline:

It's nice that Bill Keller is visiting Judy in jail giving updates about how hard this is for her, having to be away from her family and friends. But it would be even nicer if we'd had some acknowledgement from Miller of her complicity in sending 138,000 American soldiers away from their family and friends. And, unlike Miller, they won't be returning home in October. Indeed, as of today, 1,785 of them won't be returning home at all.

This story gets deeper with every twist and revelation, including the reminder (via Podhoretz) that Fitzgerald had a previous run in with Miller over her actions in a national security case, and the speculation (via Jeralyn at Talk Left) that Fitzgerald is considering seeking to put Miller under criminal contempt, rather than the civil contempt she's now under.

But one thing is inescapable: Miller -- intentionally or unintentionally -- worked hand in glove in helping the White House propaganda machine (for a prime example, check out this Newsweek story on how the aluminum tubes tall tale went from a government source to Miller to page one of the New York Times to Cheney and Rice going on the Sunday shows to confirm the story to Bush pushing that same story at the UN).

So, once again, the question arises (and you can't have it both ways, Frank): when it comes to this scandal, do you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or do you want the truth -- except for what Judy Miller wants to keep to herself?

Zsa and her ilk deny that the Clinton Regime said everything that they now denounce Team Dubya as liars for. They pretend that the UN Resolutions and kiddie-sized genocides that Iraq had been sanctioned for over a decade didn't exist and that Dubya woke up one day to a wake-up call from Halliburton and was storming Bagdhad by the afternoon.

As a result, thet can't admit that Castro and Saddam are monsters; that Darth Rove doesn't control everying; the Clintons are hated by the Right because they're REAL traitors (*cough*Loral*cough) who pardon terrorists to get votes for the wife; there is a war on, blah-blah-woof-woof. They see everything thru glasses that are possessed by a Reality Distortion Effect that makes up down, day night and good evil.

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