Monday, July 25, 2005

I am the Chairmen of the Bored.

I’m bored. With all apologies to Iggy Pop, I am the Chairmen of the Bored.

I’m bored of this heat wave that’s been oppressing the country for what seems like forever. The only upside I can see is that it’s been worse elsewhere. Also, when our soldiers are in Iraq in 115-degree heat, clad in heavy armor and gear while the fascist Democrats call them murderers and encourage their murder at the hands of the Islamofascists and I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt while shuffling between the air conditioned stores and my air conditioned UAV, I have little to complain about.

I’m bored of posting about the pitiful and insane Randi Rhodes and her broadcasts from beyond the Looking Glass. Her mad cow-destroyed mind bleats non-stop lies and whines about how the “sensible Republicans” had gone away. By “sensible” she means “losers” who bend over and grab their ankles for the fascist schemes of her side. I still recommend that you check her show out, if only for the sheer train wreck quality.

I’m bored of Blogger eating my f*cking posts.

As a result of the last thing, I’m bored of putting together complex rebuttals of the lies foisted by the media about Rove and Roberts only to have to do it again the next day because the new day has brought a new round of lies.

I’m bored of the fascist Dems and their jizzmopper accomplices in the MSM acting as if no one has a memory that goes back farther than last week. Their lies about what Dubya actually said about the connections between Iraq and Al Queda have been yet another sedition meant to disillusion the people and hopefully stampede them into voting for the lying fascists. Nice, eh?

No one who was paying attention heard Dubya say anything that remotely sounded like, ”Sadaam handed a check to Osama with the memo line reading ‘Take down the WTC’.”, but in the reinvented version peddled by a MSM who has grown ever angrier that more people are listening to people like me and less to people like them. Well, can you blame them, guys? You’ve treated like they were uneducated Gomers who owed you fealty and now you’re surprised that they’ve fled your brainwashing channels in droves? Duh.

Also on the duh tip, I’m bored with people who are surprised that there’s payola in music. We weren’t buying the crap that was on the radio, so how else would it be getting played?

Just to show I’m even-handed in my boredom, I’m bored of hypocritical Stupid Party members like Rick Santorum and their toadies like Sean Hannity who say their upset about the Islamists desires to cram Sharia Law down their victims throats, yet demand that we subscribe to a Christian variant of religious law. BZZZZTTTT!!!! Sorry, Bubs, it don’t work that way.

Santorum took a poke at what he called the “libertarian Right” on Hannity’s show tonight who believe that people should be permitted to do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt others. I can’t remember precisely why he said they were bad, prolly cuz I was looking for a baseball bat to smash my clock radio with.

He was sensible in saying that people should exhibit more self-control, but he meant that in the sense of “and if you don’t, we’re gonna step in and start making the decisions for you.” No thanks, pal. While I think that abortion is predominantly used as post-conceptual birth control, the result of banning it is nothing short of forcing women to be passive incubators and as abhorrent as the slaughter of inconvenient fetuses may be, enslaving half of the population would be worse. I’d like to hear Ann Coulter explain away that conundrum. Yes, Roe v. Wade was a travesty of judicial activism and Example Number One of fabricating law by the fiat of five Men in Black, but trying to take away people’s rights, even when they’re made up, won’t occur quietly.

I’m bored of the Left trying to kill God - the Christian one that is; they love the Muslim one because he preaches murder and fascism, just the way they like it - from the culture because of their need to be worshiped as our Gods, themselves. But I’m also bored of evangelical Christians who are being total dicks like the ones running amok in the military ordering soldiers to confront their unsaved brothers in arms about their lack of faith as determined by them. How the Hell are we supposed to fight the insane religious intolerance of the Muslim jihadis when we’re acting the same way. My God can beat up your God, indeed!

I’m bored of TV shows that start interesting and then get boring, like the previously mentioned “Guns, Germs & Steel”. After the first episode, it went precipitously downhill and ended with a Bonoesque bleat for more economic justice for those smote - is that a word? - by the Unholy Trio of the title.

Did I mention I’m bored of the heat?

Yes, yes....I am truly and most sincerely the Chairmen of the Bored.


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Dirk Belligerent said...

I don't have a pat answer to that. Heck, I'm feeling pretty smug about my ability to notice that there is more than one monochromatic side to this issue.

Like this conundrum: Babies - whoops, that would be "fetuses", right? - aren't really people until they manage to get born according to the liberal view of things, yet there are cases - like Scott Peterson - where a person is tried for the death of the unborn child.

So, which is it? Is it a person or not? If the child has no rights because the "woman's right to choose" is supreme, then how can it be a person as far as one situation and not in the other?

This cognitive dissonance as well as the fascist manner in which Roe v. Wade created a right out of thin air has led to three and a half decades of cultural division and I don't think this is by accident. By letting 5 men create law for the hundreds of millions of civilians without their input, they set up a major front of the Culture War and we've been squabling ever since, distracted from what the rascals are up to.

I'll be posting a musing about the Supreme Court a bit later.